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Ghost Squad Hackers Take Down CNN Website

On Saturday of April 16th, the Anonymous collective, Ghost Squad Hackers DDoS’d CNN’s website into oblivion, and remained down until the following day. The group has been in contact with The Last American Vagabond for the month of April so far, and have given us scoops on some of their recent hacks, including a massive dox Read More…

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Ghost Squad Hackers Release Massive Data-Leak From The Israeli Defense Force

The Anonymous faction calling themselves “Ghost Squad Hackers” recently dropped a bomb shell, leaking a data “dox” on over 1,000 high-ranking individuals within the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). The leak includes social media accounts, personal finance information, and even information on a variety of the IDF-members’ families, including over 10,000 emails, and 8,000 phone numbers Read More…

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Anonymous “Ghost Squad Hackers” on a Spree for 2016, and Counting

The Last American Vagabond was recently contacted by Anonymous sect “Ghost Squad Hackers” in what appears to be a continuous correspondence with the alternative media as a whole. Having contacted other outlets about their activities in the recent past, this is the first correspondence that the Vagabond has had with Ghost Squad. Within these correspondence, Read More…

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Anonymous “RedCult” Explains Trump Dox Leak

The Anonymous faction “RedCult” recently released a video further discussing #OpWhiteRose and their activism against presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Last Friday, Anonymous made a press statement stating that they had hacked into Trump’s personal networks and gathered a sizable “dox” (portfolio of personal information dumped onto the internet en-masse). The Last American Vagabond recently released Read More…

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Anonymous leaks Trump’s Social Security Number & Continues to be a Useless Collective

At this point, the people who consider themselves “Anons” need to reach their social-activism-puberty and start doing something helpful with their time and energy. While releasing “dox” (personal documentation online) of Donald Trump’s social security number, et cetera, is hilarious–it’s also an incredible waste of time, and accomplishes literally nothing except adding fuel to the Read More…

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ARAB SPRING and the Business of CIA-funded Revolutions

It’s time to discuss an elephant in the room; one of many that the slept-on WikiLeaks “Global Intelligence Files” has helped to uncover. Within this 5-million email document release, of which many professional and amateur researchers are still sifting through, (and can be publicly viewed online at the network of CIA/Surveillance State shell corporations is Read More…