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Trump Immigration Distraction, 8 American Myths, Hemp Legalization, Forced Vaccines, Iran & N. Korea

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (7/1/18).

For decades now, even longer, so-called “conspiracy theorists” have been warning of totalitarian dangers to come. Warning Americans of a creepingly slow incremental increase in day-to-day oppression, disguised as heightened security in a time of increased danger to our way of life. Or that is the lie being told, seemingly without end, as we declare war on undefeatable, intangible ideas and concepts, such as the “war on drugs” or the “war on terror” that continue to dissolve what remains of every American’s constitutional rights, with little to no actual positive results to show for decades of failed policy. How does one win a war against anyone’s ability to use violent or destructive ends to achieve political goals? Which, point of fact, is the exact definition of terrorism. Who else is currently using violent ends to achieve political goals? Does that make them terrorists? By the definition of the word … Yes. Yes it does.

It should be asked, how does one defeat terror?

The answer is you don’t. These are “wars” intentionally designed without end. They were designed and planned to create the type of hysteria and uncertainty that allows for such a restriction of rights, as was seen with the passage of the “temporary” Patriot Act.

All of the phantom threats and fear mongering has been created, and obfuscated, in order to manipulate the American public into tacitly, or even willingly, giving up their inherent rights as human beings in exchange for government; government protection; government sustenance; government health care … government control.


So how does Donald Trump play into this?

In its typically manipulative “problem-reaction-solution” fashion, the US orchestrated the rise of Donald Trump, while making it appear as if the shadow government had lost to what they were selling as: THE RISING WILL OF THE PEOPLE AND THE GLORY OF DEMOCRACY!!! … and all that. Hillary Clinton, the big bad mainstream media, and the elite globalist agenda (that was quickly becoming common knowledge due to the rise of independent media) were all cast as “The Problem.” Americans “Reacted” as expected, with anger, outrage, and disgust, as the media and the government as a whole seemed to support Clinton, and discount everyone else in every regard. Enter Donald Trump, “The Solution.”

Consider for a moment the concept of immigration. This has been a topic of debate for a very long time. Yet, only very recently did the very same talking points and discussed potential action, become some sort of “fascist” objective. Enforcing the law was somehow contorted into some humanitarian crisis.

Clearly, immigration has always been a very sensitive topic, but what caused this radical shift in perception that is so oddly devoid of any self-awareness or historical perspective? What changed? How did this heatedly age-old, yet previously civil, political debate, all of sudden become the end-all-be-all catalyst for the destruction of the American way of life? Or rather, when did this topic begin to be manipulated to create that type of political and personal fervor?

Most are unaware (as always, by design) that the US’ immigration policy has historically been overtly racist and discriminatory, but to be fair, so were many other countries at that time, and still today. Yet, with as often as the US enjoys lording its now highly questionable “moral authority” over the rest of the world, that fact certainly has relevance to today’s altogether orchestrated predicament. To be clear, this is not opinion. It is an unmitigated fact based in historical record.

Starting in the late 19th century, race-based restrictions kept Asian immigration to a trickle. The 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act largely did what the name suggests; by 1924 Congress had barred all Asian groups. Eventually this complete prohibition gave way to a nominal quota system, but it wasn’t until the Hart-Celler act of 1965, that lawmakers finally abandoned blatantly racist immigration policy.

Contrary to what pundits often suggest, however, Hart-Celler wasn’t an unmitigated positive step for all ethnic groups. In fact, it set Asians and Latinos on divergent paths, with consequences that continue to reverberate today.


So with this engineered outrage to decades-old policy that we see taking place today, we must not only begin to call out just how hypocritical and contrived all of this is, but help those who are still lost to it all, find their way free; because the type of aggression and division that is being created is all part of the plan. Now this is not to imply that the immigration issue is not important, quite the contrary. Americans have an obligation to appropriately deal with all of the fallout from the aggressive actions taken by its government it their name, and not just ignore the problem, or deal with it in a despicable way totally devoid of empathy and self-responsibility. That being said, the way this emotional outrage being carried out, the way Americans are being emotionally directed and controlled in this issue, is wholly orchestrated and we all must reflect on that, and more so ask ourselves why that is, and from what they are trying to distract us. 

With all that is happening, both domestically and internationally, with all that is being carried out in the name of every American, look at where everyone is today — marching through the streets protesting what they believe to be the most important issue of their lives. Yet, it is ultimately nothing new, still worthy of our attention and anger surely, but they are manipulating the masses into being a diversion for the same long-term agenda; the very agenda that created this issue to begin with. So if we allow ourselves to be slaves to their programming, even for a genuine problem, we are blinding ourselves to their actions as they actually intensify the very problem that many feel they are standing against. This is social engineering in effect, and we have seen this played out many times before. We must begin to learn from our mistakes.

During the 2016 election, the world stood witness as those who were once staunch anti-establishment, anti-government advocates within the US, had been turned into the very state-defending, state-supporting, security-over-liberty type of person that had very recently been the focus of their scrutiny and frustration. Yet, now, these were the very same individuals crying at the national anthem and calling for the removal of rights from protestors they see as “on the fringe,” seemingly oblivious to the hypocritical fact that they were in the exact same situation prior to this role reversal, and would cry foul about their loss of rights and the fascist rise of the US government, should they have been in their shoes.


It certainly does not need to be stated that the very same hypocrisy applies to the Left as well. Yet, the extent to their hypocrisy is much more pronounced and contrived, as they are the design, the catalyst to this new deceptive brand of oppression and rise of the “new establishment;” and in large part, unwittingly so. The aim was to co-op, and overtake this new awakened movement, and reinsert their failing ideology behind the scenes. With their desire for radical change and call for the complete suspension of rights, in order to get their way, they were created to push everyone else back into the arms of the state. So we are left with the same classical American illusion of choice.

On one side, there is a solution that involves using policy to essentially illegalize protesting when authority sees fit, in order to stop what Trump supporters see as an out-of-control political movement that desires to bring down all they have worked for; or in other words, using government to solve our “problem” whose solution comes with a loss of rights.

On the other, there is a radical group literally calling for martial law in order to stop what they see as rising fascism in America. They want to suspend all rights, hold another election, and move forward from there. Really, just the removal of Donald Trump at the point of a gun, and then likely hold him accountable for the many imagined and concocted “grievances” for which they no doubt desire a redress; or in other words, using government to solve our “problem” whose solution comes with a loss of rights.

If we cannot shake free of this orchestrated divide, or shake free those still screaming about its importance, then we will be helpless as both sides lead us all into the mouth of the monster, while both vehemently argue the justness of their cause. It is my duty, your duty, to shake them free, not with anger, violence or ridicule, but with facts, truth and persistence. It’s not easy, it’s not fun, but it’s our obligation as Americans, and as human beings, to fight for those being deceived.

Please take the information discussed in the video below and research for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. As anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


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