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US Commander In Europe: We Need More Troops To Fight The Russians

US Commander of the Europe Command, Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti, has called for thousands more US troops to “deter Russian aggression” in Europe. He has even suggested that the US troops should be pulled off of counter-terrorism duty and sent to Europe. Meanwhile, the Pentagon announced a massive shipment of military equipment to Europe, including tanks and other tracked vehicles. Do US military officials really believe that Russia is about to invade western Europe? Are we back in the 1940s? Or is Washington’s military-industrial complex looking for new ways to justify an ever-expanding military budget? Tune in to today’s Liberty Report: how does business writing differ from academic writing see url homework help in literature ap lang synthesis essay help with engineering blog post maker of viagra click here here write my essay paper enter site thank you letter essay writing expert help cialis causing elevated liver enzymes source url doing homework essay source site go how to say i am doing homework in japanese viagra in nederland hydrochlorothiazide efficacy rx viagra ru go here i need help in math homework how i can write essay viacom orlistat diet pill Source:

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