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The Transhumanist Lie

Wikipedia defines transhumanism as “an international and intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing and creating widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.” Transhumanism proposes to take the human race beyond its current physical and mental limitations, even its mortal status, and literally transcend the natural conditions of physical existence.

What are we talking here? A wild-eyed sci-fi fantasy? Delusion of grandiosity? Impossible theoretical  proposal? Transhumanism may be all of that, but it’s also a serious, well-funded project in progress. This project asserts a claim about what can be done to modify and improve the human species (or certain select members of it), the drive to do so, and the demand that doing so must proceed without debate, dissent, protest, or contravention. It insists with militant zeal on doing what it claims can be done. At its utmost, the transhumanist program intends to perfect human life through the technology of prosthetics, genomics, and AI, artificial intelligence. It seeks to release human consciousness from the natural conditions where it emerges. One of its leading proponents, Ray Kurzweil, even proposes immortality in an inorganic matrix, achieved by uploading both the mind and memory of the mortal person into a cybernetic Otherworld.

In short, transhumanism is the cybernetic wet dream par excellence.


The Human Simulacrum

Proponents of transhumanism differ on whether or not uploading the human mind and memory into a cybernetic cloud matrix would entail retention of a body. Does this project make the human organism obsolete, or does it promise a makeover of the natural body, a perfected replica? If embodiment stays on the agenda, the transhumanist aim would then be to transform the human condition by developing and creating widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. a perfect replication of the human form in all its features and faculties. In short, an exact simulacrum that mimics all living functions.

Closely tied to cutting-edge computer-based technology in recent times, the human simulacrum is in reality nothing so new. Simulacra of the human form — or fantasies of it — have been recorded from ancient times. Consider the mythological theme of Galatea, the marble sculpture that turned into a living woman. Pope Sylvester II took advice from a robotic head, and Thomas Aquinas is said to have consulted an animated simulacrum. The electrified monster of Doctor Frankenstein prefigures a humanoid entity composed of recycled body-parts, a secondary fantasy of transhumanism. Philip K. Dick, the pre-eminent science fiction author of the 20th century, treated the theme of simulation in many of his novels. In one novel, Dick presents a replica of Abraham Lincoln so perfect that it cannot be distinguished from a living person. RoboCop glorifies the transhumanist ideal of prosthetic substitution, and The Lawnmower Man, based on a story by Stephen King, depicts human consciousness totally uploaded into cyberspace. In a split-second shot in The Matrix, Neo holds a copy of Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard, a French intellectual who argues that simulation turns the real into “hyperreality.”  The sci-fi theme of takeover by robots initially designed by humans, who become more intelligent than their designers, is well-known from films too numerous to cite.

Popular and literary imagination provide many examples of fantasies that suggest or prefigure the transhumanist project, but that project today is a unique technocratic initiative undertaken by those few with the savvy required to achieve it, and the big bucks to fund it. The two principal themes of this technocratic fantasy are simulation and replication. The perfect simulacrum of the human form, intended to excel  the version that Mother Nature provides, nonetheless has that flawed prototype to work from. To improve and surpass the natural design of human embodiment is the stated goal of transhumanism, but, as a Sufi saying goes. “Counterfeit gold would not exist if there were not real gold somewhere.”  Counterfeit currency is an issuance from nothing, but real currency is defined by what backs it up. So, what backs up the natural design of the human organism? Isn’t it the entirety of nature, and the total arc and momentum of natural evolution originating at the cosmic level?

By contrast, what backs up the transhumanist project to create an immortal robotic humanoid to replace “this mortal coil”? Nothing but the claim that it can be done and the demand that it must be done. Not for the benefit of humanity at large, of course, but in the service of the élite who can afford it. What backs up the transhumanist project is nothing but hubris, pure hype. So far, this project relies totally on AI, artificial intelligence. It banks on the prospect that AI, an invention of the human mind, will in some miraculous way end up more intelligent than its inventor. So goes the hype, anyway.

How many times have you heard that computers and cybernetic devices such as iPhones can do things humans cannot? Too many to count, no doubt. But you are rarely reminded that these gadgets can only do what they do because the human mind designs, programs, constructs, and controls them. Can artificial intelligence exceed and out-perform the genius that produced it? Can AI, the product of human genius, really overwrite and surpass the natural genomic design of the human species? Transhumanism counts on it doing just that. In its ultimate triumph, AI would produce a human similacrum liberated from the conditions of the human species that produced it.

Enter the Archons

Ah, but wait. I just said that AI is the product of human genius. Isn’t there a rumor going around that AI is not a product of the human mind? That it stands as an independent intelligence, a mind of its own? And beyond that, isn’t it a mind that belongs to a non-human and extra-human species, widely considered to be superhuman and extraterrestrial? Specifically, the mind of a species from an advanced civilization elsewhere in the universe? According to the claim initially formulated by Zechariah Sitchin, an advanced ET species called the annunaki engineered the human genome. Many people today are convinced that evidence for this proposition — the Sitchin hypothesis or “slave species” meme — can be found in Sumerian clay tablets as well as in many other ancient texts and archeological sites around the world.

How does the Annunaki/ET/”slave species” meme connect to the transhumanist project?  To the knowledge of this writer, these two hot button topics have not so far been considered side by side.  Nevertheless, it is obvious that alien engineering of the human genome in the remote past would offer a prototype, and perhaps inspiration, for any genetic modifications proposed by the transhumanist elite today. Clear enough, but there is more in this correlation, much more.

AI is the basic factor that connects the Annunaki/ET meme with transhumanism. AI stands forartificial intelligence, but it can also stand for archontic intelligence. In 2002, the year came on line, I introduced the term “archon” into discourse on the internet. In fourteen years, the term has gone viral.  Unfortunately, those who use this term rarely do so in the particular and exacting manner I demonstrated when introducing it, and continue to demonstrate to this day. That is to say, they do not define and develop this term in reference to the source material from which it derives: namely, the Gnostic teachings of the Pagan Mysteries preserved in the Coptic Nag Hammadi Codices (NHC) and Greek and Latin materials such as the polemics of the Church Fathers against the Gnostics.

Using the term “archon” out of context, arbitrarily, and without reference to the master narrative of the Sophianic narrative coming from the Gnostic seers, is a big mistake. But I am not presenting this article to air my grievances on that issue. Rather, I want to illustrate the astonishing power of the Gnostic intel, properly handled, by showing how it exposes the dementia of transhumanism. The deconstructive power of Gnostic intel is tremendous and works its incomparable way in the human mind.  It is a potent corrective to presumption, error, and make-believe.

Almost without exception, those who expostulate on archons today fail to observe the basic profile of those entities found in Gnostic sources. NHC cosmological texts such as On the Origin of the World and The Reality of the Archons describe archons as an extraterrestrial species of hive mentality, a massive swarm of cyborg drones. They appeared in the cosmos before the earth was formed due to a cosmic anomaly: “The world-system you inhabit came about due to a mistake, an anomaly (anamou)” (The Gospel of Philip). The archons constructed the solar system independent of the sun, moon, and earth. In other words, the archons are the engineers of the celestial mechanics of the inorganic planetary system in which, according to the Gnostic seers, the living earth has been captured. Such are some fundamental points of Sophianic cosmology pertaining to the solar system we inhabit.

Boundary Problems

To handle the Gnostic intel correctly, it is imperative to follow the story and observe  the narrative frame of the Sophianic myth or Fallen Goddess Scenario (FGS). The narrative guides investigationof cosmic events. It directs the Q-and-A required for delving into cosmic phenomena, like a compass directs a journey through uncharted territory. Moreover, observing exactly what the Gnostics reported about the archons is crucial: they are not (I repeat) from an advanced civilization in another galaxy, and their proper range of activity is limited to the inorganic regions of our planetary system.  Archons are “blind” — i.e., they lack content-rich sensorial faculties comparable to those of humans and other species in the terrestrial habitat. Instead, they rely on a kind of pseudo-perception based on scanning frequencies. Because their shortwave scanning abilities do not exceed the boundaries of the solar system, the archons erroneously assume that the world-system they detect must be the center and source of all creation, with nothing else beyond it. Captured in this illusion, their overlord, called Iadabaoth (Demiurge, Yahweh, Jehovah), declares himself to be the sole and supreme creator-god. Yahweh is a reptilian-type archon (Greek drakona,NHC II, 4), who oversees the archontic horde of cyborgs which display a neonate anatomy,resembling an aborted or premature fetus: large domed head and long, spindly limbs. (Premature fetus: Coptic houhe, NHC II, 5). Gnostic materials in Coptic and Greek indicate both types and the master-slave dynamic pertaining to them.

Gnostic intel says explicitly what the archons are not. They are not more intelligent or powerful than the human species.  They are not our creators,  and they do not rule over us, although they seek to trick us into thinking they do. Their influence depends in imposing  the illusion of exerting power they do not really command — the Oz Factor, Gnostically defined. Even their capacity to construct the solar system is illusory. The galactic goddess Sophia, who produced them by accident, conferred cosmic creative abilities upon them and allowed them to take those powers for their own. Sophia then directed them to construct the mechanical inorganic system of planets as a virtual model (stereoma, badly translated by scholars as “firmament, heavens”) of the fractal kaleidoscopic matrix of the Pleroma, the galactic core. She did so to provide them with a habitat where they could occupy themselves as worker drones under the reptilian slave master, Yahweh, described by the Gnostics as a demented alien with the temperament of a psychopathic killer. The archons are dangerous and their intrusion upon the human species can be lethal, more due to causing humankind to destroy itself in a self-induced delusional frenzy, than by frontal attack.


The Gnostics warned that the archons do not respect their proper cosmic boundaries. The alien overlord in particular “did not obey the place from which he came” (NHC II, I.12). The ET cyborgs are intruders who attempt to violate natural boundaries. They wish to inhabit the earth, but cannot, for various reasons: the biosphere does not support their cybernetic organization, and oxygen is toxic to them.  To claim the earth they would have to convert the breathable atmosphere into a thick mist of formaldehyde. They are messengers of deceit who affect humanity through error, misattribution, and projections, while they fuel themselves on the emotion of fear produced in human beings who fall under their strategies of mind control and parasitism. They are mind parasites who operate principally through two weapons, religious ideology and HAL, the Coptic word for “simulation, virtual reality.”

How does this profile of the archons relate to transhumanism? Well, for one thing, the two main archontic weapons reported in Gnostic intel, religious ideology and virtual reality, combine in transhumanism. In the Gnostic perspective, transhumanism can be defined as a religious ideology, posing as scientific, that seeks to simulate the human organism with the aim of replacing it. The technocratic elite of today who use AI to strive for this aim are themselves blind instruments of archontic intelligence. Analyzed along lines consistent with the Gnostic intel, transhumanism is not a human-based initiative at all. Is an alien agenda implanted in the human mind by archontic parasites.  Although it is still an activity undertaken by human beings, those who promote and develop it do so in the service of a non-human mindset. The ultimate trick of the archons would be to have us phase ourselves out of biological existence by pursuing the delusional ideal of perfection.

Genetic Engineering

A Gnostic living today would assert that the transhumanist agenda is a “foreign installation” of the archons, whose supreme trickery is to replace natural humans by humanoid simulacra they can remote-control. Only by such a subterfuge could they invade the earth,  which is out of bounds to them as a permanent residence. The term “foreign installation” comes from Carlos Casteñeda who described weird bat-like entities, the flyers, or mud shadows. These spooky critters are archontic spectres able to flit in and out of the atmosphere, hovering at the borderline of stable perception. NHC texts such as The Apocryphon of John say that archons can shape shift, but that capacity is tenuous. It does not satisfy that ultimate drive that causes archons to attack the human species: envy (Greek phthonos). They want to be like us, or get us to become like them, and destroy us in the process, either way. To triumph over humanity, archons use deception. They traffic in lies.  The Gnostically profiled ETs match the chitauri of Credo Mutwa and the annunaki of Sitchin, the Grey ETs of Whitley Strieber, Greer, Icke, et al. The seers of the Mysteries warned that the archons lie — and do nothing but lie. They do not even trifle with disinformation, mixing some truth with the lies. Everything they say is a lie. That is the explicit Gnostic warning.

One of their biggest lies is the claim that they have genetically engineered the human species, or intervened in its genetics. The Reality of the Archons describes how the archons attempted to plant their seed in Eve, but failed: “And she laughed at them for their witlessness, and their blindness; and within reach of their clutches, she turned into a tree, and left before them a shadowy reflection of herself.” Thereafter they corrupted the reflection, the iconic image of woman (called “Sarkic Eve”), to deceive the world into thinking they had succeeded (NHC, II, 4.89).

This passage demonstrates occult knowledge acquired by expert seers and parapsychologists capable of accessing the supernatural and correctly assessing what they  discovered there. The “rape of Eve” is a mythological trope for intervention into human genetics by alien entities. The Gnostic intel flatly denies that the annunaki/archons succeeded, but they did possess a simulacrum (Greek eikon, “image, virtual replica”) modeled on the glorious form of the human female. (For an ugly, corrupted reflection of woman, an archontic icon of the feminine, see Lady Gaga.) They use the eikon/replica as a projection into human minds to convince the world that they control our genetics. Apparently, they succeeded in that ruse to some degree. Today, the technocratic elite believe they can perfect the human species through AI-based genetic engineering.

Failing to rape Eve, the archons fabricated an iconic substitution, consistent with their talent for HAL, virtual reality. The lie of substitution is a master con game of the archon mind-parasites. It is also the foundational presumption of transhumanism. The claim to be able to replicate the human form given by nature, and perfect it, and even take control of the entire process of genetic evolution, thus achieving artificial reproduction of the human species — such is the hallmark of transhumanism. It is also the signature of the archons, their GMO logo applied to the human species.

The Gnostic Warning

I have pointed out many times that Gnostic scholars who have no first-hand experience of the supernatural, and do not engage in any discipline of experimental mysticism, cannot possibly know what they are translating when they handle the  arcane materials in the Nag Hammadi Codices. Their errors in translation are extremely troubling. For instance,  the Greek word telos, “aim, objective, purpose, end,” has the adjectival form teleios, usually rendered “perfect, perfected” by the expert scholars. But this translation is seriously misleading. Among themselves in the cells of the Mystery Schools, Gnostics called each other telestai, “those who are aimed, who share a designated purpose.” Singular, telestes. What determined their common aim (telos) was the Sophianic myth, the vision story of the planetary wisdom goddess known today as Gaia. The sacred narrative aimed them toward transcendent goals.

Gnostics did not consider themselves to be perfect, nor did they seek perfection.  Teleios should be rendered “ultimate, paramount, the peak example, the best you can do”. It ought not in any respect be equated with the demented ideal of perfection that informs transhumanism. The Gnostic initiates did not aspire to such an ideal, but certain ancient people did. The Dead Sea Scrolls reveal the tap root of the transhumanist drive for perfection beyond what Mother Nature (Sophia) herself can demonstrate. The Zaddikim sect of the ancient Hebrews had an outpost above the Dead Sea at Qumram. The name of the sect derives from the Hebrew word zaddik (variations tzaddik, zaddiq), “the righteous, the perfect, supreme, above all others.” Zaddik implies a standard better than human and superior to nature, above terrestrial evolution. This term is the source of the master race ideology of Judaic religion.

“The Judaic summons to perfection” (as cultural critic George Steiner called it) inflamed the alienated minds of the Qumram sectarians whose political goal was to overthrow Roman occupation of Palestine (explained at length in Part One of Not in His Image). The militant-mystical cult of the Dead Sea followed the lead of Talmudic Jews who claimed in ancient times (and still claim) to be “the righteous, perfected ones, above the human standard.” As such, they hold themselves apart from and higher than the rest of humanity, above “the Goyim”, a term that includes all non-Jewish nations, races, ethnicities. In short, the Zaddikim are the original racist supremacists.

Unique to Jewish religion, this concept of zaddik asserts that its exemplars belong to a different race, an Elohistic species. These are not my claims or mere presumptions about Jews or Rabbinical and Talmudic doctrines. They have been asserted countless times by exponents of the supremacist ideology of Judaism. For example, consider the declaration of Rabbi Schneerson (1902 – 94), lead rabbi of the Lubavitcher movement, and close advisor to many presidents and heads of state: “The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: ‘Let us differentiate.’ Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather, we have a case of ‘let us differentiate’ between totally different species.”

What does this touchy religious issue that verges on “anti-semitism” have to do with transhumanism?The Gnostic intel on the archons includes an explicit warning:

Ialdabaoth [the reptilian overlord] himself chose a certain man named Abraham from among the nations, and made a covenant with him, to the effect that, if his seed continued to serve him, the Archons would give to them the earth for an inheritance. Afterwards, by means of Moses, Ialdabaoth brought forth Abraham’s descendants from Egypt, and gave them the law, and made them the Jews.

This citation comes from Irenaeus Against Heresies, Book One, Ch. 30, section 10.  Other Greek/Coptic materials present ample passages warning that the Jews of the zaddik mindset are proxies of the archons. “Jerusalem is the dwelling place of many archons” (The First Apocalypse of James, NHC V, III).

What is the implication of this association between zaddik and transhumanism? Are Jews principally executing the transhumanist project? No, although they certainly have an influential if not dominant hand in it. And more than enough money to fund it. But the Gnostic intel goes deeper than guilt by association. It exposes the archontic factor behind Abrahamic religion, right to the core. Recall that the two main weapons of the archons are HAL, simulation, and “religious ideology.” The question is,  Which religious ideology in particular serves the archontic agenda?

In Not in His Image I deconstruct the “Palestinian redeemer complex,” the template for the salvationist program common to the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Zaddikite ideology comprises a lethal package of race supremacy (“Chosen Ones”), messianic expectation, physical resurrection (totally rejected by the Gnostic seers), and divine retribution enacted in a planet-wide holocaust event, Judgement Day. This four-point program is also the tap-root of global terrorism. This horrific religious ideology comes to humanity from the archon mind, compliments of their main proxies, those particular Jews who embrace zaddik. Transumanism comes from the identical source. It is another expression of the “summons to perfection” .

The Gnostic warning specifies the pact declared by the archons to Abraham: your seed shall inherit the earth. This deal is, of course, the same one glorified in Judaic religion, giving Jews the elevated status of “Chosen Ones” with special claims on real estate.  But the archons always lie. Their promise was a flagrant lie: the earth was not theirs to offer. Thus they duped the Zaddikim faction whom they adopted as proxies to mind control humanity through religion. In the end, the archons are poised to destroy their would-be accomplices along with the Goyim. The same applies for transhumanism, the technocratic expression of zaddik. It purports to perfect humanity by destroying it. Along that route, those particular Jews who embrace this demented plan risk having the Goyim of all nations turn against them, thus  destroying their precious race. Jewish fanatics of racial supremacy are the architects of their own worst nightmare.

Under Gnostic analysis, the twisted syntax of the transhumanist lie becomes clear: achieve an immortal embodiment and stay on earth, or dissolve into disembodiment, abandoning the planet. This pathological split might be regarded as the ultimate case of cognitive dissonance that informs the delusion common to zaddik-controlled Jews and transhumanists alike. Ultimately, technocratic hubris and religious supremacy merge into a single strain of full-blown insanity. Those who seek to dominate the earth must lose their place on it.

The simple truth is, the children of Sophia, the anthropine species, belong to the earth, and it is their responsibility to protect it from predators and parasites, both alien and domestic.


Zen Gardner
I have questions. Life is wonderful–full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold. My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you …just wondering.

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