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Multiple Nations Suggest Coronavirus Originated In America — Is This Possible?

President Donald Trump just declared a national emergency in response to the coronavirus outbreak. We have seen the National Guard deployed to at least 6 states with many states previously declaring their own state of emergency.

This has all been widely reported by the corporate media. But what has not been reported in Western media is the fact that multiple nations have not only questioned the source of the outbreak originating in the food market in Wuhan China, but whether it originated in China at all.

When America’s perceived enemies make claims that the coronavirus may have originated in America, it can be easy to dismiss. But when multiple American allies make the same claims, backed up by scientific studies… We must at least consider this possibility.

In this bombshell interview, Spiro’s guest is Ryan Cristián from The Last American Vagabond. Spiro and Ryan discuss the scenario and supporting evidence that the virus may have originated in the United States, as suggested by multiple countries in addition to a significant event which occurred in the US that may be the key to the entire outbreak.

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