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Cop Sexually Assaulted A Young Boy To Make Child Porn And He Will Not Go To Jail

A former police officer avoided jail time and was instead given probation after he pleaded guilty to sexually exploiting a child. (TFTP) 45-year-old Donald Fair, a former El Paso County Sheriff’s deputy, is avoiding jail time after pleading guilty to sexually exploiting a young boy by creating child pornography and sharing it on the internet. Read More…

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After Legalizing Marijuana, Unemployment in Colorado Lower Than Rest of Country

Colorado —Three years after legalizing cannabis, Colorado has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. “While the national unemployment rate dropped to 4.3 percent in May, the lowest since 2001, Colorado’s jobless rate is the nation’s lowest at 2.3 percent,” CNBC reported Monday. According to Governor John Hickenlooper, multiple factors have contributed to Colorado’s job Read More…

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State Takes Away Children of Veteran for Cannabis Used to Treat His PTSD

Denver, CO — A United States military veteran and father is fighting the state of Kansas for custody of his children. In April 2015, Raymond Schwab’s children were confiscated by Child Protective Services, and authorities in the state insist he must discontinue his use of marijuana — which he uses to treat his PTSD — if Read More…

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Mom Arrested for Felony Child Endangerment for Treating Her Own Disease with Cannabis

Weber County, UT — Enedina Stanger is a wife, a mother of two, and now, thanks to the state of Utah, a convict. She also suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlo Syndrome (EDS). Stanger, who relies on a wheelchair to move around, has been battling EDS for most of her life. Stanger’s EDS causes her excruciating pain because Read More…

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Obama Tells Supreme Court to Ignore Lawsuit Against Colorado Marijuana

The Obama Administration recently advised the United States Supreme Court not to waste its time on a lawsuit brought about by both Nebraska and Oklahoma due to the states’ disdain for Colorado’s prospering cannabis industry. Both states are making claims that the legal trade of cannabis within Colorado state lines is causing an influx of Read More…

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Colorado Woman Claims Marijuana Cures Her Son’s Cancer

To helplessly watch as a child withers away to the devastating effects of cancer is an experience that no parent should have to endure. One Colorado mother decided, against the advice of her doctors, to focus on alternative treatment for her 4-year-old son, which she claims has completely cured him of a cancer that almost Read More…