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200 Doctors, 50 Journalists, 100 UN Staff, 4500 Kids & 10k Civilians Killed By Israel In One Month

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (11/11/23).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order):

(21) Geopolitics & Empire on X: “A “world parliament” should be launched, with democratically elected members from 205 countries around the world. This world parliament should lead the democratic world government. The international military under the so chosen ‘world government’ should be deployed on the borders…” / X
Hunger strike in Delhi against Palestine war
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qwe on X: “@mano_da_bounce SA, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, UAE obviously. Duplicity is a dish best served cold” / X
France’s Macron urges Israel to stop bombing and killing civilians in Gaza | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera
S p r i n t e r X on X: “Macron said Israel’s strikes on the Gaza Strip have no basis “In fact, today civilians are being bombed. In fact. These children, these women, these old people are being bombed and killed. So there is no basis for this and no legitimacy. Therefore, we call on Israel to stop,” he…” / X
(5) The Spectator Index on X: “BREAKING: Netanyahu says, in response to Macron, that the responsibility for civilian casualties lies with Hamas and not Israel.” / X
(3) on X: “NEW – Trump campaign ad: “If you spill a drop of American blood, we will spill a gallon of yours.”″ / X
(7) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “And for those somehow unsure of the point I’m making, I highly recommend this three part documentary series on the origins of al-Qaeda/ISIS. False Flags: A Secret History of Al Qaeda – Watch Along and Q&A” / X
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(7) George Galloway on X: “The foul allegations of rape have been dropped by the Israeli government. The forty beheaded babies has been downscaled to one dead baby, not beheaded, and killed by persons unknown. Two thirds of Israelis killed on October 7 were military personnel. The killers of the remaining…” / X
(45) Sharmine Narwani on X: “Guess what? There is NO evidence of rapes on 7 Oct, according to the Times of Israel. “The evidence is slipping away” – “we didn’t take pictures” – “we didn’t do forensic tests.” Yet Israel still ran 24/7 media blitzes about “rapes and beheadings.”” / X
Amid war and urgent need to ID bodies, evidence of Hamas’s October 7 rapes slips away | The Times of Israel
Israel revises death toll from Oct. 7 Hamas attack to ‘around 1,200’ | Reuters
(7) Jonathan Cook on X: “A BBC journalist writes to director general Tim Davie about the corporation’s dire coverage of Gaza: ‘It appears the BBC is keeping a lot of highly significant and relevant information, including extensive evidence, expert opinion, and historical context, from the public.…” / X
Hamas Massacre – October 2023
(7) Douglas Murray on X: “” / X
(8) Rabbi Shmuel Reichman on X: “This is the best interview I have EVER seen. Ever; ever; ever; nothing comes close. Douglas Murrey has a heart – and mind – of gold. And what unfolds in this seven-minute clip is something you need to watch for yourself. (Once you see it halfway through, you’ll know exactly…” / X
(8) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “The official Israel account just got Community Noted, again, for lying about this video.” / X
(8) Lil Open Source on X: “@DrEliDavid not a gun dumbass” / X
(15) Fares Shehabi فارس الشهابي on X: “@DrEliDavid This is a security guard! Regardless, this is not a justification to bomb hospitals. Smarty.” / X
(17) Sarah Wilkinson on X: “No one sheltering inside Indonesian hospital — which is no longer functioning without fuel, can leave; israeli troops will shoot on sight” / X
(17) Keith McHenry on X: “RT @hebh_jamal: THEY TOLD PEOPLE IN THE RANTISI HOSPITAL TO EVACUATE. THEN THEY SHOOT AT THE EVACUEES!!! they are urging for the Red Cros…” / X
(17) Al Jazeera English on X: “Palestinians fleeing on one of the main roads towards southern Gaza have come under attack, according to a report. 🔴 LIVE updates:” / X
(17) Ben (((Dinero 🧠))) Bakhshi on X: “@MSF_canada You need to write this in Arabic for Hamas.” / X
(20) TIMES OF GAZA on X: “Breaking: lsraeli occupation forces execute a Palestinian family while trying to exit al-Shifa Hospital despite the fact that they were holding white flags.” / X
(24) Dan Cohen on X: “Israel just dropped what appears to be a Hellfire RX9 missile next to the journalists tent outside Al-Shifa hospital. At least one man lost his leg, as seen in this video, while another is injured. Another Israeli war crime documented for the world to see” / X
(17) Quds News Network on X: “#BREAKING| Head of the Surgery Department at Al-Shifa Hospital to Al Jazeera: ⭕ I did not see any Red Cross vehicle in the vicinity of the hospital ⭕ We have lost all telecommunications and we do not know what is going on outside the hospital ⭕ We are hearing sounds of…” / X
(17) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “We told you this was coming. Why? Because Israel kept telling us they were going to & the UN kept telling them there was no way they could move them. And they bombed it anyway. And no, Hamas is not there, per doctors in and outside of Gaza, as if that would justify this anyway.” / X
(18) TIMES OF GAZA on X: “Scenes from al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza Strip.” / X
(18) Philip Proudfoot on X: “@archivegenocide” / X
(18) Nour Odeh 🇵🇸 #NojusticeNopeace on X: “The Minister of health in Ramallah misspoke in a press conference earlier and said the babies had died. The Ministry has since issued a clarification that the babies in the NICU face imminent danger of death. They are alive” / X
(17) Ghassan Abu Sitta on X: “Shifa hospital has collapsed. Wounded and staff leaving in droves. Missile attacks this morning on outpatient dept. which housed internally displaced.” / X
(18) Ghassan Abu Sitta (@GhassanAbuSitt1) / X
(28) Daniella Modos – Cutter -SEN on X: “A British doctor breaks down while reading an emergency message from the director of Al-Shifa Hospital in #Gaza, as healthcare workers gather in front of the Prime Minister’s office in London, holding banners bearing the names of more than 200 doctors killed by Israel so far.” / X
(17) Dan Cohen on X: “The words written on this Israeli explosive are: Inshallah will hit “innocent civilians” The quotes are in the original inscription, implying there are no innocent civilians. This is more evidence of genocidal intent.” / X
(17) sarah on X: “The same Israel that claimed it doesn’t bomb hospitals has now bombed 7 different hospitals in Gaza within a single day.” / X
(17) Alan MacLeod on X: “Watch this absolutely insane footage of Israel wiping out the Khalid bin al-Walid Mosque in Gaza yesterday.” / X
Three rights groups file ICC lawsuit against Israel over Gaza ‘genocide’ | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera
(30) Clandestine on X: “⚠️War Crimes⚠️ UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, states that both Palestinian militant groups and Israel are guilty of “war crimes”! “The atrocities perpetrated by Palestinian armed groups on October 7 were heinous, brutal and shocking, they were war crimes –…” / X
(30) Bekir Tiryakii 🇹🇷 on X: “90 yaşındaki Filistinli Enam,1948’de Nakba’yı yaşadı. Ve bugün de yerinden çıkarılarak şehrinden Güney Gazze Şeridine sürüldü.” / X
(28) Sam Husseini on X: “MUST SEE: State Dept once again refuses to recognize 4th Geneva Convention for Occupied Palestine. Their intentionally ambiguous response may be an attempt to turn Gaza into a free-fire zone. When I pressed for clarity, they threatened to eject me. 🎥: @decensorednews” / X
(92) State Dept. May Well Be Trying to Abrogate the Fourth Geneva Convention, Turning Gaza and the West Bank into Free-Fire Zones
(29) TIMES OF GAZA on X: “Gaza’s death toll exceeds 11,000, including more than 4500 children.” / X
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The Open Secret Of Israel’s Use Of Human Shields & The Deliberate Targeting Of Palestinian Civilians
(30) Israel ישראל 🇮🇱 on X: “This is the editorial cartoon which the Washington Post deleted. The cartoon by Michael Ramirez, titled “Human Shields” depicted a Hamas leader using civilians as human shields. The truth might hurt, but it’s still the truth. @washingtonpost @Ramireztoons” / X
(30) AHMAD’ on X: “30-Israeli soldiers fire at Palestinian protesters by perimeter fence, northern Gaza, 29 Dec. 2017” / X
(30) AHMAD’ on X: “‘LIFE AS A PALESTINIAN CHILD’ THE UGLY TRUTH OF ISRAEL In this Thread🧵, I’ll post heartbreaking violations by Israeli forces and settlers against Palestinian children IMAGINE IF THIS WAS YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? -IT’S TIME TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH-” / X
(29) UNRWA on X: “We are devastated that 101 @UNRWA colleagues have been confirmed killed in📍#Gaza since the start of the war. Mothers, fathers, teachers, nurses, doctors, guards, logisticians, support staff, all at the service of their community. We honour their memory and their service.” / X
(30) UNRWA on X: “”I’m very sorry to let you know that this is only the number we were able to confirm” With over 100 colleagues killed in📍#Gaza @JulietteTouma tells @BeckyCNN that “@UNRWA will never be the same” as we fear there are many colleagues unaccounted for, still stuck under the rubble.″ / X
(30) Robin Monotti on X: “Israel’s War in Gaza is Not a Valid Act of Self-defence in International Law – Ralph Wilde, Faculty of Laws, University College London: “The problem is that Israel’s position in this regard has been created by its own decision, for over half a century, to exercise the use of…” / X
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(29) Amichai Stein on X: “.@AlArabiya: Agreement reached to exchange Palestinian women and teenagers terrorists detained by Israel for 100 hostages held by Hamas Israeli officials tells me: there are no conclusion and no deal. There are efforts at the same time as the fighting to do everything we can to…” / X
Agreement reached to swap Palestinians in Israeli prisons for 100 Hamas hostages — TV – World – TASS
Israel Considering Deal for Hamas to Release All Civilian Hostages in Gaza Strip, Officials Say | The Seattle Times
(45) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “Twice Israel has refused an exchange of hostages, yet now they are pretending this has never been offered and is the only thing they will accept.” / X
A sign of life from 2 hostages in PIJ psychological warfare
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(36) Caitlin Johnstone on X: “Getting Called A Nazi For Opposing A Genocide “It’s the most 2020s thing in the world that there’s an active genocide currently underway and it’s the people who oppose it who are being called Nazis.”” / X
(36) Cairene on X: “Zionist who are not Jew are accusing Pro-Palestine Jew that they are not Jew 🤐 #GazaGenocide #ZionismIsTerrorism #ZionismIsNazism” / X
(37) Christina Buttons on X: “Listen to Sam Harris skillfully eviscerate the “both sides” argument in the Israel-Hamas war: “The boundary between antisemitism and generic moral stupidity is a little hard to discern, and I’m not sure it’s always important to find it. I’m not sure it matters why a person can’t…” / X
(37) Marjorie Taylor Greene Press Release (Parody) on X: “@LauraLoomer @FBI I will remember this day for the rest of my life They should be thrown in prison” / X
(28) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “Ben Shapiro attacks and denigrates the Jews protesting below who dare to simply call for a ceasefire (since they apparently care about the over 1000 children who have been killed in Gaza) for disagreeing with his belligerent stance. #Hypocrite” / X
(37) Julia Hartley-Brewer on X: “I am still shaking with anger at this ⬇️. The full clip of the interview is on our @talktv YouTube page here: Warning: You will need a stiff drink afterwards. 🤬” / X
(21) Mohsin Saad on X: “@HenMazzig Fear monger, thousands of Jewish protesters side by side with Muslims now around the world #CeasefireInGazaNOW” / X
(37) Just.A.Thought 💭 on X: “@nataliegwinters I was marching. You are lying.” / X
(37) Robin Monotti on X: “LONDON: Thousands of Jews marching united for #CeasefireNOW” / X
(33) Alex Kane on X: “NEWS: Columbia University is suspending Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) as official student groups through the end of the fall term.” / X
(37) captain bloodloss on X: “Greenwald has absolutely lost his fucking shit over the fact that pro-Palestinians are being caught engaging in more than free speech.” / X
MIT administrators warn student protesters of possible suspension
Students at Brown, MIT, Columbia and Other Colleges Risk Arrest, Retaliation to Protest War on Gaza | Democracy Now!
(33) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “@RetsefL You mean the Coalition Against Apartheid? Interestingly telling you chose not to write their name. This is another in a long line of peaceful pro-Palestine protests being labeled as “anti-Jewish” in order to create this exact outrage and perceived “threat”.” / X
Jewish students at MIT blocked from attending classes by ‘hostile’ anti-Israel protesters
Palestine, MIT, and Free Speech: A Letter from Student Activists to Our Professors – MIT Faculty Newsletter
(20) Gatorsmom 🐭💉🖕🏼 on X: “@TLAVagabond @RetsefL 1/I hear you. I’m not saying I can attest to what the letter stated. My question was should any student body be allowed to prevent another student body from attending class and feeling safe at uni? I’ve seen videos of this happening, no letter necessary. We’re watching the demise” / X
(34) Meurig Davies on X: “@MixyPisa @TLAVagabond @RetsefL You also disagree with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who is an expert at spotting apartheid.” / X
(33) Jay Corwin ☦️🇺🇸 on X: “@TLAVagabond @RetsefL You’re not American. That’s something that takes a bit more than a US passport, little habibi.” / X
(33) Gretchen’s Resurrection on X: “@TLAVagabond @RetsefL I agree I think it’s getting near time we start reading the obits of some of these racist pedophile cocksucker #Hamas sympathizers – #MIT #IStandWithIsrael” / X
(37) IfNotNow Boston 🔥 on X: “Students and activists were peacefully protesting in support of Palestinians and against the de-recognition of the Brandeis SJP chapter. @MuslimJustice say 7 people including students and a legal observer were arrested.” / X
(34) Lord Bebo on X: “🇺🇸🇮🇱🇵🇸🚨‼️ CRAZY: “A school in OC, California suspends a 13-year-old child for three days over saying “free Palestine” in response to a classmate, who called him a terrorist.” — Quds” / X
(20) Mario Nawfal on X: “🇮🇱🇵🇸🇺🇸 A customer at a California Apple Store is furious to see an employee with the Palestinian flag: “Why did you let her wear this flag? Is she supporting Hamas? Because Hamas control this flag. These guys beheaded our babies” The employee responds: “That never happened”…” / X
Israel on Campus Coalition Offers $250 Grant For College Students To Attend Washington DC Israel Rally | – Chabad News, Crown Heights News, Lubavitch News
(37) Seyed Mohammad Marandi on X: “RT @QudsNen: “#America is ours… because we are white!” From a pro-Israel protest in Rockville, MD.” / X
(37) Dan Cohen on X: “An Israeli high school teacher was assaulted and arrested by police for a Facebook post showing sympathy for Palestinian civilians killed in Gaza. He didn’t even condemn Israel. Nazi state.” / X
(34) Muhammad Shehada on X: “🚨Israel arrested over 100 Israelis for social media posts sympathetic to Palestinians🧵 1- Meir Baruchin was arrested for “intention to commit treason” (punishable by up to 10 years) for these FB posts humanizing Palestinians & writing “bombed/executed by our excellent guys”!” / X
(34) Palestine Highlights on X: “Video shows the moment a Palestinian woman was arrested by Israeli forces on terrorism charges after uploading a WhatsApp status expressing solidarity with the people of Gaza. #GazaGenocide” / X
(34) Lord Bebo on X: “🔞🇵🇸🇮🇱🚨‼️ ROUGH: The IDF runs over a body. Notice how it adjusted the tracks to not miss it, it was deliberate! -> Additionally, posting it for the public means they’re not ashamed of it … they’re hragging.” / X
(34) Quds News Network on X: “Rabbi Meir Maroz to Israeli Channel 7: “If they [people of Gaza] were humans, we would have sent them humanitarian aid…but this is about animals.”” / X
(37) Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil on X: “Israeli journalist Gideon Levy (Haaretz) talks about the dehumanization of Palestinians by Israeli society: A) All of them deeply believe we are the choose people … B) There were more brutal occupation in history… … in which the occupier presented himself as the victim……” / X
(27) Clare Daly on X: “Israel has spent a month pounding Gaza into rubble and filling the streets with children’s blood. With European and American weapons, and European and American support. Still @vonderleyen cannot even say the word: “ceasefire.” This isn’t just Israel’s genocide. It’s Europe’s too.” / X

Late Additions:

‘Emphasis is on damage, not accuracy’: ground offensive into Gaza seems imminent | Israel | The Guardian
At least 6 people killed in Israeli air strike on UNRWA school in Gaza | Reuters
Damning evidence of war crimes as Israeli attacks wipe out entire families in Gaza – Amnesty International

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Ryan Cristián
Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

6 Replies to “200 Doctors, 50 Journalists, 100 UN Staff, 4500 Kids & 10k Civilians Killed By Israel In One Month

  1. Wow! I have had this stream interrupted so many times that I can’t help but think it’s deliberate. I’m still trying to listen but it’s definitely a difficult thing to do. The subject matter is so important to everyone who has a heart tells me we fight against the forces of evil. Such a disgusting state of affairs.

  2. He said “because we are right…”, not “white.”
    I prefer if you play more of the clips (take your time) even if it runs longer.

  3. GREAT job Ryan, as usual… Please consider pragmatically zooming out as well, in order to address a few tips on geo/med/pol-strategic coverage:

    – The mask is off. Zionist rulers are overplaying their undisputed/supreme WW power.
    — Very recently, in the UN, Israel clearly (and ridiculously, like Netanyahu’s repeated UN farces) stated on the record that the UN’s murdered staff were ALL Hamas.
    — In recent days, an Israeli spokesman entirely/amazingly denies there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
    — Further, COVax was designed to exclude AshkeNAZI Jews, per Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptors. Bourla and Netanyahu (both Jewish elites) are experimenting on Jews, but NOT like most would infer, and their race/creed-specific kill shots are insufficiently adopted/proliferated among Palestinians, Africans, etc. to achieve rapid/targeted depopulation.
    – Qatar, Russia, Israel, and USA are among top natural gas competitors/rivals. Thus, Al Jazeera, RT, and USA/Zio media/institutions reflect those (opposing) realities. One should objectively watch ALL of these outlets (and others) closely, but with caution and healthy skepticism. Even Alex Jones, in his most recent appearance with Zionist Steve Bannon’s War Room platform, twisted himself into a partisan logic pretzel, claiming that MSM only superficially supports Israel, while really/actually/covertly supporting Hamas.
    – A huge offshore gas reservoir has been found along the coast of Gaza with reserves of more than one TRILLION cubic feet. The BG Group (BGG) discovered a large gas field between 17 and 19 nautical miles off the coast of Gaza. According to the Oslo II Accords, the Palestine National Authority has maritime jurisdiction up to 20 nautical miles off of the Gaza coast. These RICH gas fields belong to Gaza. Israel is capturing these gas fields, which belong to the Palestinians. The UN estimates billions of dollars in loss for thePalestinians.
    – Due to its people, resources, and location, Gaza could have been (and could be) wealthy, like another Dubai, Doha, etc.; further Gaza, similar to Libya and Lebanon, was exceptionally wealthy at points in its history before Zio-backed destruction ops. It is another war crime for the occupying power to deny citizens the right to use their own natural resources and infrastructure, including borders/crossings, air/water, crops/livestock/farms, homes/businesses, schools/universities, churches/mosques, clinics/hospitals, telecom/internet, etc., which are ALL under current genocidal destruction.
    – Similar to Syria pipeline plans as one of many war accelerants (i.e., Rothschild oil companies such as Genie Energy, etc.), the Ben Gurion Canal is planned through Gaza, as a competitor to the Mandeb, Suez, and Hormuz oil routes.
    – Well before 1948 (i.e., Acre and Napoleon…) Rothschilds paved the way to found Israel and still own (direct) OR control (indirect) well over 80% of Israel. Similar to ZOG USA/West, through Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street, Goldman Sachs, etc. as well as blackmailed govt. through Epstein/Hefner/Brownstone/Pizzagate/Finders ops, Unit 8200, Mossad + CIA + 5-Eyes, Silicon Wadi, AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, CUFI, IDF-trained USA police/military, etc. All mainline USA presidential candidates are “iron-clad” (even rabidly/automatically/reflexively) behind Israel, suggesting MKULRA-like trauma, mind control, brainwashing, and/or Pavlovian control.
    – Israel has more Smart Cities and Thought Crime (Social Media, Online, etc.) rules/regs/laws than any other Police Nation… Tel Aviv (and eventually Jerusalem) is accountable to NO other power/nation, as supreme/central NWO HQ, backed by the Samson Option, Hannibal Directive, Dahiya Doctrine, Sayanim, Mustavarim, etc. Eventually, Israelis will internally bear the brunt of oppression, as and after other enemies are defeated, similar to USA/West internal oppression/surveillance/harassment of “Anti-Vaxxers”, January 6 “insurrectionists”, young/poor/vulnerable African American males (i.e., ~2 M+ genocidally jailed), religious/observant Muslims, dissident/non-Zio Jews, etc.
    – Israel and (South) Africa (incl. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Namibia, etc.) were founded by the same high-level power… the Rothschilds Banking Cabal/Cartel. Note, well before WWII, Rhodes/Milner-styled (South) African colonies pioneered concentration/slave camps/genocides (i.e., Herero/Nama genocide of 1904-1907, etc.) paving the way for Rothschild-backed Nazi Germany’s Dachau, etc. as well as Gaza.
    – USA was founded by the The Crown (which was overtaken by Zio-Banksters after gold/asset/land-backed currencies/wealth were all decremented/hypothecated), and was re-colonized in waves soon after independence/civil wars, with Rothschild control consolidated at Jekyll Island, after the 3rd founding in the USA of The Fed central bank. Similar to rolling coups throughout Sahel (Libya, Mali, Niger, etc.), South America (i.e., Operation Condor, etc.), Haiti (i.e., 30+ coups…), etc., freedom is fleeting, intermittent, and brief. Thus, indigenous Americans, Europeans, Australians, and Asians have suffered many versions of the Trail Of Tears, and these Nakbas are similar… Congo, Niger, Sudan, etc. in Africa are experiencing the same colonial fury/greed for the “Green Economy”, which creates massive displacements, deaths, and refugees. Historically, this includes Jews, evidenced by the Havaara Agreement and testimony by terrorized Sephardi/Mizrahi Jews displaced to Israel from Iraq, Iran, etc. as well as Ukrainians sent to die by forced conscription on the Russian front, which they themselves call the “meat grinder”.
    – Very recently (and ironically), Zelensky (back by Kolomoysky) dropped plans to visit Israel to support the latest Nakba/Holocaust… He cancelled after media leaks. Watch closely, Ukraine is ancient Jewish Khazarian territory, where USA/European/Israeli AshkeNAZI (i.e., Many of whom are Talmudic Jews NOT Torah Jews) commonly originate.

    Ryan, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so MUCH more. I can provide access to supporting links, documents, articles, etc. on these and many other topics, but alas my time is limited. If you would like to hire me as an on-demand/supporting/contracting researcher at some point, please let me know by e-mail.


  4. Why have they replaced Matt? Of course, because if a brown man says it’s okay, then what they are doing must not be that bad, right? – the same reason they have pushed “equity and inclusion” – because people who do that are nice white people who could not possibly bomb brown people because of racism – their cause must really be just!
    It’s really not just the “Zionist gov’t” agenda, but the military.
    2G Holocaust survivor and Scholar Norman Finkelstein just called Gaza a Concentration camp. What is worse than seeing Israelis and Jews being ignorant about the situation of Palestinians is Christians trying to defend Jews out of ignorance (British host).
    It’s really just pro-humanity.

  5. You’re a rockstar, Ryan. Just keep it up! I already support you for a longtime now, small monthly. And maybe you’ll be glad to hear you get sourced a lot for my email list the CRC, which goes to about 90 people. And that’s how we win this. Distributed information is more difficult to target, by the jerks who think they’re more special than everyone else.

  6. Ryan, I really don’t understand why it seems everyone in our government is afraid of Israel?? Can you explain this? Is this an Epstien blackmail situation? I personally think it is about money like everything else. Our government standing with the zionist makes them weak and feeble.

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