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Latest News In The War On Alternative Media

Now that the fake news meme has gone global thanks to the establishment media, authoritarians are using it to arrest journalists.

On Christmas, the defense minister of Pakistan threatened to nuke Israel in response to a tweet said to be fake news.

It’s getting serious.

The defense minister of Pakistan may not be able to tell the difference between real and fake news, but here in the United States most people can spot fake news and propaganda.

Meanwhile, the emerging fake news detection industry has a public relations issue. It looks like the guy who runs Snopes, David P. Mikkelson, embezzled money and used it to buy the services of prostitutes.

Earlier this month, Facebook said it would use the “myth-busting” website to ferret out “fake news” on the popular social media platform.

Finally, Germany is talking tough. It plans to fine Facebook 500,000 euros if it does not take down within 24 hours what the state decides is fake news. The Federal Press Office in the Chancellery plans to establish a “fake news defense center.”

Patrick Sensburg (Christian Democrat), in an interview with Deutsche Welle on Tuesday, argued that the government should be “ratcheting up the statutory offenses” against fake news producers and “take action against the people who run these websites.”

Editor’s Note: Are we really going to allow the elite ruling structure to forcefully push this agenda despite the fact that very few are buying it? Now more than ever, every American needs to make their voice heard, otherwise, the future will be written by those who are seeming creating the false reality by which we were meant to be controlled. Do not allow anyone to tell you what is and is not the truth, that is the right of each individual to decide for themselves. 

Kurt Nimmo
Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day In The Empire.

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