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Trolling Season: The Reincarnation of “LulzSec” Hackers

Anonymous collective “Ghost Squad Hackers” took another step towards what could be considered as their public-relations, with the creation of the recently announced social media moniker and hacker collective, “LulzSecGB” (LulzSec Global), which began April 20th, 2016.

In recent articles, The Last American Vagabond has gone into some detail about the confusion and suspicion that Anonymous as a platform has produced in the subsequent year or so, and has also gone on record claiming that the Ghost Squad Hackers seem to be the only Anonymous collective currently looking to produce any authentic activism with an actual message.

Most recently, Ghost Squad Hackers DDoS’d CNN’s website for their #OpSilence campaign, promising more mainstream news sites to crash in order to protest the heavy corporate propaganda that is promulgated by this network or elitist pseudo-reporting.

Additionally, Ghost Squad Hackers recently released well over 1,000 dox, as well as over thousands of additional pieces of personal information, on high-ranking officials of the Israeli Defense Force, including banking statements, residential addresses, family member lists, social media accounts and even more. This was said to be in protest to the genocidal Zionist agenda of the global one percent’s Military Industrial Complex, directly calling out the Zionist US/Israel alliance.

For those unfamiliar with the name “LulzSec” it stands for “Lulz-Security,” which is implying that not only do these hackers create serious problems for their “Big Brother,” but they have a hell of a good time doing it as well. The original LulzSec, headed by Hector Monsegur or “SABU” has currently been the only Anonymous-affiliated hacker collective to specifically direct their campaign towards mainstream media. 

Traditional Anonymous “canon” as it is now becoming with time rolling on, says that Anons are best suited not attacking the mainstream media, because this is, in principle, an infringement of the Second Amendment; this was the same criticism that the original LulzSec received as well. Examples of this were hacking Fox News’ Twitter account and tweeting the obviously false assassination of Barack Obama, the infamous hack of Sony’s network that sent the PlayStation 3 servers down for nearly an entire summer, and of course the legendary “LULZXMAS / Operation: AntiSec” that involved the joint venture of Anonymous hacker, Jeremy Hammond, and Hector Monsegur of LulzSec.

The two proceeded to hack into the database of the Stratfor Private Intelligence contractor and CIA shell-corporation, stealing over $700,000 from clients and donating it to charity, and stealing over two million documents involving Stratfor’s clientele list, their finances and funding, and their projects and operations. Some of these documents even shed light on the CIA shell-organization CANVAS, which is a corporate funded, globally focused protest organization dedicated to the non-violent overthrow of dictators. This, of course, seems awesome, but when CANVAS has played intrinsic roles in Operation: ARAB SPRING and all of the other Color Revolutions in Ukraine and elsewhere–and when these revolutions are the center of propaganda campaigns in America, AND when the dictators overthrown are exchanged for US-corporate funded, Petrodollar-friendly politicians–it becomes cleverly concealed bullshit.

While this may seem like a small tangent, it’s actually quite important to know these rabbit-holes of research in order to understand the full scope of LulzSec’s history, and what the implications of another incarnation of the group could really be. Monseguer, after the LULZXMAS hack of Stratfor, was outed as an FBI-snitch, and had been one for nearly a year up to that point; meaning that the last half of LulzSec’s career (give or take) was with their leader carefully orchestrating them right into an FBI case-file. All members of the original LulzSec, as well as Jeremy Hammond, have or are now serving jail-time, thanks to Monsegeur, who was merely charged with “time served” while being held before court, and was free to walk after the court hearing. Before becoming an informant, the FBI had a case on Monsegeur with charges on record to put him away for well over 100 years. 

While this line of information is the more well-known aspect of the narrative, an important detail that many have not yet connected is that Monsegeur of LulzSec, was the sole instigator of the Occupy Wallstreet movement, which became mirrored as the Occupy movement in places all around the world. This was seen as a great turning point for the common people at first, but in retrospect, the documentation shows that this was specifically instigated by the FBI (and whoever else) to be able to file a “Scout report” of sorts on the current status of the counter-culture activist. More information on the matter can be read here.

Ultimately, LulzSec began as the spark that the hacker community had never seen before–total anarchism of the internet realm, a necessary deconstruction of a broken system–and the LulzSec hackers where looking classy and having fun doing it. This, however, proved to make the blow that much harder to come back from for the hacktivism culture when it turned out that the spark of life had turned into something closer to a reaper’s scythe after court hearings and sentences, taking many of the great hackers down for the harvest and taking wind from the sails of many aspiring wannabes.

With the “reincarnation” of LulzSec as LULZSEC GLOBAL, Ghost Squad Hackers have chosen some very large shoes to fill. Since the arrest of the original hacker group, the Anonymous/hacktivism scene has become not much more than a laughing-stock that was comprised mainly of teenage pseudo-activism, with authentic activism seeming to be sparsely sprinkled intermittently. With LulzSec Global being only a few days old at the point of this article’s publication, this is very much the initial wave, the calm before the storm.

Presumably, since LulzSec was known for their opposition against mainstream media, LulzSec Global has been created by Ghost Squad Hackers-affiliation in order to disseminate their #OpSilence campaign against the same mainstream. While it is too soon to tell whether LulzSecGB will compare to, or perhaps even surpass its predecessor, this can clearly be taken as a tenacious step towards the revival of the hacktivism community.  

Follow LulzSecGB on Twitter and watch the saga unfold.

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