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US Calls For A Yemen Cease-Fire Publicly While Covertly Escalating The War

Violence in the port city of Hodeida erupted as the United States called for a cease-fire between the US-Saudi-led Coalition and Houthi Rebels in Northern Yemen, but instead of winding violence down in this conflict Yemen has seen its deadliest week in a long time. The port city of Hodeida is vital to Yemen as over 70% of Read More…

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The UAE Paid American Mercenaries $1.5 Million A Month To Carry Out Assassinations In Yemen

It was recently reported by Buzzfeed news and then by multiple other media outlets that the UAE hired American mercenaries to carry out assassinations in Yemen of Imams and political figures of the Al-Islah party. In a stunning report, Abraham Golan told Buzzfeed news that his military contract firm Spear Operations Group started assassinating clerics an politicians towards the end Read More…

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Are Jade & Oil Fueling Conflicts In Myanmar?

Fighting in Myanmar began in what is known as the post-independence period of 1948, and continues to this day, in what is dubbed the world’s longest-running civil war. Violence in the region became increasingly brutal in August of 2017 as Myanmar’s military carried out acts of arson on Rohingya villages, mass-killings of the Rohingya people, and sexual Read More…

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Oh, How Warmongers Lie – The War For Minerals In Afghanistan

For seventeen years we have been told that the war in Afghanistan was to avenge 9/11 and defeat the Taliban. In 2001 shortly after the attacks of 9/11, a conscious decision was made to start brainwashing Americans to fear that terrorism is all around us much like the Red-Scare in the 1980’s, they just replaced communist with terrorist. Terror, Read More…

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Pipelines, Proxy Wars And Propaganda

Recently it seemed the entire world was focused on Idlib Province in Syria which was the scene of a dramatic event involving five superpowers lockstep in a real-life game of Risk. Adding to the tension was the roughly 800,000 citizens who call Idlib home along with an estimated 80,000 rebel fighters, 10,000 of which are on the United Nation’s Read More…

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Nearly 600,000 Children At Risk Of Death From Hunger In War Zones

A startling new report from Save the Children states that an estimated 590,000 children in war-zones will die from malnutrition as they are expected to not receive treatment. Save the Children hypothesized that there are 4.5 million children under the age of 5 that need treatment for life-threatening malnutrition in some of the most war-torn regions in Read More…