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Whitney Webb Interview – Their “Wellcome Leap” Toward Transhumanism & Why You’re Now A “Terrorist”

Joining me today is Whitney Webb, here to discuss her recent articles. One on the very alarming development in the US government war on its own people, and another regarding the aggressive government push toward a technocratic transhumanism future for the human race. We have discussed the agenda to alter human evolution using nanotechnology more than once on this show. An open agenda was put forth by the White House in 2002 with the stated direction of “converging” human biology with nanotechnology in 20 years. Today we see this rapidly progressing under a guise of fighting COVID-19 – almost exactly 20 years later…


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War On You
War On Humanity
Ryan Cristián
Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

19 Replies to “Whitney Webb Interview – Their “Wellcome Leap” Toward Transhumanism & Why You’re Now A “Terrorist”

  1. I posted this on Whitney’s blog so someone reads it, but I am getting censored so no idea this is going through. Beware

    I posted this on Tom Luongo’s blog. My comments don’t go through.

    This is about 3 things:

    1) Training their AIs on our brains.
    2) Keeping their secrets.
    3) Stealing our information and ideas, which they can use to huge profit on the financial markets and anywhere else.

    Beware anyone who tries to gaslight you for an extended time!

    Hey Tom, sorry this is off-topic, we don’t see eye to eye on everything but you were so right about the value of information.

    That’s why they wanted me isolated. Someone was fucking with me.

    They weren’t trying to silence me alone, they were stealing my ideas. They gave me some ideas in return, thinking I was the one benefiting. It was hidden under the guise of initiation that never ends. I’ve been censored on your blog somehow, I don’t think it was you. It could be a technical glitch though since wordpress sucks.

    I said it from the start, our efforts need to be an open-source process, because otherwise the people with tech and bad intentions will literally violate your computer and your mind, and use it for themselves. The technology is here for them to do this, we’re the ones who don’t have it. Beware. Do things openly or only the bad guys will get the information. They’ll develop products and place bets on the market with it.

    This about defending the private property which is your very mind, and them trying to keep secrets buried, both.

    That’s why you make a thousand new age religion blogs where people submit to the idea of joining hivemind and “communitarian” empires. All your thoughts belong to society, really.

    It’s extremely hard to stay down to earth when you go down this rabbit hole, but this is it, they want your brainpower and their secrets.

    Basic natural law libertarian socialist ethics are the only thing I believe in anymore. I ditched even spirituality since it was a gateway drug to superstition.

    It’s all about information.

  2. hearing all this …The only giant red flag booming statement Ms. Webb said IDF Terrorist acting as police, on US soil???? SO WE HAVE THE ULTRA HATE GROUP, the ADL who is fomenting the race war minute by minute and influencing US laws, now they are going to have IDF soldiers on US soil??? We just put an IDF trained cop in jail and major cities are still burning over the floyd murder by an IDF trained cop…. WHAT! WHAT! THAT IS THE MOST DANGEROUS THING I HAVE HEARD ,YET. We will be Palestinians on US SOIL. HELL NO. So these terrorists will be shooting US children, as they do in Palestine ??? this is worst than an invasion of the Chinese army. let me guess, they will help shoot are US kids too. RESOURCE TO FOLLOW UP ON THIS????

  3. Excerpt from (Surviving) The Great American Novelty by JSP
    “The infection was everywhere, in plain sight of everyone. But, depending on how your mind
    interpreted the “code”, that determined the message you received. The same words were
    interpreted in a variety of ways. Layers of dis-info, camouflaging, and redirections were
    broadcast, amplified and repeated in a 24 hour cycle. A few very talented “agitants” capitalized
    on their “cult of personality”. It was an efficient way to (dis)organize the masses.
    These “agitating agents” posed as “anti-establishment outsiders” singing songs of “ending
    corruption” but in reality they helped to herd and ultimately clear the path of troublesome “truth
    activists” who had been growing since 911. At the time, they were called “conspiracy theorists”
    and then conflated with “domestic terrorists” after 2020, when framed by media architect
    Everyone from “Neo-Nazis” to the “vaccine hesitant” to “911-Truthers” were all bundled into the
    same “ dangerous basket of deplorables”. It was no coincidence that those who would push
    back against totalitarian solutions were the targets of this gambit, although both sides were fed
    false truths… The Left blamed Russian interference and radicals from the Right… and the Right
    blamed Chinese plots and radicals from the Left.
    …Both were manipulated by their prejudices, but the Right wing was armed and more likely to
    resist.And, so, they became the target of Qanon. Along with Evangelicals.
    Evangelicals were “naturally hesitant” to the solutions due to omens of Apocalypse.
    Luciferase is a chemical that glows under UV light and was used in the first micro-dot tattoos,
    contributing to “hesitancy”. The number 666 was found in the House Bill for Covid Relief. The
    same number, 666, was found in the patent number for the “cryptocurrency” promoted by
    Winthorp Fence. Buying and selling or travel could not be conducted without what many
    considered “the mark of the Beast”. The evangelicals didn’t know it, but they had been primed
    since Roman times to expect such signs… Your “resistance” was part of the show.
    Neither side looked to our closest allies and history’s patterns for the answers. This “ruse” had
    been used since 1947… effectively. The real enemy (the seed of Global Fascism, The Serpent’s
    Egg) was invited to nest and fester in the form of US intelligence agencies long ago, and took
    that initial step towards the “lockstep” with the 1947 NDA.
    That was the silent coup. The Wall Street Lawyer whose brother had an airport named after him,
    was the “Gatekeeper” who allowed the defeated Nazi intelligence agents to retrench after The
    Battle of the Bulge and go underground and become the US Intelligence network… and NASA.
    The Fascist-Technocratic parasite had been attached to our nation’s brain by lawyer and master
    spy, Allan Dulles.

    1. I saw this,….. “6uild 6ack 6etter”, from another blogger and it just seemed appropriate to pass it on.

  4. The problem with government and the problem with corporations are one and the same: The rights of people are granted to entities as if an organisation without a physical body is as alive as real people. Then real people use the cover of governments or corporations to shield their actions and get away with things they could not as simple individuals. Body-politic metaphors have corrupted the minds of many and yet their popular use remains unmitigated (catch-22; Purging purge metaphors does not work). Real people are treated as if they are the disease which society needs curing from, and it’s real people who perpetuate such myths, cloaked in patriotism and jingoism.

  5. Klaus Schwab of the Davros W.E.F. has warned us twice that there will be a Cyber attack. I think he is saying is that they will pull down the entire internet and only allow their approved/controlled web services.

  6. Re: factions/cooperation between the elite, I see this through the lens of historical patterns of imperialism; starting from the premise that this represents a new wave of imperialism, all elites agree on plundering the new “frontier” (imperialism always takes place along a frontier). The frontier in this case is biology itself merged with digital technology. However, competition and “factions” or even arms races emerge when individual elites or groups of elites compete for power within that colonized space. We can compare to the European colonization of the Global South starting in the 1400s. The Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, English and others all agreed that they were going to colonize and enslave the frontier and mine resources. The outcome was the same throughout the frontier. However, there were skirmishes and arms races between competing imperial powers over which one was going to occupy which space. That is what I believe is happening now. There are genuine conflicts among the elite but they are mostly just competing with each other over who gets which space to colonize and mine. Imperialism always goes after resources and this time, the resources are not crops, oil, spices or metals, but our very minds.

  7. White supremacists, evangelicals chosen for rapture ,Jewish the chosen people ,chinese middle Kingdom, Japanese empire , English rulers of Brittania ,Black power, wealthy elitists ,ivy League alumni. Techno transhumanists .All with ideas of supremacy.
    Where do I belong???

  8. Excellent discussion. On point. I will be sending several because from iphone.
    David Icke has been demonized for decades, being influenced I only watched him beginning 2018. There is a recent one where he reviews a UK Military Futures document. It is about AI, transhumanism, genetic engineering. It is titled The Human Hive Mind and the End of Human Individuality. Since it is a document of the military it sets the plan snd Frames it as the future.

  9. DARPA and Regina. I donn’t know if you know this. Regina has at least one computer implant in her forearm. Excellent noting how DARPA directors (4 year stint) move to other places, like Google and FB and SRI. Always emphasize DARPA IS NATIONAL SECURITY and secrecy. That means wherever they move to, they are working National Security. You are documenting how big Tech is a tool.
    The director after Regina, Indian name can’t remember, gave an interview in 2015 where she said there is nothing more important for Nat Sec than “collective identity”, how it is created and controlled. What are the collective identities today?

  10. One area I am studying is social engineering. I look for it to make it more visible. On Mindmatters on SOTT, they had a review of The Fourth Turning. The book presents the theory that society runs in generational cycles of 90 years. Because this cycle ends in 2030 and there is Agenda 2030 made me question.
    The coauthor is Neil Howe. He was s member of the think tank Center for Strategic snd International Studies, CSIS, founde in 1962 at Georgetown U. Other members Kissinger and Brzezinski. Georgetown ended the relationship because CSIS was focussed on media, not scholarly research. Al Gore praised the book and his Inconvenient Truth is social engineering.
    What does it show? A globalist think tank is authoring books to provide “scientific” foundation for the agenda. Of course, America is falling apart in 2030 because of this natural cycle.

  11. Regarding social engineering, Peter Foster wrote a review of Mark Carney’s book Values: BUILDing a BETTER World for All., on SOTT called “it won’t be pleasant” – Mark Carney unveils dystopian…
    it sounds like Build Back Better to me.
    Climate emergency will keep us locked up longer so WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD, uh, for the power brokers.
    Whitney may have already run across Mark’s history.

  12. There is a site One of their investigative reporters, Brian Gerrish, gave testimony to Reiner Fulimich in Germany regarding the “pandemic” and manipulation of the people. One of the methods is neuro linguistic programming.

  13. General comments.
    Whitney talked about AI and creating a singularity. The question is computing power. This is where quantum computing would be necessary. They are probably not there yet.
    Dark winter. Though covid was either fake or lethality overrated, don’t lose sight of the jab and “antibody dependent enhancement”. The jan primes the person for cytokine storm response to flu.
    Anadonia(?) sounded like pavlov’s dogs to me. Once they get you engineered, Schwaub will be right, “you will own nothing and you will be happy.”

  14. Basically the power brokers see man as a machine that needs to be upgraded to the improved, uniform and compliant model. Also older versions(the useless class) are obsolete and expendable. In this world, values and morality and the human soul, are delusions that must be expungef. Then we have the Power Broket Utopis. ( In the show, written by someone in the know, John Cusack on several occasions asks his daughter, What have you done “useful” today.

  15. One last thought. We need to keep in mind child trafficking and pedophilia and Epstein. Epstein’s connections to power brokers at MIT, Harvard in education and science, all branches of government, MSM, and social media is the weak link in their power structure. Where was the money used?
    I respect and applaud your seeking, finding and expressing truth. Truth brings light to the darkness.

  16. Stumbled across Whitney”s Dark Winter series during lockdown as part of my own journey into the light. This new video offers brilliant context and draws back the curtain exposing the sinister agenda being obfuscated from a misinformed public. Fighting for my grandchildrens’ future. So many people walking around in a coma.

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