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China’s New Dealings With Iran And Adoption Of Resistance Rhetoric

China’s Minister of National Defence, Wei Fenghe, visited Tehran this past Wednesday, in what looked like a step closer to further military cooperation between China and Iran. What does China’s new international posturing show us about its coming role as an emerging super power? Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has stressed his intent to tighten ties, Read More…

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Kazakhstan Riots: The Regional Dimensions & Implications

Kazakhstan’s riots, beginning just after new year’s Day have been called a failed color revolution and may have posed a threat to a number of regional powers, but how true are the claims that this was an anti-Russia Western conspiracy? The Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) quickly mobilized in the wake of violent protests in Read More…

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US Likely To Escalate Violence In Afghanistan If Taliban Unable To Secure Stability

The Afghan Taliban have announced their interim-government, formed of group loyalists, throwing away the idea of an inclusive government in Afghanistan. If the country again plummets into chaos as a result the US government may again transition to a more hands on approach. The September 11 US troop withdrawal deadline is now here, with many Read More…

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Bill Gates, China, 23andMe, and Your DNA

Is there a connection between China, Bill Gates, YouTube, and DNA collection? Recent reports reveal that a Chinese company with connections to the Gates Foundation is involved in COVID-19 testing and poses a potential threat to American privacy, particularly the medical and health data of those who have been tested for COVID-19. In late January, Read More…

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China-Iran Deal A Disaster For US Biden Administration

This Saturday Iran and China signed onto a 25-year co-operation deal, which spells a complete failure of the US “Maximum pressure” sanctions campaign. The agreement also seems to represent a disaster of the Biden administration’s attempt to isolate Iran and undermine China, only bringing the two closer together. The precise details of the deal are Read More…

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UK Plays Victim Over China Sanctions And Feigns Interest In Muslim Human Rights

Time and time again we have seen Western governments accuse others of Human Rights violations that they themselves have been heavily implicated in. From France during its settler colonial occupation of Algeria, to the US in order to invade Iraq, now it’s UK playing the role of the defenders of Uyghur Muslims in order to Read More…