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Surfers Rescue Baby Whale Stranded In Low Tide [Must See]

Surfers in Costa Rica spent SIX hours tending to a baby whale who was stranded near the beach during low tide.

In recent months, horrendous stories of humans treating wildlife poorly have surfaced. From beachgoers in Argentina killing a baby dolphin for the sake of selfies to a Bulgarian woman assaulting a swan to capture a photo with it, humanity’s darkest side has been exposed.

However, while there may be evil happenings on this planet, plenty of positive ones are taking place, too. This is one of the stories to cherish.

In Costa Rica, two surfers were catching some waves when they saw a strange lump protruding from the water. As they moved closer to the strange object, they began to hear the animal crying out.

One of the surfers, Mauricio Camareno, told the Costa Rica Star

“She was very weak and could not keep afloat.” 

As it turns out, the exhausted baby pilot whale swam too close to shore then became stranded during low tide. Luckily, the surfers abandoned their sport to help the frightened animal.

They carried the pilot whale out to deeper water closer to the sea. Still, she was so weak the group had to hold her near the surface of the water to breathe. For more than SIX hours, the rescuers tended to the whale until she had enough strength to swim away.

Fortunately, their efforts paid off. At high tide, the surfers guided the whale out to deeper waters where she was able to swim away on her own. There is hope for humanity, after all!

Source: http://www.trueactivist.com/surfers-rescue-baby-whale-stranded-in-low-tide-must-see/

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