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How Humanity Could Become Impossible To Propagandize

I’ve been writing a lot about how the ability to control public narratives is the only real power in this world, and how the need of the ruling elites to wield that power explains everything from the feigned panic about “Russian propaganda” to Wikipedia’s bizarre editing policies to why Joy Reid still has a job. In my opinion it is Read More…

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How To Stop World War 3 – An Asymmetrical Response

World War 3 has already begun. How the history books describe the beginning will depend on how it ends. How it ends will depend on how the public reacts to the shockwaves to come. This cannot be predicted, but it can be influenced. Any time the ruling class gets an inkling that we the people Read More…

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The Sixth Extinction: The Human Asteroid

“When we try to pick out anything by itself we find that it is bound fast by a thousand invisible chords that cannot be broken, to everything in the universe.”  John Muir Throughout the history of the planet, there have been five previous major mass extinction events; from the Ordovician Silurian 450 million years ago, Read More…

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The Anthropocene Is Here: Humanity Has Pushed Earth Into a New Epoch

The epoch is thought to have begun in the 1950s, when human activity set global systems on a different trajectory. The Anthropocene Epoch has begun, according to a group of experts assembled at the International Geological Congress in Cape Town, South Africa this week. After seven years of deliberation, members of an international working group Read More…

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The Prison Industrial Complex: We Are Number One, Just Not In The Way We Think

With every election cycle comes a surge of over-patriotic sensationalism designed to engage the voters and make those who choose not to wear an american flag ensemble while waving three banner and shouting “were number one!” feel as if they are somehow not American enough. Now this is not to disparage patriotism, I love this Read More…