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Hacker Group Releases Password To NSA’s “Top Secret Arsenal” In Protest Of Trump Betrayal

Last August, the intel world was abuzz following the news that a previously unknown hacker collective, “The Shadow Brokers” had hacked and released legitimate hacking tools from the NSA’s own special-ops entity, the “Equation Group”, with initial speculation emerging that the Russians may have penetrated the US spy agency as suggested by none other than Edward Read More…

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Another Democratic Party Group Hacked: ‘Even Easier Than DNC Breach’

Guccifer 2.0 takes credit for leak of DCCC docs. The hacker or hackers known as Guccifer 2.0 on Friday claimed credit for a new leak of information, this time from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, writing on their blog, “It was even easier than in the case of the DNC breach.” Guccifer 2.0 already claimed Read More…

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Activists Rise to Flint’s Aid Where Government Failed

Lead contaminates the water in Flint, Michigan, and as you’ve probably heard, the state government in conjunction with emergency managers needlessly endangered the lives of every resident in the city by poisoning its water supply with toxic lead — for a savings amounting to about $80 to $100 per day. And while the Flint Water Read More…

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Anonymous Grants Exclusive Interview: #OpIcarus A Call To Action

“We believe the message to the élite is clear: We are coming for you, we are your Karma, we are the Ghosts you have created.” The Last American Vagabond recently had the opportunity to interview the hacker, “s1ege” of the Anonymous-affiliated group, “Ghost Squad,” and participant in the Anonymous collective mass-scale operation taking place for this month of Read More…

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Anonymous Has Declared War on the Banking Cartel: #OpIcarus

For the past couple weeks, Anonymous has engaged in what can easily be considered one of their most entertaining and effective operations, entitled #OpIcarus, and aimed at what can be considered the Globalist Banking network. This operation has been instigated largely by Anonymous sub-groups and correspondents with The Last American Vagabond, Ghost Squad Hackers and LulzSec Read More…

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“LulzBoat” Sets Sail: Anonymous Hacks NSA, CIA, FBI, NASA, & Releases Massive Dox

After such a long wait, the LulzBoat officially set sail once again to pirate the open data waters of the world’s internet servers; this time under the banner: #AntiGovernment. Hacker “Mw@0day” of LulzSec Global produced what should be considered one of the most interesting and relevant hacks of recent time, continuing to ante up to Read More…