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Trolling Season: The Reincarnation of “LulzSec” Hackers

Anonymous collective “Ghost Squad Hackers” took another step towards what could be considered as their public-relations, with the creation of the recently announced social media moniker and hacker collective, “LulzSecGB” (LulzSec Global), which began April 20th, 2016. In recent articles, The Last American Vagabond has gone into some detail about the confusion and suspicion that Anonymous Read More…

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Has the American Hacktivist Movement Been Compromised?

In the Alternative News community, it has always been a foundational understanding that the Mainstream Media is a propaganda matrix of information, with an agenda that is backed up by the dollar of corporate America. More and more people in the past few years have woken up to this notion, and stations like FOX, CNN, Read More…

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LulzXmas and the Gift of Full Disclosure

To the benefit of Americans, the term “WikiLeaks” has become something of a household name. Between Assange’s brainchild and the worldwide hacker-collective, Anonymous, it’s most assured that the true gravity of hacktivism, whether known by this term or not, can be felt right down to the average home. Renowned hacker collectives such as Anon or Read More…

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Anonymous: The Last Grasp for American Freedom

From aiding cultural revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt to declaring “political war” on the US shadow government, Anonymous has made quite a reputation for itself since its multinational inception. Through the fiber-optic cables and glass monitors that help create the internet, the amorphous and ever-shifting entity with the face of Guy Fawkes should be considered Read More…