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The Head of Operation Warp Speed & The Gates Foundation Are Pushing BioElectronics & Vaccine Patches

To understand the goals of Operation Warp Speed we must understand Dr. Moncef Slaoui and his connections to Big Pharma and the Gates Foundation.

In mid-May, Donald Trump announced he was appointing Dr. Moncef Slaoui, a former executive with vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline, to lead Operation Warp Speed, the public-private partnership launched by the Trump administration to rapidly develop and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Slaoui was a Professor of Immunology at the University of Mons, Belgium. Slaoui earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Immunology from the University Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium and completed postdoctoral studies at Harvard Medical School and Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston.

Following his education, Slaoui joined the pharmaceutical industry, serving on the board of Directors of GlaxoSmithKline between 2006 through 2015. Slaoui served in several senior research & development (R&D) roles with GlaxoSmithKline during his time with the company, including Chairman of Global Vaccines.

More recently, Slaoui sits on the boards of several pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology organizations. In 2016, Slaoui was appointed to the Board of Directors of Moderna Therapeutics, a biotech company that is leading the way for messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics and vaccines. Moderna is also developing one of the COVID-19 vaccines which might be administered to the public.

When Slaoui was appointed to head Operation Warp Speed critics noted the conflicts of interest related to him leading the effort to develop a COVID-19 vaccine while holding stock in two of the leading vaccine manufacturers. Slaoui said he would sell his Moderna stock worth a reported $12 million and resign from the board of directors. However, in a recent interview Slaoui said he was keeping around $10 million of stock in his former company, GlaxoSmithKline, calling the shares his “retirement.”

ProPublica also reported that although Slaoui committed to donating any increase in the value of his holdings to the National Institutes of Health”, Slaoui’s contract with the government specifies that the donation “may occur on the last death of the employee and his or her spouse.” Slaoui is currently 61 years old. This means Slaoui will profit off of his shares – and the COVID-19 vaccines – for the rest of his life.

Another conflict involves federal laws that require government officials to reveal personal financial records and divest from companies related to their work. Slaoui would not take the job under those conditions and instead was hired as a contractor. This move allows Slaoui to operate under different ethical and financial rules.

Bioelectronics and Pharmacovigilance

The criticisms about Slaoui’s involvement in OWS go well beyond financial conflicts of interest, however. One other area of concern is the fact that several of the companies connected to Slaoui are involved in the emerging field of bioelectronics. Slaoui is currently partner at MediciX investment firm, chairman of the board at Galvani Bioelectronics, chairman of the board at SutroVax and sits on the boards of Artisan Biosciences, Human Vaccines Project and the aforementioned Moderna Therapeutics. 

Galvani Bioelectronics was formed out of an agreement with Verily Life Sciences LLC (formerly Google Life Sciences), an Alphabet company, and GSK. The goal is to “enable the research, development and commercialisation of bioelectronic medicines.” Bioelectronic medicine is a relatively new research field focused on tackling chronic diseases by using “miniaturised, implantable devices that can modify electrical signals that pass along nerves in the body, including irregular or altered impulses that occur in many illnesses”. GSK has been active in this field since 2012 and has stated that chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and asthma could potentially be treated using these devices.

GSK called the partnership an important step in their research of bioelectronics. GSK stated that if they are successful at using “advances in biology and technology” to “correct the irregular patterns found in disease states, using miniaturised devices attached to individual nerves”, this method would be a “new therapeutic modality alongside traditional medicines and vaccines.”

Galvani’s plan to use miniature implantable devices within the body was described by MIT Technology Review as “hacking the nervous system.” In 2016, Slaoui said“We hope to have approval and be in the marketplace in the next seven to 10 years. It’s not science fiction. And it’s progressing quite well.”

Slaoui’s connection to Galvani Bioelectronics and their implantable devices feeds into public fears regarding the potential for COVID-19 vaccines to involve some sort of tracking mechanism which allows the authorities to monitor the vital signs and location of patients. As Whitney Webb has reported, Slaoui recently stated the U.S. government will partner with Google and Oracle to monitor vaccine recipients for up to two years. These “incredibly precise . . . tracking systems” will ensure that patients each get two doses of the same vaccine and to monitor them for adverse health effects.” Webb also noted that a New York Times interview with Slaoui referred to this “tracking system” as a “very active pharmacovigilance surveillance system.”

The Gates Foundation-Funded Vaccine Nanopatch

Slaoui’s favorite philanthropist Bill Gates also has a history of funding Vaxxas, a biotech firm focused on developing a vaccine patch which could eventually deliver a COVID-19 vaccine.

On October 5th, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) awarded Vaxxas $22 million to conduct phase 1 studies using their high density micro-array patch (HD-MAP) to deliver a “pandemic influenza vaccine” to more than 400 people. The press release announcing the deal noted that Vaxxas has developed a “compact manufacturing system” aimed at delivering more than 250 million vaccine doses per year.

The announcement also states that “Vaxxas is actively investigating opportunities to improve performance of other pandemic vaccines including against COVID-19.” Additionally, Vaxxas CEO David Hoey recently stated that the device could “make many more doses more quickly in a pandemic response.” These statements may indicate that Vaxxas’ patch could be used as a method to administer an eventual COVID-19 vaccine as part of the Operation Warp Speed vaccination efforts.

The Vaxxas “Nanopatch” includes a “9-by-9 mm array of thousands of very short projections around 250 microns in length.” These projections are “coated with vaccine” and reportedly deliver vaccines more efficiently than a needle and syringe. The patch comes in a “hockey-puck-shaped applicator” that is pressed on the skin to deliver the vaccine.

Vaxxas was founded in 2011 to market the Nanopatch and has since licensed the Nanopatch technology to pharmaceutical company Merck, as well as partnered with the World Health Organization and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Indeed, in November 2016, the Gates Foundation awarded $4.4 million to Vaxxas for the development of a “Nanopatch microarray patch technology for the delivery of measles rubella vaccine.” In March of this year, the Gates Foundation gave Vaxxas another $5 million to conduct human clinical trials using the Vaxxas patch for the measles and rubella vaccine.

The nanopatch is based on technology originally developed by Professor Mark Kendall’s research group at the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at The University of Queensland. Professor Kendall is also the CEO of WearOptimo, a company which markets “microwearable devices”. Kendall is also listed as an “Agenda Contributor” with the World Economic Forum, the international organization behind the promotion of The Great Reset. The WEF site notes that Kendall contributed to “biolistics technology”, a specific set of gene editing sometimes known as a “gene gun” or biolistic particle delivery system to deliver DNA vaccines. Kendall’s vaccine delivery system “fires” micro-particulate vaccines into the skin at 1500 miles per hour.

Will Operation Warp Speed End in Disaster?

While the U.S. government, military, and pharmaceutical companies collaborate on a rushed COVID-19 vaccine, more Americans are beginning to question the safety and purpose of Operation Warp Speed. In the last 9 months it has become clear that nearly every aspect of OWS – and the fight against COVID-19 in general – involves financing from the Gates Foundation. The biotech and pharmaceutical companies working with the Gates Foundation are increasingly focused on the promotion of biosensors and patches, wearable technology, and implantables.

When President Trump first announced the appointment of Dr. Moncef Slaoui he also promised Americans the first 100 million doses of vaccine would arrive in October, followed by hundreds of millions more doses in December and January. As the deadline quickly approaches, Americans are left wondering if the influence of Big Pharma and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a sign that they should join the growing chorus of people who say they will not voluntarily sign up for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Derrick Broze
Derrick Broze
Derrick Broze, a staff writer for The Last American Vagabond, is a journalist, author, public speaker, and activist. He is the co-host of Free Thinker Radio on 90.1 Houston, as well as the founder of The Conscious Resistance Network & The Houston Free Thinkers.

18 Replies to “The Head of Operation Warp Speed & The Gates Foundation Are Pushing BioElectronics & Vaccine Patches

  1. I think the most likely sequence of events here is that the typical needle-based vaxxes will roll out in late 2020 and early 2021. They will run into logistical issues due to the need for refrigeration and personnel since administered injection by the public isn’t possible. This will lead to shortages, gaps, and a “disaster” in the sense that the unthinking vaccine-clamoring public will get angry that they can’t get their vax easily.

    My guess is that by late 2021 the microneedle array patches will arrive to the “rescue.” This is because the patches don’t require refrigeration, can be mailed via fedex/UPS, and can be self-administered. People will love the patches since they are painless and easy. After the patches gain acceptance, the subsquent generations will eventually be loaded up with luciferase quantum-dots that enable easy scanning at public checkpoints. See the MIT link below. You can use an iPhone with an optical filter to scan people’s skin to verify which vaxxes they have received and if they are “up to date” with the latest injection.

    1. Very astute. Time will tell and may prove you right.
      Thank you for putting forth some reasonable, referenced speculation without bogging the comment down with opinion and emotion.

      1. You’re very welcome. I must give credit where it is due. I came across this thesis in one of Anthony Patch’s videos, which is an ironic name given the subject matter. He does very deep analysis of the science such as what are in the injections, how do they work, and the cellular biology. This is similar to how TLAV does excellent granular analysis of the numbers, swamp creature names, companies, governments. I am seeking provable analysis on everything I look at.

        I must warn anyone before they venture into Anthony Patch’s videos… he injects his videos, pun intended, with biblical interpretation now and then. I am no bible thumper and am able to focus on the parts of his analysis I need and ignore the rest if I chose to do so. I say that because I worry that some non-believers will ignore his work because of his religious slant. I am a firm believer of not throwing the baby out with the water 🙂

    2. I was literally going to come here and mention Anthony Patch’s work, but i see that someone beat me to it already. He’s really done a lot of in-depth explanations of the micro-needle array, on par nerd-wise with the TLAV community, and i think your hunch is exactly like mine. For a group of control freak sociopaths that literally want to control everything on earth down to the human being itself, who clearly are showing their hand that they controlled this whole plandemic, it doesn’t make any lick of sense that they don’t have these vaccine options lined up and ready to roll. Logistically it becomes a nightmare to have to refrigerate, house and administer traditional vials, and since most haven’t even heard of this micro needle delivery system its poised to be this “amazing new innovation” that they can spin when the time comes. I always found it fishy that they were so public about the trials of these vaccines, many of them not going as well as the various companies would have liked. I’m sure everyone here knows how much they do all for the show of it… so i got one eyebrow up at these traditional delivery methods for the vaccine solution. However the micro-needle option is my bet, especially considering all the DARPA connected work/tech that the whole Hydragel model is based off of. It just makes the most sense since its so open-ended for all kinda of delivery system “updates” in the future.

  2. Dearest Derrick,

    From your second to last Paragraph, “While the U.S. government, military, and pharmaceutical companies collaborate on a rushed COVID-19 vaccine, more Americans are beginning to question the safety and purpose of Operation Warp Speed.”

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see that your link has anything to do with “more Americans”, North, South, or Central, questioning the safety and/or purpose of the latest Warped Operation. Not only that, but, IMO, Reuters is a dubious source, CNN, which has less than no credibility, is quoted, and the “story” concludes with, “Brazil has the second deadliest outbreak of the coronavirus, after the United States, with more than 154,000 killed.”

    Really?! You quoted a “story” with THAT bullsh!t statistic?!?! Which also had nothing to do with supporting your claim that more Americans are beginning to question the safety and purpose of Operation Warped Speed????

    Currently I’m working retail so I have daily contact with quite a few random people. Fortunately (for my sanity), the majority of these people do not “buy the bullsh!t”, and a significant number of them defy my store’s request (on behalf of the state’s tyrannical governor) that they wear a mask. Sometimes the store and customer are not so busy and we can chat. So far, exactly zero of them have ever heard of Operation Warp Speed, and about half of them are unaware of Bill Gates and his Microchip Everybody project.

    I try not to go to Houston often, but my store does get significant traffic from people from there, so it isn’t like you and I have contact with people on different planets (California and New York, for example ;). IDK why you used that link, but it puts the rest of your story, and you too, in doubt.

    Kindest regards,


    PS Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.
    Albert Einstein

  3. Awesome digging Derrick!
    These plutocrats aren’t concerned with the hippocratic oath. Lunatic eugenisists fixated on the mechanical interpretation of life. As if we are fixed somas instead of creative beings that continually interact with our environment. But they won’t let us. They seek to sever everything that makes us human. You guys and gal are doing such wonderful work to help wake people up. It boggles the mind that anyone (not involved directly in the agenda) would fight your message.
    I thought this a good piece:


  4. Rocco Galati a constitutional lawyer in Toronto Canada has launched a lawsuit against the various government players for masks lock downs and a possible mandatory vaccine and he has included the alleged microchip in the vaccines in the lawsuit. Since this is proven by your work and others Derrick you might like to contact Mr. Galati on this issue. Operation warp speed with connection to the military and CIA along with the Chinese Army involved in the vaccine for covid 19 makes one wonder what the rush is to vaccinate people . Is it because the vaccine will include a trackable microchip connecting all to being monitored? We know that microchips have been put in people unknowingly and against their knowledge or consent and since such manioulation by the world government’s and a push for a vaccine has been going on for months is the Great Reset include monitored citizens chipped without the true nature of the microchip known and any nefarious reasons hidden?

    The fact the CIA US military and Chinese military are connected to the covid 19 vaccine my guess other countries military are involved too so it’s looking very shady. I hope citizens will wake up and realize that this is espionage stuff attached to a vaccine that they have tried to fear people into taking. Why???!

    The goal posts on the vaccine have changed from its the only hope to stop covid 19 to now it might lessen symptoms. How come you would need to lessen symptoms to a virus with no or mild symptoms? Doesn’t make sense so what is the true nature of this vaccine????

    Time to demand an answer and since it appears the CIA has been protecting crooked criminals what else are they doing???!?

    1. I think your insights are pretty keen. And I am sure the endeavor to push this sits above the militaries of both the US and China, which is why, like you said, they are both involved in pushing this out so fast. As we know from the Daily Wrap-Ups and many other sources from Derrick and Whitney, there is nothing to vaccinate against since no novel SARS-Cov2 has been isolated properly yet (if ever), so the question then remains, why?

      Tracking is a major reason no doubt, but they already do this pretty well through phones, watches, cars, iPads, street cams etc. Obviously this isn’t 100% pervasive at the moment, but i think the rosh to vaccinate has 2 bigger implications other than tracking. 1) Sterility. Its no secret they are constantly reminding us of the ridiculous idea that we’re overpopulated, and that “family planning, contraceptives, and vaccines” would make for effective ways to combat this “problem”… so I see them getting to jab some mystery juice into the arm of everyone on earth under a false pretense as a prime way to selectively, digitally, or even AI-style heaven forbid, choose who stays and who doesn’t… I imagine infertility to skyrocket after this becomes widespread. Its kinda loosely the backstory of the movie Children of Men anyway, if the narrative remains that a “virus” caused this disease and not the vaccine itself. 2)Bio-technical connection to the blockchain-based economic followup to this whole pandemic thing. With people like Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum chiming how wonderful an opportunity this is for a “great reset” and with many of us knowing this was coming for decades, this whole year just seems like a trojan horse for a global financial reshuffling. Getting people on board with accepting an implantable device for their money has too many “biblical” implications… despite the fact that i believe this is exactly what they are prepping us all for. However getting people to accept an implantable piece of technology for health reasons, especially to “prevent the spread of a deadly virus” *gasp* is way more plausible for the average joe to accept, worldwide. So the tracking comes as a nice bonus I think, but the real juice in that stuff is to limit population both genetically, and financially/economically.

      You’re on it that the cia and others are connected, but I think we’re way past demanding answers.. and into the “run for cover” phase of things. All about personal autonomy and family sustainability, and less about waking up the masses. Those who are meant to wake up are already doing so, and other will join no doubt, but it ain’t gonna be most people, imo.

  5. Very good comments here. There is definitely a transfer of wealth going on at the moment so what really is the end goal witth the vaccine and a rush to produce it when yes we have seen from many reports that covid 19 virus has never been isolated and the test they use is flawed and the amplification cycle threshold picks up fragments of any infection. In fact the CDC has noted that they could not get the virus to infect human tissue when they brought together 37 scientists to test this.. So what is the point of faking a virus that is supposedly deadly? Then rushing to make a vaccine. The angle on sterilization is interesting as vaccines linked to Gates were causing sterilization in Africa supposedly. Population control could be a reason. The second to bring in a great reset which sounds like communism hidden in a fantasy of being happy and a Stepford family home with all modern technological conveniences is also plausible and even though the CIA FBI notary can track you through phones watches Vera’s everywhere including satellites that can do through the wall spying the implantable chip is far more better at tracking since not everyone has phones or certain watches. Also cell phones get cut off all the time even 911 emergency doesn’t work in many places. So the angle of implantable tracking device to track even in the forest or mountains does have its advantages.

    Thus the big question remains…why the rush to vaccinate why is the CIA and military involved why would the country of Canada want to buy a vaccine from China with the Chinese notary involved and jab it into their citizens . China a communist dictator country with massive human rights abuses. Quite shady indeed. Also where has the massive amount of money to fund vaccines gone when this virus has never been isolated. What’s the money really being used for?

    In my opinion Dr. Anthony Fauci has screwed Trump. He knew if many ways to deal with covid 19 virus but instead gave Trump wrong health advice to lock down then mask up. Then blames Trump for the high deaths. Did people know Faucis wife supported Hillary Clinton this my guess Biden too. So is Dr. Anthony Fauci ba political doctor who screwed Trumps election by withholding sound medical advice thereby screwing the American people and their health . Those are interesting questions. The CDC appears to have played along with Fauci too. Dr. Scott Atlas is following the science and decades upon decades of viruses.. Dr. Fauci should have stated what Dr. Atlas says months ago. Why didn’t he and instead brought in masks that are the dumbest idea for respiratory viruses. Common sense proves this. Put aside fear and think carefully on masking up your source of breathing which is necessary for your cells and body functions. Stay tuned for more Alzheimer dementia case too.. Save one person and kill 10 and make 1000 suffer needlessly. That sums up the approach to this covid 19 virus. At least Sweden and South Dakota followed the science and past experience of viruses. A lesson to the world.

    So let’s be informed. Appears the flu shot is making nurses sick in Texas that they were forced to have the shot. What’s in the flu shot? Back in 2009 prior to the H1N1 swine flu pandemic the flu shot was killing people. Hmm what was in that vaccine?

    But somehow I think this covid 19 vaccine is very special. Why? Because of the psycho leaders like in Australia or New Zealand or France and Italy again doing it. Why on earth would they go full throttle with psycho lock downs Bringing in the military to push people into their homes which is bad health advice or arresting people not wearing masks which are not proven to work but will let prisoners out of jail. Pretty dumb behaviour so something is up here. None of it makes sense and it’s time people start looking at everything and questioning it.

    Do your homework and never let these psychos step on your toes and hurt your health.

  6. Before anyone comes on to blast about the statement it’s a fake deadly virus this statement doesn’t mean that there is no virus. Of course there is but there are also 20 to 30 unknown viruses that circulate along with the named ones and it’s the health measures that turned viruses deadly. Isolation lack of sunshine and exercise forced vaccines fixation on a killer virus ignoring other factors fear and panic causing breathing issues pneumonias being treated wrong and witholding medications like HCQ . Then the incentive to label everything covid 19 as a death because it generated more money based on a flawed test. These are the issues that created fear and panic ignoring the true facts with the main stream media being at the forefront of this fear mongering that heightened the problems. Time for accountability and truth. Dr. Scott Atlas is being truthful. He is focusing on the right way to handle it. If H1N1 was counted the same way as covid 19 same amount of deaths. We did not shut the world down with H1N1. We did not throw billions into pain and suffering . Good hygiene along with a few feet of distance is all that’s necessary. Hugs and kisses with loved ones cannot be interfered with. This is the worst health advice you could ever give out to isolate for months on end. What a disaster oif the true meaning of life . For this the health experts should hang their heads in shame. Time for them to learn lessons from the early spring and not repeat them. Appears though they are following the same deadly path in many places. In stead of quarantine the healthy take the funds to provide homecare to our seniors living in their own places. Provide proper attention in Long term care homes where our seniors get one on one care including fresh air and sunshine. Provide vitamin D and K for those deficient and look at ways that you failed the first time in protecting the vulnerable. And let the younger healthy population live including the elderly whho enjoyed cruises for their health and going to warmer climates during the winter.

    With respect to the rushed vaccine how come China is storing citizens DNA and is the people testing for covid 19 having their DNA stored? Again good questions based on strange occurences happening.

  7. Why is Washington DC trying to pass a law that children over 11 can consent to a vaccination so that would mean they would vaccinate your child while at school without your knowledge or consent. Does that sound strange to you. Does that make you question the motives of the government in a free country like America. What is so important to vaccinate people who have little or no symptoms and not much different then the annual flu when it’s a stronger strain.

    Apparently two years ago 94000 died in England and Wales in the month of January from the flu.
    So why all the commotion for covid 19? None of this makes sense so then is something sinister in that vaccine. A reasonable person will ask that question. Especially parents if someone gives your child a vaccine against your wishes and tries to brain wash your child using fear to allow them to vaccinate them. This is a constitutional issue that shouldn’t even be happening anywhere in the Western world. This is a communist country human rights violation.

    The government better pull up their pants in our free world. We don’t like communism creeping into our lives and your a mockery if you try that.

    You may have cameras everywhere track using cell phones and other electronics and use satellites to track our movements but when it comes to our bodies its hands off and get lost

  8. Yeah Warp Speed has zero to do with the European Economic Forum, WHO, Fauci or the Gates Foundation. Trump 8s fighting against that mess!!!

  9. Big Pharma has their dirty hands in this covid 19 mess. I wonder if Trump didn’t push HCQ would it have been banned and fake trials done like the Lancet that was a fraud study and they got caught. Italy and across the wod were using HCQ and zinc and azithromycin with good results. Then came Trump saying it’s a game changer and boom the controversy starts. To me this was political maneuver by Democratic states to ban HCQ. To hurt Trump and thus the American people. How could the Lancet and WHO accept a trial where a fraud company was used with sketchy characters involved. This fact should wake people up to what has really gone on. When has doctors been stopped from prescribing well known drugs to their patients. This has never happened before. The government’s have given vast amounts of money away to make a vaccine but refused to listen to doctors who were having success with HCQ. They put people on ventilators when 85 to 90% were dying and doctors warned that ventilators were not the right course. Can people learn to look at events and use common sense as to what doesn’t make sense. Don’t accept what your told without second opinions without researching and what common sense dictates.
    I don’t get any fear from a vaccine that could contain a microchip. I simply refuse to take it. Quarantine camps do not bother me. I say take advantage of them if your homeless or if you travel. Let the government pay for two weeks quarantine . They mandated it so let them pay for it. Put me up in first class. I would love the homeless to be found housing and provided the necessities of life . Let the government take care of them. We can only do so much to help them.

    Contact tracing makes no sense. It can. be a week or more behind so the more you trace the more you overload the system needlessly while people have already transmitted the virus. Edward Snowden stated the same with all the data they were collecting for Homeland security. The money should be.going to the poor the vulnerable. To protect them. Lockdowns do not solve the spread. Only delays it as you cant have everyone stay inside forever. The vaccine could take longer than expected and cause catastrophic problems because it’s rushed. Lock downs have already caused untold harm to the world including making the poor poorer food shortages and malnutrition. This is not called solving a problem. This is not called stopping deaths. It’s creating more suffering and death to both the young and old. This is not an opinion it is fact.

    The Great Reset to me seems like a dream of the Elite that can’t come to fruition if the greater population refuses. They might want that but they can’t always get what they want. Money doesn’t always buy everything so let them dream on.

  10. Is there massive fraud going on with respect to covid 19 testing. That is the value of reading comments of others. It makes you think. The UK is apparently completing 320000 tests per day. If the tests work out to 100 pound per test that is 32 million pounds a day and 224 million a week.

    Yet according to many taking pictures of the test centres in the UK they are pretty much empty. People who make appointments and cancel are called and are told they are positive.

    Is this the greatest Fraud on humanity. Is the UK paying out nearly a billion a month for covid 19 testing. . Does this seem reasonable. Who is makiing money off of this testing. This is just Britain. How about France. They would have to be doing 700000 a day to get their 52000 positive cases in one day. That means they are spending 70 million pounds a day on covid 19 testing. That works out to nearly 509 million pounds a week and 3.5 billion pounds a month.

    Wake up everyone. I think we’re seeing a massive fraud here. Either the countries are spending a billion dollars a month to test or more or they are pretending to test. Which is it??? and when they have been told that the PCR test is not reliable and can have massive false positives then why are they spending this massive amount of money. How about poor nations. How can they afford these tests??? Hmm

  11. In Australia you can spend five years in prison or face a 66000 fine if you don’t take the covid 19 vaccine.

    Ok so how much money will it cost the Australian government for room and board in jail for five years. Anyone know what the yearly cost is for a prisoner in an Australian jail. Hmm. Sure its more than 66000 so if millions of Australians refuse the vaccine that’s alot of mo ey that the Australian government is going to pay to house those who refuse the vaccine.

    Cone on Aussies get together and refuse the vaccine. That will cost the government a heck of alot of money per year. First they need the trials and then the room and board. I think this will become real costly to the government for a virus with little or no symptoms

    Then if there is covid in the prisons then they will let you out of prison. I think it’s a win win situation to refuse the vaccine don’t you think. So stand together and enforce your human rights.

    Definitely a sinister vaccine. No one in their right minds would make a ruling forcing a vaccine.

  12. Exactly. A rushed vaccine with a corona virus that mutates. The vaccine producers in many places will not be liable if it causes problems. How dare you think you can force it upon people trying to threaten with jail time if you don’t take it. Tell them where to go.

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