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Nick Hudson Interview – The Covid Operation As A Battle Of Ideologies

Joining me today is Nick Hudson, Co-Founder & Chairman of PANDA (Pandemics ~ Data & Analytics), here to discuss COVID-19 from a statistical perspective, as well as the ongoing ideological battle within this country that COVID-19 has clearly exacerbated. This has given rise to a new arm of this extreme political divide. 


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Taylor Hudak
Taylor Hudak
Taylor Hudak is an American-Hungarian journalist based in Budapest, Hungary. Taylor covers issues focused on human rights, free speech, health, and law. She researches, writes, and produces video reports and interviews for The Last American Vagabond, and she is a contributor to Children’s Health Defense Europe. Taylor works closely with Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE), an organization of doctors and scientists dedicated to educating the public on health, science, and medical ethics.

3 Replies to “Nick Hudson Interview – The Covid Operation As A Battle Of Ideologies

  1. Good interview.

    Except for the ‘religion’ opinions* and China-bashing (and “…courage…” **), I think Nick Hudson (NH) has, broadly, a valid perspective, and presents a good analysis, of the Pandemic/Reset agenda vis-a-vis Eites/Wealth/Power vs the Masses.

    * E.g.,

    NH: “We need to create a parallel society…’
    See: Academy of Ideas (re Parallel Society formation)

    NH: “…’the ultimate evil is destruction…'”
    See: “Creative Destruction”

    “…Modern bourgeois society, with its relations of production, of exchange and of property, a society that has conjured up such gigantic means of production and of exchange, is like the sorcerer who is no longer able to control the powers of the nether world whom he has called up by his spells. … It is enough to mention the commercial crises that by their periodical return put the existence of the whole of bourgeois society on trial, each time more threateningly. In these crises, a great part not only of existing production, but also of previously created productive forces, are periodically destroyed. In these crises, there breaks out an epidemic that, in all earlier epochs, would have seemed an absurdity – the epidemic of over-production. Society suddenly finds itself put back into a state of momentary barbarism; it appears as if a famine, a universal war of devastation, had cut off the supply of every means of subsistence; industry and commerce seem to be destroyed; and why? Because there is too much civilization, too much means of subsistence, too much industry, too much commerce. The productive forces at the disposal of society no longer tend to further the development of the conditions of bourgeois property; on the contrary, they have become too powerful for these conditions. … And how does the bourgeoisie get over these crises? On the one hand by enforced destruction of a mass of productive forces; on the other, by the conquest of new markets, and by the more thorough exploitation of the old ones. That is to say, by paving the way for more extensive and more destructive crises, and by diminishing the means whereby crises are prevented…”

    The Communist Manifesto:

    More: Creative Destruction:

    * What’s happening re Science as Religion is the people in power are simply applying the the control mechanisms of religion — faith, hope, belief,trust VS independent, critical, logical THINKING — to “Science” per Society. This is perhaps because of the “New WORLD Order” (aka “The Great Reset”) which is GLOBAL in scope (as opposed to heretofore regional/national Control Systems), and the WORLD must have ONE RELIGION (which it does not) for the World Order agenda to work; “Science” is the Elite’s choice to unite the world in collective ignorance and obedience…

    ** NH: “We need people who are calm and courageous…”
    I believe we need people who are CORRECTLY (Truth & Facts) INFORMED — have CERTAINTY — more than we need ‘courageous’ (once one has certainty ‘wrong’ they will either act against it or not, because: Character not courage); courage is a reaction to a threat, crisis or an order — usually a reaction to a very specific circumstance, an action under duress, and/or short-lived and hard to emulate — while CERTAINTY foments a force of will and convictions that foster actions and behaviors that become ‘character’, etc. and can be continuously observed, admired and appreciated and thus emulated.
    If one’s mind is clear (e.g., not drug/medication or alcohol addled) and one is in possession of relevant facts, one need not be ‘courageous’; one will simply act/react (i.e., live/behave accordingly).

  2. Wow what a great interview! Somehow I’d not heard of Nick Hudson, which is odd and perhaps the result of censorship. Therefore, Ms. Hudak’s choice to interview this person was as important to me as her questions.
    Regarding the interview itself: Mr. Hudson hit a homerun on every answer. Even the answers that were uncomfortable to hear (I do in fact think there’s grave danger with climate change…methane clathrates etc..) even those answers were brilliant. He’s obviously a force to behold, and I hope Ms. Hudak chooses to speak with him again soon.

  3. “Three weeks to flatten the curve” ha! The British Academy, on behalf of the British monarchy’s government, produced a review calling what is going on as the “Covid Decade”, or “possibly longer”.

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