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Israel’s UN Rape Report Falls Apart In Real Time & West Bank Land Sold In US/Canada Only To Jews

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (3/6/24).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order):

(66) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Some of our coverage:” / X
(25) Matt Walsh on X: “3/ Groner was referring to the WPATH standards, which major hospitals follow. They require that trans patients obtain a letter before undergoing surgeries. But Groner tells her audience to treat the letters as a “persuasive essay,” and to green-light even suicidal patients.” / X
(71) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Let’s get #Abstention back on the ballot & those votes officially tallied, as it should be. Might surprise some of you just how many are VERY politically active yet opt to abstain out of protest every year, and the gov refuses to count that valid option.” / X
(36) Houston Chronicle on X: “Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg went into Love Park Community Center Tuesday morning to cast a ballot for her own primary race — only to be told someone had already voted in her name, according to spokesperson Michael Kolenc.” / X
(66) Peach Patrol on X: “@more_shower @TLAVagabond No one. Abstain from voting.” / X
(22) Decensored News on X: “” / X
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(112) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@EylonALevy Wow. You go straight for the debunked atrocity propaganda? That you know we all know is a lie, and that even Haaretz broke down as fake information stemming largely from Zaka? You must be very desperate, seeing the Hague in your future. Why not include 40 beheaded babies too?” / X
(24) Seth Frantzman on X: “They got to the point now where massacring people at a music festival and kidnapping the elderly and children is “resistance”. It’s weird that this is where they ended up, but it is. They basically just can’t see humanity and human rights anymore. It’s weird how the word…” / X
Right of peoples to self-determination/Struggle by all available means – GA resolution – Question of Palestine
(52) Louis Allday on X: “Susan Abulhawa who has just spent two weeks in Gaza: “The reality on the ground is infinitely worse than the worst videos and photos we are seeing in the West”” / X
signal-2024-03-06-095742_002.jpeg (750×673)
(64) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Just like we have been reporting. There is a reason Israel supports Azov, and vice versa. I will include a link below.” / X
Zionism Vs Nazism, Israel’s Connection To Extremist Ideology & ADL’s History of Faking Nazi Marches
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(56) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@Huyy_People @DrEliDavid “Communist”? “Leftist”? My God lol. You are so lost it’s embarrassing. Proof huh? Well present it champ, and while you flail and fail to produce it, those of us with a soul and a brain will go on exposing racism and hatred, like this Eli monster and yourself. #TwoPartyIllusion” / X
(22) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@MeBehindTheData @DrEliDavid So you’re saying if the US government decided to “harbor terrorists” or was perceived to do so by those outside their borders, that this means other countries can just murder all civilians in the US because of their government’s actions? Or does this ONLY apply to those you hate?” / X
(65) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@DrEliDavid Hey Eli, I guess you just forgot that you just posted this exact same thing yesterday. Must have just been an oversight, and definitely not you repeatedly & incessantly spamming reprehensible zionist propaganda and overt racism. #ZionismIsAntisemitism” / X
(61) Afterhours_Live on X: “@TLAVagabond @DrEliDavid Aww, did the mean facts hurt your feelings Eli? Show me on the doll where Ryan’s facts destroyed your narrative..” / X
(27) The Last American Vagabond on X: “When a professional propagandist blocks you that’s taken as a win. These people are meant to waste your time with incessant lies & propaganda, I know this yet still engage to help others see it. @DrEliDavid blocking tells me they cut their loses. #StayTheCourse #CeasefireNOW” / X
Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 3.42.08 PM.png (1180×1524)
GH-Y8h6XoAAOn9X.jpeg (1024×1280)
(56) Sir Chilliebean on X: “Day 152 | During the past 24 hours: • 9 massacres committed by the Israeli occupation • 86 people killed • 113 injured “These are the targets of Israel? Children ?? She’s two weeks old.. her name is Sahar Muhammad Ra’ed Muslih”” / X
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(54) Caitlin Johnstone on X: “Step 1: Write atrocity propaganda Step 2: Wait for others to cite your atrocity propaganda to substantiate their own atrocity propaganda Step 3: Cite their citations of your atrocity propaganda to write more atrocity propaganda Step 4: Repeat” / X
(53) ☀️👀 on X: “ahead of today’s major Israeli propaganda laundering of the “mass rape” hoax via the UN’s Pramila Patten, here’s Gettleman, Sella and Schwartz admitting the regime is using her as a proxy, while blocking an actually independent UN agency with investigative authority and powers:” / X
(59) Alicia on X: “@Israel Never believe IsraeliLies” / X
(54) ☀️👀 on X: “they have already announced it. You don’t need special powers of foresight for this stuff, it’s all out in the open. All you need is object permanence and minimal moral integrity. I’m just curious if they will also include Schwartz as well. Probably will” / X
(34) ☀️👀 on X: “there’s no credible evidence presented for either version of the hoax as I show in detail in this thread is buried in Pramila Padden’s own “report”. Yet the media class is pretending that her minimalist version vindicates their own maximalist hoax by conflating the two. Insane” / X
(53) ☀️👀 on X: “and again I repeat: Minimal journalistic integrity and ethics demands of the NYT that it immediately fires Adam Sella, Anat Schwartz and Jeffrey Gettleman for fabricating its biggest hoax since Judith Miller, they retract the hoax, and they profusely apologize for what they did” / X
(51) ☀️👀 on X: “btw anyone who’s active on Wikipedia, you can easily debunk the deranged lies by “Coretheapple” about the UN report verifying Anat Schwartz’s NYT hoax by linking to reporting that shows this, like this piece from yesterday that says this specifically:” / X
(28) Max Blumenthal on X: “At presser just now, Patten claims “sexual violence occurred on 7 October,” yet concedes: -“Unfounded and inaccurate forensic evidence” was collected by “untrained volunteer first responders,” who were also responsible for “the loss of potentially valuable evidence,” referring to…” / X
(64) UN News on X: “There is clear & convincing information that some hostages being held in Gaza have been subjected to rape & sexualized torture + reasonable grounds to believe it is continuing said UN Special Representative Pramila Patten @endrapeinwar” / X
(99) Eylon Levy on X: “🚨BREAKING: The @UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict reports sexual violence in multiple locations on 10/7 and “clear and convincing information” of rape and sexualized torture against hostages.” / X
U.N. Says Inquiry Finds Evidence of Sexual Assault in Hamas-Led Attack on Israel: Live Updates – The New York Times
(30) Max Blumenthal on X: “This NY Times headline is misinformation UN rep Pramila Patten explicitly stated she collected no evidence during her trip to Israel, and that she only found “reasonable grounds” to believe Israel’s claims @farnazfassihi didn’t quote from Patten’s revealing presser either” / X
Middle East Crisis: U.N. Report Details ‘Grounds to Believe’ Oct. 7 Attack Included Sexual Violence – The New York Times
UN report finds ‘convincing’ information that hostages in Gaza were raped | CNN
Israel says UN trying to keep quiet on report about Hamas sexual attacks | Reuters
(52) ☀️👀 on X: “I’m just trying to imagine a Palestinian version of @AdamSella1. Fabricating the biggest hoax in NYT history since Judith Miller with his uncle’s wife, an avowed genocidal racist, and then just keep being a lead daily reporter on the ongoing Gaza genocide. It’s utterly insane” / X
(22) ☀️👀 on X: “this is amazing. The first story on the BBC’s front page right now is the UN report which they lie about by omitting its mandate and conclusion, and beneath it they link back to their own piece on the “mass rape” hoax from December which the report debunks” / X
(51) ☀️👀 on X: “BREAKING: Dr. Chen Kugel, Israel’s chief forensic pathologist who heads its Abu Kabir Forensic Institute that handled all the bodies from October 7, said in early November that he personally saw “beheaded babies”. But that is a proven lie, as Israel’s own records have confirmed” / X
(62) Muhammad Shehada on X: “Israel is frustrated with the UN report on Oct 7 sexual violence b/c it doesn’t accuse Hamas or any other armed groups of these alleged acts Pramila Patten says Israel should give access to an investigation to look into this Israel refuses to cooperate with the UN investigation” / X
UN ‘evidence’ of Hamas rape questioned by journalist – “How is this different from the NYT Story?” : r/Palestine
UN ‘Evidence’ of Hamas Rape Questioned in Press Briefing | FULL PRESS Q&A | – YouTube
(57) Arsen Ostrovsky 🎗️ on X: “Keep it trending, so the world doesn’t forget who they are! #HamasRapists” / X
(67) Arsen Ostrovsky 🎗️ on X: “Just pure evil.” / X
(35) Eylon Levy on X: “The @UN’s top expert on sexual violence finds Hamas is raping the hostages. The UN Security Council must designate Hamas a terrorist organization, condemn its sexual atrocities—and stand with Israel as it fights to free the hostages and bring their rapist-captors to justice.” / X
Notepad | Write your notes online
(28) Quds News Network on X: “The Guardian cites an internal UN report as stating that Israel’s military uses different forms of abuse against Palestinian detainees in Israeli detention centres, including beatings, dog attacks, the prolonged use of stress positions and sexual assault. The report says that…” / X
Palestinians ‘beaten and sexually assaulted’ at Israeli detention centres, UN report claims | Israel | The Guardian
(51) Malek 🇩🇪🇵🇸 on X: “@MyLordBebo @MyLordBebo Her family already said that she wasn’t raped But of course The imagination of Zionists can’t stop making rape stories sine raping is the only thing they think about Like fr!!!!! These people are so obsessed with raping!!! Something is wrong with their minds!!!!” / X
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(29) Israel Defense Forces on X: “🔴The largest Hamas terrorist tunnel discovered in northern Gaza, which had multiple branches and was dug from northern Gaza and attempted to cross into Israeli territory, was recently destroyed by the IDF. This tunnel was used by the most senior Hamas officials, including…” / X
(95) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@EylonALevy Well I don’t know about you guys, but high elevation video with a single distance plume sure screams “massive terror tunnel” destroyed to me. 🤦‍♂️” / X
(32) Royal Rebel on X: “@HananyaNaftali This video has been making its rounds and your people say that it’s Kibbutz Mefalsim, BUT no civilians were killed there. One fatality outside of the kibbutz, and nobody knows who killed the person.” / X
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The Flour Massacre Setup/False Flag Attempt Exposed
(109) Assaf, MD on X: “” / X
New evidence confirms Israel’s full involvement in ‘Flour Massacre’ of starving Palestinian civilians
(88) General Strike 🍀(Terrence Daniels) on X: “17-Year Army Intelligence Officer Blows Whistle on Official Israeli Narrative. “We have technology that we can see exactly who’s in these locations and buildings. So they’re targeting and bombing homes, knowing exactly who, and how many children are inside.” #FreePalestine…” / X
(61) Sulaiman Ahmed on X: “PALESTINIAN SPOKESMAN SAYS AIRDROPS ARE A DEATH SENTENCE FOR PALESTINIANS “The airdrops are a humanitarian death sentence for our people, who run into Israeli positions to collect the aid dropped. Much of the humanitarian aid ends up in Israeli-controlled territory in Gaza, or…” / X
(100) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Add this to the ongoing #FlourMassacre story, as it’s becoming clear there were many instances, well after the night of the actual massacre, that IDF targeted those with the small amount of aid they were able to get despite being shot at by the very group pretending to save them.” / X
(31) Hananya Naftali on X: “Israel Defense Forces sends two Hamas TERRORISTS armed with RPG to their 72 virgins. Bye bye.” / X
(21) Dan Cohen on X: “Dr. Eid Sabbah of Kamal Adwan hospital says 95% of injuries he saw from the aid truck bloodbath were from gunshots to the chest and abdomen. Witnesses say tanks fired shells and machine gun rounds directly at starving people who were only trying to get food. This wasn’t a…” / X
(23) Hamza on X: “Eric Cantona’s Instagram story yesterday 👑🇵🇸” / X
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Israel Attacks More Aid Convoys Even After Multiple Investigations Expose Flour Massacre Was A Setup
(121) Quds News Network on X: “Breaking | According to the spokesperson for the Gaza Health Ministry, Israeli forces have perpetrated another devastating massacre at the Kuwaiti Roundabout in Gaza today. This has led to the killing of dozens of starving Gazans awaiting aid convoys.” / X
Israeli tanks open fire on hundreds of Gazans waiting for aid
(84) PALESTINE ONLINE 🇵🇸 on X: “BREAKING | Casualties and injuries in an Israeli airstrike that targeted a humanitarian aid truck in Deir al-Balah, central Gaza.” / X
(119) Muhammad Shehada on X: “Before yesterday’s “Flour Massacre”, the IDF has been shooting indiscriminately for WEEKS at starved Gazans awaiting aid trucks at the exact same spot, virtually every single day! A 🧵of some of these incidents: Feb 28: IDF soldiers take potshots at famished desperate Gazans” / X
Gaza ‘Flour Massacre’ Was Only The Beginning Of Famine That Has Just Started
(118) Palestine Highlights on X: “10-year-old Palestinian child Yazan al-Kafarna died of hunger and malnutrition at Abu Youssef al-Najjar Hospital in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip. Yazan is the 16th child to fall victim to the Israeli war of starvation. #GazaGenocide” / X
(81) UNRWA on X: “Babies in #Gaza slowly perishing under the world’s gaze.” / X
(106) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@benshapiro Ben Shapiro talking about “moral blindness” while openly supporting one of the most obvious and documented genocides in history, just truly sums up the absurdity of where we are right now. Ben, you are a sycophant and you have become everything you claim to fight against.” / X
(132) The Last American Vagabond on X: “No evidence of inflated mortality reporting from the Gaza Ministry of Health – The Lancet “Using publicly available info, we compared the Gaza MoH’s mortality reports with a separate source of mortality reporting and found no evidence of inflated rates.”” / X
gaza famine – Brave Search
(63) i24NEWS English on X: “🔴IDF reveals footage of #Hamas operatives preventing #Gaza residents from accessing humanitarian aid by diverting these supplies for their own use” / X
(136) The Last American Vagabond on X: “”US envoy says Israel has not presented evidence that Hamas diverted U.N. aid deliveries in Gaza” Israel is lying about everything, and their chief allies and even Israeli media are pointing that out. #CeasefireNow” / X
Israel Still Blocking Aid to Civilians in Gaza | Human Rights Watch
(90) The Cradle on X: “Humanitarian aid drops into Gaza only ‘theater’: Aid groups” / X
(44) Jack on X: “@EylonALevy Tell us why aid is needed in the first place… go ahead I wanna see how you spin that one.” / X
(107) Eylon Levy on X: ““Israel needs to let more aid in” Israel:” / X
(115) PRCS on X: “📌The entry of humanitarian aid from 21/10/2023 to 1/2/2024 witnessed 9,831 aid trucks reaching #Gaza through the Rafah and Karm Abu Salem crossings, averaging 94.5 trucks per day. The Palestine Red Crescent Society received 6,947 trucks 🚚from the @EG_Red_Crescent via the #Rafah…” / X
(95) Nikki on X: “@EylonALevy Is that the same bakery in Gaza that was bombed by Israel in October 2023? If the bakeries were operating in Gaza why are people forced to grind down animal feed to eat? #IsraelLies” / X
(98) Oren Barsky 🎗️ on X: “There is no famine in Gaza. There might be hungry people who are not receiving supplies from Hamas. But there is no food shortage” / X
GHhlBf5WMAAoydT (680×453)
(79) Truth_teller 🇷🇺 on X: “@EylonALevy Which bakeries are you talking about?” / X
Bakeries smashed in Israel bombardment key to Gaza hunger crisis | Reuters
Gaza bakeries targeted and destroyed by Israeli air attacks | In Pictures News | Al Jazeera
Bakeries smashed in Gaza bombardment exacerbate hunger crisis | The Times of Israel
(154) Mo Favaz on X: “@EylonALevy Eylon and his settler colonial apartheid state of Israel are nothing but blatant liars. UN says “More than half the requests by @UN to bring food, clean water & medical aid to the north have been rejected by Israeli authorities” 🚨90% of population has high levels of food…″ / X
(79) HalalFlow on X: “Press corps corners gaslighting John Kirby on humanitarian aid saying that Israel’s is to blame but no cutting of shipment of bombs: “What’s preventing the president from communicating to the Israeli government that if they don’t allow aid, we will not continue supplying weapons,…” / X
(119) Faizal Mammar on X: “🚨U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken urged Israel on Tuesday to maximize “every possible means” to get humanitarian assistance into Gaza, saying the current situation in the densely populated enclave was unacceptable and unsustainable.″ / X
(73) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Don’t worry guys, they “raised the issue” so no worries. And they are “always engaged” with Israel about the human rights violations that they never stop. In this case, admitting Israel is blocking aid, then balking at the suggestion this violates law prohibiting US assistance.” / X
(69) David Miller on X: “Rainwater is the property of ‘Israel’. Palestinians are forbidden from gathering rainwater. Source: a UN report: ‘according to Israeli military orders in effect in the area, rain is the property of the Israeli authorities and thus Palestinians are forbidden from gathering rain…” / X
World Food Programme says northern Gaza aid convoy blocked
(54) Open Source Intel on X: “#WATCH: Hxmas has complete command over the aid trucks, with an average of three Hxmas terrorists visible on each truck.” / X
(141) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@Easy_living1 Nice context free video on Twitter. Thanks for making my point. I appreciate that. And by the way, do you not realize that even if this was showing what you pretend it is, that Israel is responsible for securing the tiny amount of aid they are letting in? You guys make this easy.” / X
Israel defying ICJ ruling to prevent genocide by failing to allow aid into Gaza
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Israel Attacks More Aid Convoys Even After Multiple Investigations Expose Flour Massacre Was A Setup
(132) Dr. Eli David on X: “🚨 Breaking: “Innocent Palestinian civilians” killed the driver of an Egyptian humanitarian aid truck, and looted the truck 👇 Barbarians…” / X
(75) Visegrád 24 on X: “BREAKING: Palestinians cause an Egyptian humanitarian aid truck to crash and kill the driver before looting his truck” / X
(59) Hamas Atrocities on X: “Aid truck raided in Gaza after losing control and falling off the road Possibly because the mob threw stones at the driver It’s not that aid is not entering Gaza It’s the total failure of local distribution (read: Hamas stealing it all)” / X
(105) Visegrád 24 on X: “Egyptian truck driver warns other truck drivers not to volunteer to drive humanitarian aid into Gaza as Egyptian truck drivers bringing humanitarian aid are routinely attacked. One was severely beaten up after being dragged out of his truck a few days ago” / X
(54) Siva Subramaniya Sharma on X: “An #Egyptian_truck_driver entered Al-Rashid Street in #Gaza with #aid_material for #Palestinians, but was instead #attacked, #lynched and #stoned_to_death by oppressed and blood thirsty #Palestinians.😡😡😡😡” / X
(78) My dad was a toolmaker #Ready4Bollard on X: “@BeckettUnite Didn’t those animals kill an Egyptian truck driver and loot his load?” / X
Tragic End for Aid Driver in Gaza: Global Outcry Over Humanitarian…
death of an Egyptian truck driver in Gaza – Google Search
UN Food Agency pauses deliveries to the North of Gaza | World Food Programme
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Gaza ceasefire talks fail to make breakthrough with Ramadan approaching | Israel War on Gaza News | Al Jazeera
Hostage crisis poses dilemma for Israel and offers path to victory for Hamas as Netanyahu pledges to defeat terrorist group | PBS NewsHour
(40) Tiberius on X: “Israel: Give us our hostages and we will keep many of your hostages and then, after a few weeks, we’ll start killing your people again with US bombs. Hamas: No, we want lasting peace and our basic human rights. Israel: No. Media: Hamas rejects yet another ceasefire deal!” / X
(25) 12 Ball on X: “Israel: “Ok, how about you give us back all the hostages and then we start ethnically cleansing you again in a month” Hamas: “The ceasefire needs to be permanent” Israel: “HAMAS REJECTS CEASEFIRE”” / X
Hamas reportedly rejects ceasefire deal, says it won’t release hostages to Israel | GAZA NEWS – YouTube
Netanyahu rejects ceasefire proposal, insists on total victory over Hamas | Reuters
Netanyahu: We reject ‘outright’ Hamas demands for hostage deal – The Jerusalem Post
Israel rejects ceasefire talks until Hamas accounts for hostages in Gaza
Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 3.27.55 PM.png (1226×1308)
(53) Aviva Klompas on X: “Hamas rejected Israel’s truce proposal. It wants to drag this war into Ramadan and inflame the entire Middle East.” / X
(117) Kamala Harris on X: “What we are seeing every day in Gaza is devastating, and our common humanity compels us to act. Given the immense scale of suffering in Gaza, there must be an immediate ceasefire for at least the next six weeks.” / X
(115) Aaron Maté on X: “No, @democracynow, Kamala Harris did not call for a ceasefire in Gaza. She called on Hamas to cave to Israeli demands in exchange for a six-week pause of Israeli-US mass murder.” / X
(73) Quds News Network on X: “The US said today it has submitted a draft UN Security Council resolution to back an “immediate cease-fire of roughly six weeks in Gaza together with the release of all hostages.” The proposed resolution comes following 3 vetos by the US against resolutions calling for an…” / X
(113) Sam Husseini on X: “Miller: We don’t want to see a single civilian killed Reporter: Ok – why not let civilians in Gaza return to their former land in Israel and have citizenship? Miller: That’d be forced displacement It’s actually the exact opposite: an attempt to remedy the 1948 forced…” / X
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‘Israeli Govt Decided To Sacrifice Remaining Hostages’ – I24NEWS
Israel-Hamas war: 32 Americans dead, 11 unaccounted for, State Department says – ABC7 Chicago
(74) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Bibas family killed by IDF, as we’ve reported. Israel is killing its own people in Gaza. And with the 3 they shot point blank (one 15 min after the others) you should have questions. “Israeli captive says regime forces killed his family in Gaza offensive”” / X
Israel Gaza: Hostages shot by IDF put out ‘SOS’ sign written with leftover food
(75) Dan Cohen on X: “Israel is applying the Hannibal Directive to the entire Gaza Strip” / X
(116) The Last American Vagabond on X: “Israeli media published leaked audio of two Israeli hostages yelling for the IDF to save them but the IDF killed them instead. Just like those holding the SOS sign, and all those shot elsewhere by the IDF during and after Oct 7. This is #HannibalDirective” / X
(64) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@Israel You mean the ones who admitted to attacking buildings with civilians in them at that exact location? Those tank drivers? #HannibalDirective” / X
(27) Dan Cohen on X: “The NY Times allowed the Israeli military commander who ordered the tank shelling of a house full of Israeli civilians to claim their Hamas captors launched RPGs at Israeli soldiers. Yasmin Porat, who escaped from the house and watched the attack, told me RPGs weren’t fired.” / X
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(164) Eylon Levy on X: “I went to the UN Security Council to propose a draft resolution of my own. #surrendernow” / X
(26) The Last American Vagabond on X: “@itsmichalll” / X
(41) Eylon Levy on X: “Israel is applying international law, not only in conditions that its authors could not have imagined — but in conditions that no military in history has experienced. Joining @danabrams on @NewsNation live in New York City.” / X
(167) Dr. Eli David on X: “Tell your Hamas friends to release the hostages and you’ll have ceasefire.” / X
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Nakba again? Leaked documents confirm Israeli plan to push Palestinians into Egypt – People’s World
Netanyahu allies push Gaza expulsion as final solution to Israel’s Palestinian problem – People’s World
(119) Seth Mandel on X: “Rabid Anti-Zionism Is Destroying the Two-State Solution My latest on how the embrace of the ‘decolonization’ framing delegitimizes Jewish sovereignty at the expense of Palestinian self-determination. Squad pols blame the two-state proposition as the ‘root cause’ of all ills.” / X
Netanyahu again rejects Palestinian sovereignty amid fresh US push for two-state solution | CNN Netanyahu, pushing back against U.S., rejects two-state solution – The Washington Post
Netanyahu’s Office Rejects WaPo Report on U.S., Arab Plan for Palestinian State – Israel News –
(109) on X: ““Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas,” Netanyahu told his Likud party’s Knesset members in March 2019. “This is part of our strategy”” / X
(22) Abier on X: “Much respect to the women of @codepink exposing those soulless politicians” / X
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Netanyahu plans for Israel to stay in Gaza for 10 years | The Times of Israel
(70) WikiLeaks on X: “Verified document from Israeli Ministry of Intelligence on October 13 suggests forced displacement of Gaza civilians to Egypt would “yield positive and long term strategic results” The advisory document envisions a three stage process including the establishment of tent cities…” / X
מכון משגב לביטחון לאומי ולאסטרטגיה ציונית on X: “נייר עמדה: תכנית ליישוב מחדש ושיקום סופי במצרים של כל אוכלוסיית עזה: היבטים כלכליים מאת אמיר וייטמן עיקרים: • קיימת כרגע הזדמנות חד פעמית ונדירה לפנות את כלל רצועת עזה בתיאום עם ממשלת מצרים. נדרשת תכנית מיידית, ריאלית וברת-קיימא ליישוב מחדש ושיקום הומניטאריים של כלל…” / X
(134) The Last American Vagabond on X: “” / X
(22) Rabbi David Mivasair🔥 on X: “At a real estate sales promo event in a #Toronto synagogue selling properties on land stolen from Palestinian families. “Thou shalt not steal.” “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house.” ⁦@IndJewishVoices⁩ ⁦@palyouthmvmt⁩ ⁦@IfNotNowOrg⁩” / X
(103) Ghada Sasa | غادة سعسع PhD(c) 🇵🇸 on X: “We managed to secure the location of FOUR upcoming Zionist real estate shows to sell stolen Palestinian land, including in illegal settlements, across Canada and the US. They will take place in Toronto, Englewood (NJ), Long Island & Hartsdale (NY).” / X
(78) T. Ryan Gregory on X: “Let’s be clear about what happened here. 🧵 1. Israeli real estate companies held Jews-only events to sell land in Israel and contested (Jerusalem) or occupied (West Bank) territories in Palestine. 1/” / X
(22) TheMuslimLawyer on X: “This is the kind of blood curling hate that some in the pro-Israeli camp is okay with. Please listen to this. I am not sure if anyone challenged this. Goldie Ghamari an Member of Provincial Parliament from @OntarioPCParty was participating in this session. She misrepresented…” / X
(55) TheMuslimLawyer on X: “After I asked Goldie Ghamari Member of Provincial Parliament for the @OntarioPCParty why she was part of the session and did not say anything in response to hateful comments. She said she had left, but the video shows otherwise. When I pushed back, the “lioness” blocked me lol…″ / X
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(31) Wyatt Reed on X: “Wow. MAJORITY of Americans now support arms embargo of Israel. For the first time, most Americans say they don’t want anymore weapons shipped to Israel until it ends Gaza siege. 52% in favor / 27% opposed / 21% unsure” / X
Tel Aviv on edge over talk of mass troop resignations
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(40) Torah Jews on X: “Does Israel increase the safety of Jews? ‘The prevalent misconception that Jews cannot be ‘safe’ without Israel is perpetually propagated by the Zionist camps. Unfortunately, this disingenuous claim has seeped into the ranks of American political leadership, albeit with good…” / X
(40) Abier on X: “Zionists are laughing at the image of the Gazan that was crushed & flattened by the IDF after they detained & zip-tied him calling it “Rachel Corrie 2” Wut is left to say? Tell me…” / X
(74) Double Down News on X: ““I saw in Auschwitz that if a dominant group wants to dehumanise others, as the Nazis dehumanise me, the dominant group must first dehumanise themselves, the same holds nowadays for Israel. I am appalled about how hateful, how dehumanised, that they do not see any human aspect…” / X

Late Additions:

Music festival massacre survivors involuntarily committed due to mental breakdowns
Israel Kills 11 Palestinians Every Hour, Azov In Gaza & Israel Still Refusing Full Hostage Exchange
Zachary Foster PhD Interview – The Documented (And Suppressed) History Of Palestine & Zionism
Kibbutz Be’eri on New York Times Sexual Assault Story: “Not True”
Amid war and urgent need to ID bodies, evidence of Hamas’s October 7 rapes slips away | The Times of Israel
‘Clear and convincing information’ that hostages held in Gaza subjected to sexual violence, says UN Special Representative | UN News
(21) Dan Cohen on X: “In reporting on the deaths of the Bibas Family, CBS is forced to acknowledge they were killed by Israeli airstrikes, not Hamas. Instead of pressing Israeli officials on slaughtering their own people in addition to 20,000 Palestinians, the reporter shrieks at a Hamas official.…” / X
Mossad Chief Visited Doha, Urged Qatar to Continue Hamas Financial Aid – Middle East News –

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Ryan Cristián
Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

4 Replies to “Israel’s UN Rape Report Falls Apart In Real Time & West Bank Land Sold In US/Canada Only To Jews

  1. I’m done with your website. Libertines, or Libertarians, have been opposed to the original doctrine of Christ since the days when Jesus was on this earth. I can’t support what you’re doing.

    1. Hunh. You disagree with one set of things Cristian said, so “bye, bye”? You do realize, don’t you, that you’re emulating Leftists with their cancel culture?

      BTW, what EXACTLY is “the original doctrine of Christ”??? I haven’t seen such a thing in my Bible, and I’ve read the entire thing, cover to cover. Christ had NO “doctrines”… He ONLY espoused what God, His and our Father, espoused… The two biggies being 1) love God, and 2) love each other. A third is to love our enemies. That’s it! Jesus came specifically to FULFILL (end) THE LAW of the Old Testament… Are you saying he promulgated a whole NEW set of laws/doctrines??? And, if that’s indeed what you’re saying, then please explain where he stated them, where they can be found in written form. Thank you, and God bless!

  2. Ryan, the reason you keep doing longer shows could be because you forgot to follow your initiative of “bringing you the most relevant independent news from the last 24 hours.” You waited 4 days and covered 4 different topics on one show that took 4 hours to explain. Why not take it one day at a time day to day?
    It is also understandable that you continue to get frustrated that nothing changes, and perhaps that is by design. While you continue to report past events and show the often continuation of the present, there is no attention paid to future events that could disrupt the agenda. Ex: When a city counsel is voting on Blank, or where the next fake speech will be spouting propaganda, where is the next Azov march, when is the next press conference for east Palestine? You had the opportunity to call for every minority to claim discrimination at the Israel only land sale, prove they were denied access at the sale, and start a class action lawsuit with the ACLU.
    Did you see the father shouting at Biden during the SOTU? How many other parents wanted to go there but never knew when the SOTU was going to happen because it is never talked about until it happens?
    In order to unify any public support it will take a new outlook of reporting past, present, and future events. How could you expect anyone to participate, collaborate, and communicate in a organized fashion if people a constantly having to react to what already happened, or having to drop everything for what is already happening at the moment? And they never know where like minded people will be gathering to condemn the constant abuse of government action.
    Keep up the great work, you have all the tools you need to accomplish every goal you set.

  3. This UN group is a huge joke. Why have a group that simply parrots Israeli propaganda? Am I missing the point?

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