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COVID19, The Great Reset & The New Normal

As the world grows accustomed to “The New Normal” and the Predator Class calls for “The Great Reset”, we must ask where humanity is headed and who is the driving force?

Clearly, 2020 has been unlike any previous year in the last century or so. The world is currently battling against an infodemic of propaganda spewing from the corporate media and official health authorities. Yes, people are sick and dying. However, the statistics make it clear that COVID-19 simply does not warrant a total lockdown of the planet and further destruction of the economy.

Regardless, nations around the world are using COVID-19 as an opportunity to grab more surveillance and police state powers, institute mask and vaccine mandates, accelerate the push towards a completely digital world, enact more corporate bailouts, and generally, extreme control and involvement in citizens lives. The sheer magnitude of the COVID-19 operation is unparalleled, with the most recent similar event being the attacks of September 11, 2001. As with the 9/11 attacks, the predator class is using COVID-19 as the excuse to push plans and agendas which predate the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Even so, the COVID-19 operation is unlike any other event to take place in modern history because the results of this event are affecting people in every single nation on the planet and will continue to for years to come. Also, unlike 9/11 – which took place over the course of one morning – the COVID-19 operation is taking place daily for months on end. The effects of this constant bombardment with fear and panic are taking a toll on the hearts and minds of free people all around the world. Quite simply, the people are ready for this to end and they will do almost anything to achieve this goal. It is within this space of fear and uncertainty which the predator class has now begun to insert themselves, ready to present the “solution” to our ills.

The Great Reset

As every student of power and deception knows, the easiest way to achieve victory over your opponent is to guide them to a predetermined destination which benefits your agenda. If you can do this while convincing your opponent that they are consciously making their own choices and the path is for their own good – well, you are all but guaranteed success. I believe the evidence indicates this is the strategy we are seeing unfold during the COVID-19 operation.

The predetermined path we are being led down is known as “The Great Reset” and was announced in early June by the World Economic Forum. Regular readers will remember that on October 18, 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation partnered with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the WEF on a high-level pandemic exercise known as Event 201. Event 201 simulated how the world would respond to a coronavirus pandemic which swept around the planet. The simulation imagined 65 million people dying, mass lock downs, quarantines, censorship of alternative viewpoints under the guise of fighting “disinformation,” and even floated the idea of arresting people who question the pandemic narrative.

The launch of The Great Reset was supported by Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum; England’s Prince Charles; Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN; and Kristalina Georgieva of the International Monetary Fund. The kick-off was truly an international event with the participation of Ma Jun, the chairman of the Green Finance Committee at the China Society for Finance and Banking and a member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the People’s Bank of China. The event was also supported by Bernard Looney, CEO of BP; Ajay Banga, CEO of Mastercard; and Bradford Smith, president of Microsoft.

During the launch of The Great Reset, Prince Charles stated that humanity cannot waste time because “we need to put nature at the heart of how we operate.” UN Secretary-General Guterres called for “more equal, inclusive and sustainable economies and societies” that can face pandemics, climate change, and other global challenges.

In an opinion piece published in The Globe and Mail, Klaus Schwab provided more details on the goals of The Great Reset (emphasis added):

“COVID-19 lockdowns may be gradually easing, but anxiety about the world’s social and economic prospects is only intensifying. There is good reason to worry: a sharp economic downturn has already begun, and we could be facing the worst depression since the 1930s. But, while this outcome is likely, it is not unavoidable. To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism.”

Schwab goes on to describe several crises facing humanity, including rising government debt, unemployment, and increasing social unrest. Combined with COVID-19, these crises will leave the world less sustainable, less equal and more fragile. “We must build entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems,” Schwab writes. He details the 3 main components of TGR agenda, specifically fairer market outcomes, investments in “equality and sustainability,” and harnessing the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

When it comes to producing “fairer market outcomes,” Schwab calls for governments to improve coordination in tax, regulatory, and fiscal policy. He also calls for upgrading trade agreements and moving towards a “stakeholder economy.” When he speaks of equality and sustainability, Schwab means that current and future government stimulus and relief packages should be used to create a new system that is “more resilient, equitable and sustainable.” He also calls for more “green” urban infrastructure and incentivizing industries to improve their environmental record.

Finally, Schwab calls for utilizing the innovations of “the Fourth Industrial Revolution” to support public good. The 4IR is another pet project of Schwab which was first announced in December 2015. To put it simply, the 4IR is the digital panopticon of the future, where digital surveillance is omnipresent and humanity uses digital technology to alter and, hopefully, improve our lives. Sometimes known as “The Internet of Things,” this world will be powered by 5G and 6G technology.

“Ubiquitous, mobile supercomputing. Intelligent robots. Self-driving cars. Neuro-technological brain enhancements. Genetic editing. The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed,” Schwab wrote for the announcement of the 4IR.

Of course, for Schwab and other globalists, the 4IR also lends itself towards more central planning and top-down control. The goal is a track and trace society where all transactions are logged, every person has a digital ID that can be tracked, and social malcontents are locked out of society via social credit scores.

In fact, much of this call for a Great Reset is already playing out. For example, Mastercard and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded GAVI recently announced a partnership with AI-powered “identity authentication” company, Trust Stamp. As MintPress News reported, “The program, which was first launched in late 2018, will see Trust Stamp’s digital identity platform integrated into the GAVI-Mastercard “Wellness Pass,” a digital vaccination record and identity system that is also linked to Mastercard’s click-to-play system that powered by its AI and machine learning technology called NuData.”

This is why astute readers are skeptical when they hear Schwab say, “the pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable and more prosperous future.”

Who exactly is Schwab speaking to when he speaks of a more prosperous future? How long has this Great Reset been in the works? The answers to these questions can help us understand the true goals of this agenda.

As researcher Brandon Smith reported, Christine Lagarde, former head of the IMF, discussed a global reset as far back as 2014. “The reset is often mentioned in the same breath as ideas like “the New Multilateralism” or “the Multipolar World Order” or “the New World Order.” All of these phrases mean essentially the same thing,” Smith writes.

Smith correctly notes that the Great Reset is not a response to the pandemic, but rather, “the global reset as implemented by central banks and the BIS/IMF is the cause of the collapse. The collapse is a tool, a flamethrower burning a great hole in the forest to make way for the foundations of the globalist Ziggurat to be built.”

New Normal, Same World Order

In early July, Schwab and French author Thierry Malleret released a book outlining the vision of The Great Reset. The book, Covid-19: The Great Reset, explores what the post-pandemic world might look like. “Will there be enough collective will to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to reimagine our world, in a bid to make it a better and more resilient one as it emerges on the other side of this crisis?,” Schwab and Malleret pondered at the release of the book. The two men believe COVID-19 triggered “momentous changes and magnified the fault lines that already beset our economies and societies.” They also predict that falling oil prices and a freeze in tourism could lead to a wave of massive anti-government demonstrations.

“One path will take us to a better world: more inclusive, more equitable and more respectful of Mother Nature. The other will take us to a world that resembles the one we just left behind – but worse and constantly dogged by nasty surprises,” the authors argue.

In the book, Schwab expands upon the initial announcement of The Great Reset. Once again he calls for the 4th Industrial Revolution and the digitalization of everything, powered by 5G technology. However, Schwab goes even further in his book, calling for rethinking the “social contract” society has with governments.

Schwab also calls for a nature based or green economy. In January 2020, the WEF released their report, Nature Risk Rising: Why the Crisis Engulfing Nature Matters for Business and the Economy, as part of their New Nature Economy series of reports. The report is “the first of a series of New Nature Economy reports, prepared through the Nature Action Agenda, a platform that aims to encourage a movement of businesses, governments, civil society, academics, innovators and youth to disrupt business-as-usual approaches.”

A second report, The Future of Nature and Business, was released in July. Once again, the WEF states that COVID-19 presents an “opportunity, to change the way we eat, live, grow, build and power our lives to achieve a carbon-neutral, ‘nature-positive’ economy and halt biodiversity loss by 2030. Business as usual is no longer an option.“

In a companion report, the WEF provides some detail on what it means to change the way we eat. “Another set of policy measures that would stimulate more resource-efficient food systems entail directing stimulus packages towards R&D to support the diversification away from diets based on resource intensive animal proteins, and towards four main categories of alternatives – aquatic, plant-based, insect-based and laboratory-cultured,” the report states. This push for alternatives to animal proteins has coincided with a rise in laboratory created fake meat, including products funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Interestingly, the companion report also calls for “corporate bailout packages for the meat sector” which “could accelerate these developments.” Coincidentally, because of COVID-19, the Trump administration awarded $15.5 billion in relief aid for the meat and dairy industry. Once again, the predictions and declarations of these global institutions appear to play out in reality as perfect as any scripted TV show.

The calls for a Great Reset greatly mimic previous programs and initiatives put forward by other globalist organizations, including the United Nations. Researcher F. William Engdahl provided much-needed clarity in a recent piece on the announcement of The Great Reset. Engdahl notes that, “the declaration by the World Economic Forum to make a Great Reset is to all indications a thinly-veiled attempt to advance the Agenda 2030 “sustainable” dystopian model, a global “Green New Deal” in the wake of the covid19 pandemic measures. Their close ties with Gates Foundation projects, with the WHO, and with the UN suggest we may soon face a far more sinister world after the covid19 pandemic fades.”

Strategic Intelligence, Strategic Partners, and Event 201

In March, the WEF launched the COVID Action Platform which is essentially a call for global government in response to COVID-19. The answer, WEF believes, is to have greater global cooperation, move away from the nation-state, and tackle the world’s problems as one international community.

Along with the launch of the Action Platform, the WEF released an impressive graphic as part of their “Strategic Intelligence” platform, which outlines the wide ranging ways their plans will effect and shape the world of the 21st century and beyond. From the media’s role in the pandemic to finding a vaccine, the graphic attempts to provide details on this centrally planned future being promoted by the WEF. I encourage all readers to spend an evening going down the rabbit hole that is the COVID Action Platform for a better understanding of where we are headed.

With the launch of The Great Reset, the WEF also launched a Strategic Intelligence graphic detailing how their plans will unfold. The Great Reset graphic details how everything from drones, blockchain, the future of energy, LGBTI inclusion, and 3D printing will play a role in the New Normal. Once again, I encourage readers to take a dive into this graphic to gain clarity on what the WEF and their partners have planned for the coming decade.

The WEF promotes itself as the “International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.” They partner with a variety of private companies, philanthropic outlets, and governments to achieve their goals. Researcher Steven Guinness recently outlined how the WEF partners with various institutions to accomplish their stated aims and how the Strategic Intelligence platform is “co-curated with leading topic experts from academia, think tanks, and international organizations.”

“‘Co-curators‘ are perhaps the most important aspect to consider here, given that they have the ability to ‘share their expertise with the Forum’s extensive network of members, partners and constituents, as well as a growing public audience,’” Guinness writes. It is safe to assume then that when co-curators speak, members and partners of the World Economic Forum listen. This in part is how the WEF’s agenda takes shape.

As Guinness notes, the co-curators of the Strategic Intelligence road map of the globalist vision include Harvard university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Imperial College London, Oxford University, Yale and the European Council on Foreign Relations. Several of these institutions continue to play an influential role in shaping the narrative around COVID-19.

The WEF’s highest level of partnership is known as Strategic Partners. There are only 100 international companies listed as Strategic Partners. Each partner receives an invitation if they have “alignment with forum values.” These partners “shape the future through extensive contribution to developing and implementing Forum projects and championing public-private dialogue.”

The WEF’s Strategic Partners include Johnson & Johnson, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates is also a long time “Agenda Contributor” for the WEF. As mentioned above, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation partnered with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the WEF on the Event 201 pandemic exercise in October 2019. Johnson & Johnson were also partners in the exercise.

As TLAV’s has previously documented, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation operates in a similar fashion to the WEF: their publicly stated goals mask a global control agenda. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF, is a former attendee and member of the Steering Committee for the secretive Bilderberg Group.

The WEF itself is akin to a more public Bilderberg Group which brings together around 3,000 business leaders, international political leaders, economists, celebrities, and journalists for a five day conference to discuss global issues. The WEF meets every January in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss their agenda. The elitism of the WEF has resulted in Schwab and his cohorts being nicknamed The Davos Class.

In January 2021 the theme of the WEF meeting will be “The Great Reset.” It’s important that we keep an eye on the WEF and their push for the Great Reset as we draw closer to election 2020 and a potential Dark Winter. Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and their ilk are determined to present themselves as the saviors of humanity. They are using the COVID-19 panic as an opportunity to push their agenda while selling it as the cure to our problems.

This predator class attempts to mask their true intentions with flowery language designed to lull the waking masses back to sleep. To be clear, our world is absolutely, without a doubt existing in an unsustainable paradigm. We do have growing income inequality, police violence, failing healthcare systems, and insufficient food production systems. These problems were apparent before COVID-19 and the fragility of these systems has indeed become more obvious in recent months. However, these psychopaths would prefer if we allowed them to stay in the driver’s seat as they careen us into a future of technocratic control and the end of individual liberty.

While Schwab and Gates would prefer that the people of the world submit to their vision, we must stand against this push for centralization of power and technology. The Great Reset is coming, and perhaps, it should come. We have many issues facing our species that need to be addressed. However, central planning, surveillance, and loss of individual liberty is not the answer. The answer is decentralization, opting out en masse, non-compliance, and non-participation in the systems which have brought us to this predicament.

We, as free people, must decide what path we intend to take. Will we stand by and allow the predators to seize control of all resources and power for the coming generations? Or, will we finally break free from their violent systems and initiate a Great Reset which benefits the people, from bottom to top?

The answer depends on you.

Derrick Broze
Derrick Broze, a staff writer for The Last American Vagabond, is a journalist, author, public speaker, and activist. He is the co-host of Free Thinker Radio on 90.1 Houston, as well as the founder of The Conscious Resistance Network & The Houston Free Thinkers.

13 Replies to “COVID19, The Great Reset & The New Normal

  1. Good article. There was a lot of planning that went into this, not just nationally but globally. In order to bring on a New Order the Old Order must be destroyed. Revolutions are never peaceful. This one actually began in 1968 with RFK jr. assassination and Brzezinski’s book on the coming Technocratic Era. He later cofounded the TLC with Rockefeller, Bush, Kissinger, Volcker and Carter and they rolled out Project Democracy which called for a disintegration of society and the economy over the next several decades which has indeed occurred. Now the technology and tools have given them the means to transform us into their Utopian World Order (dystopian for us). The mask mandates are just a test to gauge what level of resistance they might expect (not much), and tag those who will be monitored or subject to Precrime detention/treatment

    Incidentally Isabel Maxwell was a member of the World Economic Forum

    Looking back I see the 2009 Swine Flu was a trial run for COVID (and SARS before that). The 3 things they learned was 1) they needed to flatten the curve to delay herd immunity until a vaccine was developed. 2) They also needed to inflate the death count by changing how cause of death is defined, and 3) they needed to increase testing especially when death rates dropped at end of the flu season and count asymptomatic positives as cases

    In 2010 Rockefeller Fund issues its Lock Step report and Gates declares this to be the Decade of Vaccines. The Billionaires Good Club meets and agree to tackle the population problem (curiously a population estimate for 2025 lists the US population at 90 million, quite a drop

    Global Warming /Climate Change is hyped over the next decade with the push for a Green Economy escalating at the start of 2019. Larry Fink was cofounder of the 2015 Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). In 2016 the TCFD along with the City of London Corporation and the UK Government created the Green Finance Initiative, aiming to channel trillions of dollars to “green” investments.

    AI, Robotics, IoT, 5G are the key to the 4Th IR and private public philanthropic funding goes into overdrive as plans for Digital Currency (blockchain invented by NSA and used for cryptos as a trial), Digital ID., Social Credit Scores planned

    In 2018 Trump created the NSAIC for AI development led by Eric Schmidt , former Google CEO, Bilderberger and Team 8 member. In 2019 his report stated we needed to transform society to become more like China so that we could compete with them without being hindered by concern of violating privacy and rights. He also suggested social credit scores like in China could be used without being punitive. Trump issued an EO not long after making AI a national priority. He also issued an EO making flu vaccinations a national security concern

    Censorship against Climate Deniers and Anti-Vaxxers escalated during the decade. Later expanding to other realms using Prop or Not, Poynters Gates funded IFCN , Obamas Countering Foreign Propaganda Act and in 2018 DHS compiling files on social media influencers using private contractors hired to monitor and collect info on them

    First Shelter in Place (Stay at Home) orders issued during Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013 to gage compliance of the population for future use.

    17 Sustainable Development Goals for Agenda 2030 agreed to in 2015

    In the 6 months before COVID several Central Banks and Larry Fink declare the urgency of Climate Change and Sustainable Development. Larry Fink tells companies in January that he will pull his 7 trillion in investments from companies who don’t focus on sustainable development. Now he is directing trillions in Fed money to companies he favors

    Larry Fink proposed an Emergency Financial Bail Out to the Fed in August, 2019 claiming the Fed was running out of tools. A mini – crisis in September (false flag) when banks decided to to lend to each other followed as a warning , and COVID gave Larry what he wanted. Larry incidentally was one of Trumps Personal Wealth Managers when he did that sort of thing. Made him a lot of money according to Trump.

    Barr released his Precrime program in October and later requested the authority for precrime detentions during COVID outbreak

    GOF research on natural viruses and synthetic virus development amply funded , as are Pandemic Prevention and DNA/mRNA vaccines

    Dr Fauci said there will be a surprise outbreak during the Trump administration. He said this in a speech in January 2017 -given at Georgetown University on Pandemic Preparedness

    CEPI was founded in Davos in 2017 by the governments of Norway and India, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, and the World Economic Forum . Its mission is to stimulate and accelerate the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases and enable access to these vaccines for people during outbreaks.

    In September 2019 European Commission (EC) “Roadmap on Vaccination” months before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. The Roadmap will lead to a “commission proposal for a common vaccination card / passport for EU citizens by 2022”.

    In September 2019 the Global Preparedness Monitoring Boards 15 board members issued their first annual report. Fauci and Chinas CDC Director are both on the board (as is Russia)

    In the report they state that by September 2020:

    “The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least two system-wide training and simulation exercises, including one for covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen

    Of course Event 201 occurred in October (following Crimson Contagion exercise in first half of 2019) and then comes COVID, supposedly in circulation at the start of October

    Pompeo called the COVID outbreak a “live exercise” in March.

    What next? Operation Blackout? War with China (an exercise, not real)? another Pandemic virus or just a 2nd wave of COVID enhanced by a nasty new flu vaccine specially made for the elderly over 65 (Quadravalent Fluad)? Maybe all of the above? Guess we will have to see what comes.

    1. This is a very good addition to the main article. QUESTION: Are we going to let this happen without any input to the results.?

    2. Perhaps the vaccine *IS* the virus. After examining both patents on the Moderna Agreement, I’m surmising it enables one’s body to create the chimeric spike protein so when a vaccinated individual catches a cold or flu, the mRNA rewrites that cold or flu RNA, essentially mutating into a deadly hybrid virus.

      That’s how it ‘appears’ their virus technology functions. I can’t see the point of this mRNA vaccine as a preventative agent. The idea that you need to stimulate the immune system when people have supposedly been dying from cytokine release syndrome is contradictory and illogical. If anything, one needs to address each case with therapeutics that would tamp down the immune response, and inhibit Interleukin 1 Beta (IL-1β) and Interleukin 6 (IL-6). A number of RX medicines and natural products, vitamins and supplements do that quite adequately.

      The original GOF hybrid was created in Ralph Baric’s lab, and appears to have parts of SARS, AIDS, Ebola and IAV if the target cells in the covid-19 papers published so far, are genuine.

      Baric’s bioweaponry patent is so broad they could essentially create numerous monster hybrid viruses. Whether it would still be as contagious after so many inserts may be an issue. That could be the reason they need to induce the creation of a hybrid pathogen through the vaccine.

      Since the vaccine will be delivered in a new type of syringe manufactured by APIJECT, with a “BFS pre-filled syringe” which is a “Blow-Fill-Seal” is suspicious.

      I don’t believe they will be challenge testing the Phase III trial volunteers with SARS-COV-2.

      They switched the swine flu vaccine in 1976. That’s always a possibility. We don’t know for sure what they’re testing on patients right now.

      There’s a third scenario.

      They could unleash the real pathogen soon, just after the vaccine becomes ready, and that could give them their second wave, so people may rush to take the vaccine in response. If the vaccine contains Charles Lieber’s neuron wrapping nanowires, that might be one of their objectives.

      Under that scenario, they’d have the global population under their control. If a certain number die from the direct effects of the nanowires in their cerebral cortex, it will still be recorded as covid-19.

      When millions perished during the Kansas flu (Spanish) of 1918, most probably died from a bacterial infection. That’s what the autopsies in Fauci’s 2008 paper revealed. Another paper I read attributed possible aspirin overdoses as a common cause of death: Medical mismanagement, not the flu.

      The Great Reset appears to be a land grab combined with a manufactured climate crisis. The virus is the pretext. As you pointed out already, they tried to hype the swine flu in 2009 after the financial crisis and it failed dismally.

      The new Maunder Minimum comes into effect which should dim the sun and lower temperatures over the next 30 years according to data from NASA. That tosses the man made global warming theory into the scam trash can.

      There’s no doubt pollution and unchecked toxic chemicals are at unsustainable levels, however I tend to think the 3% carbon emissions due to human activity has little to do with the “climate crisis” and more to do with Directed Energy Weapons, geoengineering and other weather modification programs being carried out by multiple governments over the last several decades.

      Once mortgages start to default, the central bankers and their agents will move in and buy up heavily discounted properties and distressed assets.

      The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures run by Michael Bloomberg will probably get to determine who and what kind of businesses function in the post covid-19 environment. There’ll be multiple sustainability hoops to jump through just to prove your business is worthy of existing.

      Expect some kind of global carbon tax or digital transaction tax levied on everyone, even the poorest nations.

      Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda21) was agreed upon decades ago at the Club of Rome.

      The SARS, MERS, Ebola, Zika and Flu bioweapons fit neatly into the climate crisis narrative.

      They’re readying the public for the ”decade of vaccines” so by 2030, they’ll be well on their way to the 500 million they want living on the planet.

      The central bankers, royalty, Freemasons, Bilderbergs, Roundtable, Pilgrims Society and eugenics cabal get their population reduction wet dream and their trans human, genetically modified slave underclass.

      Whether there’ll be a hot war with China remains to be seen. If the banking cabal-security state-politician criminals can achieve their global governance objectives without too much fuss from the unwitting public, and people submit to the needle every time their temperature is slightly raised, then the US and China may not need to resort to a war, fake or otherwise.

  2. Is anyone concerned that their may be some promoting the Great Reset that see this as a possible way to attack the overpopulation problem. War could work but it is messy and hard to control once started.
    Over-population is not mentioned much in the news as other world problems like sick oceans, melting glaciers, the forests, and global warming etc. But isn’t overpopulation behind each of these problems? If so, could vaccinating the world population be a way to a decrease population numbers?
    Just a thought, as I have no evidence.

    1. I don’t buy the depopulation agenda. Gates & Co. also send billions in aid to Africa, which is fueling their growth from 1 to 4 billion by the end of this century. Why would they inflate the third-world population just to reduce it?

  3. Thank you Derrick for demonstrating scale in thinking. What I mean is laying out the development of a long range plan that is invisible because it takes place so slowly.
    Many Americans are deceived by the focus on the crisis of the moment by MSM. This is the magicians sleight of hand to keep the population looking at the wrong thing. Because thinking this way is difficult for hypnotized Americans you might experiment with a simpler version. to reach more and teach how to think b

  4. Thanks for this important article.

    Terrorism and bioterrorism are the current favorite tools that those in the banking-corporate global governing matrix use to steal more wealth for themselves and create a world of literal human slaves, reeling from one crisis to the next.

    The Great Reset gives us a glimpse into the economic and social agenda of the psychopaths who rule this planet.

    After reading Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars several years ago, it confirmed my worst fears: Problems like terrorism, war, famines and other crises were being purposefully manufactured by a small cabal who had formed a global grid of control by founding Institutions and NGOs, by infiltrating politics, governments and the education system to facilitate a vast wealth transfer, while manufacturing consent and creating crises to study and predict human response to maximize their profit taking and their level of control.

    The end result of the Great Reset will be to structure an inescapable technocratic, AI controlled enslavement of humanity using “SMART” (Secret Militarized Armaments in ResidentIal Technology) cities that function as open air prisons where bureaucrats and billionaires get to own and control all the resources of the world, through air land and sea dominance.

    5g is integral to their plans for dominance and control of all humanity.

    Ultimately, we have to understand our enemy and their methods in order to defeat them. We are up against more than “the will to power”.

    Exposing their long term agenda and their control matrix with entities they created including the WEF is our first step towards real freedom.

  5. At some point I saw you had an underground railroad to mexico. I am interested. I am on parole, trying to get off, and may not be able to legally right away. Forced vaccinations are coming in a month or so. I am a revolutionary and have been imprisoned and am not afraid of that, but am concerned regarding the death vaccine. I have no passport, never leaving the nation before. what can be done? I have minimal income. Currently living in NJ

  6. Are their not other ways of depopulation without resorting to such sinister measures like the invention of a vaccine ? to over come another invention i.e. Covid 19 … it all sounds a bit “over the top”…. or is all of this a distraction from the REAL agenda ??

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