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Leak Reveals Israel “Deliberately” Targets Civilians & 2100 Aid Trucks Sent To Gaza Never Showed Up

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (11/14/23).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.



Video Source Links (In Chronological Order):

(2) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “The lengths some are going to in order to hack, spy on, or otherwise manipulate members of TLAV. Many have gotten this, including myself, from someone pretending to be “HR Dept. Of TLAV”, even though that doesn’t exist. (Feel free to ask them why: [email protected])” / X
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(4) The Cradle on X: “In a video taken during her captivity, Israeli Elizabeth Tsurkov, kidnapped in Iraq 7 months ago, says she was a Mossad operative tasked to establish ties with the SDF in Syria, and to sow intra-Shia strife in Iraq.” / X
(3) 60 Minutes on X: “Iran has vowed to kill former U.S. government officials. One assassination attempt was busted when an Iranian officer hired an assassin who was actually an FBI informant, according to an arrest warrant.” / X
Iranian dissidents say they face abductions, assassination attempts | 60 Minutes – CBS News
(3) We Are All Gaza. on X: “@EmporiumFred @tlavagabond” / X
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If Gaza was in your city, how much would be destroyed? | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera
(4) Caitlin Johnstone on X: “The ten dumbest things we’re being asked to believe about Gaza: 1. That Israel had no idea what Hamas was up to prior to October 7, but ever since October 7 has known about every hospital, mosque, school, refugee camp and water tower that Hamas is hiding in. 2. That the blame…” / X
(4) Dan Cohen on X: “Reuters’ front page shows a picture of dead and dying newborn babies in Gaza with a headline about Israeli tanks surrounding al-Shifa hospital. Israel is LOSING the information war, even in the mainstream media.” / X
Israeli False Flag Possibility, Baptist Hospital Massacre & Israel Already Lost The Information War
(7) Dan Cohen on X: “@Isaac_Herzog @bbclaurak Fixed it” / X
(7) Glenn Greenwald on X: “This Polish Govt-funded account, @visegrad24, is a propaganda page. It was one of the worst spreaders of falsehoods to fuel the West’s role in Ukraine. They fraudulently edited an interview I did last week that went viral. Amazing how many fall for it now that it’s pro-Israel.” / X
Copy of ‘Mein Kampf’ found in children’s bedroom in north Gaza – Isaac Herzog – The Jerusalem Post
Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ Found In Hamas Base In Gaza – Israeli President Herzog – I24NEWS
Herzog: Arabic copy of ‘Mein Kampf’ found on Hamas terrorist shows what war is about | The Times of Israel
Arabic copy of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ found in children’s room used by Hamas: Israeli officials | Fox News
(7) thomas punchon on X: “@cogatonline Wow those certainly are two photos” / X
(7) Wyatt Reed on X: “@IsraelinUSA @IsraelArabic The Israeli military @IDF deleted its false claim that Israel is “facilitating the supply of humanitarian aid to Gazan civilians.”” / X
(7) Lowkey on X: “”They gave us water in front of the camera, and after filming was over, they took our luggage, destroyed it, and we ran away while soldiers shoot under our feet.” Survivor testimony of this event.” / X
(7) Quds News Network on X: “Several Israeli accounts published today footage showing IOF serving water to displaced Palestinians in #Gaza. A woman can be heard saying to a soldier: “When we leave, we are going to the south. Don’t kill us please.” In 2015, the spokesperson for the Israeli army Avichai…” / X
(7) sarah on X: “Israel posted a photo of their soldiers assisting this elderly Palestinian man in Gaza. After filming was over, they shot him twice in the back and killed him.” / X
هلا تنهار ليل نهار👩🏻‍🎓♥️ (@hala.hijji5) • Instagram photos and videos
(41) رضوان الأخرس on X: “جريمة قذرة تعبر عن (أخلاق) حثالة البشر.. هذا عجوز فلسطيني من عائلة حجي في غزة، قام الاحتلال الإسرائيلي بنشر صورة لجنوده زاعماً أنهم يساعدونه، وبعد التقاط الصورة قاموا بقتله. #GazaGenocide” / X
(7) Mario Nawfal on X: “🚨 DEBUNKED ISRAELI CLAIM OF HAMAS GUIDE TO RAPE WOMEN ON OCT 7 The below story by the Daily Mail claims Hamas had a guide which included raping women on Oct 7. The Daily Mail failed to realize a few important points in the document they provided as ‘evidence’: 1. This is a…” / X
(7) Mohammed Zubair on X: “Wow! So @IDF Spokesperson in the video says, Hamas has put out names of their members guarding the Israeli hostages. The names of Hamas members mentioned in the ‘List’ are : Saturday: السبت Sunday : الأحد Monday : الاثنين Tuesday: الثلاثاء Wednesday: الأربعاء Thursday : الخميس…” / X
(26) Rafael Shimunov on X: “Israeli soldiers continue to expose Hamas presence in all the schools and hospitals they’re bombing 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱” / X
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(10) HonestReporting on X: “🤫 The biggest open secret in Gaza Reports of al-Shifa Hospital coming under siege by the IDF are not the only fishy thing going on. The media has conveniently been leaving out the well-known fact that Hamas uses the site as a base of operations…” / X
(9) Matt Kennard on X: “There is a D-Notice in place to stop UK media reporting on SAS role in Gaza. But we know SAS has deployed to UK base on Cyprus. We also know 33 RAF transport flights have flown from Cyprus to Tel Aviv in past month. All media acceding to the D-Notice are complicit.” / X
Israel-Hamas war live: Dozens dead at al-Shifa, Gaza officials say | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera
(10) Al Jazeera English on X: ““We are unable to do anything for our patients. They are dying in front of our eyes.” Youssef Abu al-Reesh, Gaza Deputy Health Minister tells Al Jazeera of the horrors staff and patients are experiencing at al-Shifa hospital ⤵️” / X
(10) Christiane Amanpour on X: “These are the sounds of the final gasp from Gaza’s collapsing healthcare system. @nadaabashir reports.” / X
Surgeon Ghassan Abu-Sittah on the ‘Impending Catastrophe’ in Gaza’s Hospitals – DAWN
(10) Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières on X: “MSF urgently reiterates its calls to stop the attacks against hospitals, for an immediate ceasefire and for the protection of medical facilities, medical staff and patients.” / X
(10) MintPress News on X: “In the last 24 hours, Israeli snipers have shot inside al-Shifa hospital, killing two nurses and four patients, including a paraplegic man, according to Doctors without Borders. The threat of snipers, according to Dr. Abu Silmeyye, has prevented him, other hospital employees,…” / X
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(10) Freddie Ponton 🇫🇷 🇵🇸 on X: “🔴 Aid Trucks Crossing From Egypt to Gaza as of 13 November 2023 ➡️ Note that between the start of the crisis on 7 October and 20 October, approximately 2,100 commercial trucks should have reached Gaza through the Rafah border crossing alone, but none did. UN OCHA Report⬇️” / X
Aid Trucks Crossing From Egypt to Gaza (As of 13 November 2023) – occupied Palestinian territory | ReliefWeb
(35) Marwa Osman || مروة عثمان on X: “”Politely Refused” because #Gaza does not need it..according to Sisi.. you see Palestinians are getting all the aid they need from Israelis who airdrop the aid in the form of bombs on their heads all across the Gaza strip.” / X
(24) sarah on X: “The man who invaded Iraq on a pack of lies, launching an illegal war that killed and displaced millions, now seeks a “humanitarian” role in Gaza. What a clown world.” / X
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Twitter Video Downloader – Download twitter videos & GIF Online
UNRWA Deletes Statement Accusing Hamas of Stealing Humanitarian Aid From Gaza Compound – Palestinians –
US announces third round of sanctions targeting Hamas | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera
For years, Netanyahu propped up Hamas. Now it’s blown up in our faces | The Times of Israel
How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas – WSJ
(15) WikiLeaks on X: “‘WikiLeaks Cable: Israeli intelligence chief encouraged Hamas takeover of Gaza Strip’ #Israel #Hamas #Gaza” / X
Wikileaks cable: Israeli intelligence chief encouraged Hamas takeover of Gaza Strip | – IMEMC News
(53) Zachary Foster on X: “Hamas has 3 co-founders #1 Ibrahim Yazuri Born in 1941 in Beit Dras, near Ashdod. On 21 May 1948, Israeli forces entered his village & indiscriminately slaughtered many women & children trying to flee the violence. Yazuri survived. source: Jawad, “Zionist Massacres,” p.113” / X
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(24) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “” / X
Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 8.30.30 AM.png (1204×1050)
(27) sarah on X: “BREAKING: Israel just wiped off an entire residential neighborhood of 12 houses in Jabalia, Gaza. At least 31 dead bodies were pulled from beneath the rubbles so far. A genocide is happening right before our eyes and Western leaders refuse to stop it.” / X
Israel/Palestine war: 41 journalists, more than one a day, killed in first month of Israel-Palestine war | RSF
(35) The Spectator Index on X: “BREAKING: Israeli Knesset member Danny Danon says the ‘photojournalists’ who took part in recording the assault of the 7th of October will be added to a list of participants that Israel’s internal security agency will seek to eliminate.” / X
(36) TRHaber on X: “Gazze’de yaşayan film yapımcısı Bisan Owda ‘Hala hayattayım’ diyerek paylaştı: Saatlerdir güneye yürüyorum. Cesetler, kopan ayaklar ve bacaklar gördüm. Her gün 4 saat ateşkes olduğunu söylüyorlar. Bu doğru değil. Biz burada yürürken bile bu ‘güvenli yol’ yol bombalanıyor.” / X
(41) TIMES OF GAZA on X: “After ordering Palestinians to evict the north, lsrael steps up its aggression on the southern areas of Gaza Strip.” / X
(24) The X Guru on X: “@georgegalloway @CNoodles918 I hope you were outraged about American troops killing hundreds of thousands innocent in Iraq too. Or the British Empire doing it all around the globe for centuries. If not it’s called hypocrisy.” / X
(24) Arnaud Bertrand on X: “Sadly this rhetoric is everywhere in French media now. Another from a few hours ago: “The Israelis have no choice. If they want to militarily destroy Hamas, they are forced to kill civilians because, unfortunately, Hamas uses them as a human shield.”″ / X
(24) Mark Rowantree on X: “@Rachael_Swindon Far too often Israeli sources are accepted as facts when in fact they are ridiculous like calling every person they kill or bomb terrorists? How can a child be a terrorist, when they don’t even have legal capacity or agency?” / X
(22) Freddie Ponton 🇫🇷 🇵🇸 on X: “Source from NRC article translated from Dutch to English Title: Diplomatic memo from Dutch embassy: Israel uses ‘disproportionate force’” / X
Diplomatic memo from Dutch embassy: Israel uses ‘disproportionate force’ – NRC
IDF vows to restore security in north, warns Hezbollah, Lebanese leadership will pay | The Times of Israel
(20) i24NEWS English on X: “‘What we are doing in Gaza, we can do in Beirut’ Touring North, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant says Hezbollah is dragging Lebanon into a war that may happen” / X
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(56) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “@CptAllenHistory “therefore, an unlawful war crime to strike with the intent of targeting civilians without any military objective whatsoever.” I agree & Amnesty International’s own investigation on October 20 found Israel had targeted civilian locations – intent is clear. Also UN facilities.” / X
(57) Dr. Strangelove on X: “When someone tells you what they’re doing, you should listen. This was never about Hamas, this was about getting rid of the Palestinians once and for all. Israel opened the door for the Hamas atrocity, to use it as a pretext to finish Gaza. This is the Nakba of Gaza.” / X
‘We’re Rolling Out Nakba 2023,’ Israeli Minister Says on Northern Gaza Strip Evacuation – Israel News –
(18) Dan Cohen on X: “Israeli soldiers openly state they have been given orders to ethnically cleanse and colonize Gaza. Of course, you’ll never see this in mainstream media.” / X
(57) Daniella Modos – Cutter -SEN on X: “Gilles Devers is one of the most veteran lawyers in France, who in just 10 days gathered an army of lawyers from all the continents of the world to prosecute Israel for its war crimes against the Palestinians. Lawyer Giles Devers is promising the Israeli occupation with a dark…” / X
Gilles Devers is one of the most veteran lawyers in France, who in just 10 days gathered an army of lawyers from all the continents of the world to prosecute Israel for its war crimes against the Palestinians. : r/chomsky
Lawyers for Palestinian victims of Israeli attacks on Gaza file complaint at International Criminal Court
Top UN official in New York steps down citing ‘genocide’ of Palestinian civilians | United Nations | The Guardian
(52) İyad el-Baghdadi | إياد البغدادي on X: “Alright, since you decided to ask me, I’ll tell you why the same guy you praise for “wonderful analysis” also concludes, based on the facts & evidence, that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza:” / X
(56) Electronic Intifada on X: “Israel army chief says that Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority “works every day to prevent demonstrations” against the Gaza genocide” / X
(54) Canary Mission on X: “JVP activist & @UMassAmherst Professor Rachel Weber (who refused to condemn the Oct. 7 massacre by Hamas) is now the lawyer defending Efe Ercelik, the Amherst student accused of violently attacking a pro-Israel students. JVP also supported Dr. Walid Kass, a Hamas-supporting,…” / X
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(2) Jonathan Cook on X: “Who at the BBC is making these twisted editorial decisions? Its main news programme runs tonight a story about a British Jewish man scared of protest chants to free Palestine *before* a story about babies dying in Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital because Israel has shut off the power” / X
(49) Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 on X: “Brooklyn, NYC: Shocking video has emerged of a school walkout for Palestine where students shouted antisemitic abuse and showed Islamist indoctrination. Most of the girls were veiled and some even wore niqabs (full face coverings). The direct action was organized by…” / X
(49) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “@47gingie Well, if they are threat to “Jewish student”, whoever that person may be, there should be some evidence to that effect, right? And I am sure you would be happy to share it. I’ll wait…” / X
(16) Ariel Koren on X: “They have now arrested over 300 Jewish protestors demanding a ceasefire at the Oakland Federal Building “My father and grandfather did not escape Nazi Germany so our history could be exploited to kill people”” / X
(2) We Are All Gaza. on X: “@AlanRMacLeod @MintPressNews @tlavagabond” / X
(11) Torah Judaism on X: “Now is the day and help us bring our message to everyone by supporting us. Torah Jews are stronger than ever and are now raising their voices in the streets against Zionism and Israel. Zionist usurpers spoke on behalf of Jews for years, even though they had no right to do so,…” / X
(13) Sharmine Narwani on X: “Israel, then and now: ‘kill, kill them all’ Historically, the extremist ideology of Zionism has sanctioned murder to achieve and maintain its goal of statehood, writes @WVanwagenen. This includes Jews and non-Jews alike.” / X
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(23) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “While an extremist and belligerently vocal minority of Zionist sycophants are calling anyone with even the slightest bit of empathy for Palestinian civilians an “antisemite” and “racist”, I just wanted to remind you want one actually looks like:” / X
(34) Johnathan on X: “Between 500 to 700 Palestinian children are tried in its military courts each year. “i saw a conveyer belt of convicted children” Israel’s military courts have a conviction rate of 99.74% #Palestine #OccupiedPalestine″ / X
(3) Abu Bakr Hussain on X: “121 Examples of Dehumanising/pro-genocidal statements and actions made against Palestinians. LIST UPDATED 13 NOV 2023 PDF here with sourcing: Evidence Packet here: Part 1 in photos below, Part 2 in next tweet. If you…” / X
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(18) Middle East Monitor on X: “Israeli politician and ex-deputy director of #Mossad Ram Ben Barak sparked controversy as he proposed resettling Gaza’s entire population globally. “If each country takes in 20,000 individuals,” he said, “that would involve 100 countries. “Considering they are refugees,” he…” / X
(37) Scott Horton on X: “I wouldn’t mind the Palestinians. But I would not want to abet Israel’s evil ethnic cleansing and land rustling campaign.” / X
(21) Ben Shapiro on X: “Noooooope” / X
(33) Al Jazeera English on X: “Israeli PM Netanyahu reiterated that after the war, Gaza would remain under Israeli security control. 🔴 LIVE updates:” / X
(33) Younis Tirawi | يونس on X: “Israeli flags raised along the coastal road of Gaza.” / X
(33) Syrian Girl 🇸🇾🎗 on X: “@HananyaNaftali Israeli terrorists are now destroying statues just like BLM did.” / X
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Israeli PM Netanyahu warns America: ‘If we don’t win now, then Europe is next and you’re next’ | Fox News
Netanyahu warns of terror attack in west if Israel loses to Hamas
‘Netanyahu Must Go, Now’: Israel’s Newly Bereaved Families Are Holding One Man Responsible – Israel News –
As War Rages, Israelis Trust in Netanyahu Hits Rock Bottom, Polls Find – Israel News –
The Israeli President’s Fake Chemical Weapons Claim & Released Hamas Hostages Expose The Narrative
Damning evidence of war crimes as Israeli attacks wipe out entire families in Gaza – Amnesty International

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4 Replies to “Leak Reveals Israel “Deliberately” Targets Civilians & 2100 Aid Trucks Sent To Gaza Never Showed Up

  1. Ok,
    How can isreal which is part of the us govt lose control of the narrative being reported in msm when msm is literally cia/govt controlled through the smith mundt?

    Isnt it WAY more likely that their intention?

    No disrespect, but i think youre emotionally linked because of all youve covered in palastine.
    Im not saying you arent vetting your info or anything like that.
    Im simply saying
    Isnt it more likely that if msm is reporting what isreal is doing, thats their intention for whatever reason?

    From there you could have many theories why (mabye tirn the qorld against the us. Mabye also turn half the us against the us. To oead to one world govt? Idk)

    1. I keep thinking the same thing. If they are trying to push the world into another world war this seems like a perfect way to do it. It bothers me that he continually talks about these countries as if they are totally independent from each other when hasn’t the last 3 years of covid1984 shown us that the media and governments in practically every country on earth are being controlled by the very same individuals. If these psycopathic globalist didn’t want genocide in gaza it WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING. They’ve created a situation where they know people will see it for what it is and justification for attacking Isreal (and of course the US by association) will not only be justified but inevitable. Flase flags and genocide, the tools they’ve been using to start wars for generations and this is absolutely no different. I don’t think they’ve lost control if the narrative or are losing the information war, i think they are perfecting their divide and conquer strategy. The more outrageous the atrocities become and the more ridiculous the propaganda the more people become emotionally triggered and lose their ability to think rationally and take sides and sign up to fight ext. What we need to remember is war doesn’t solve anything and the winners are always the globalist and the losers are always everyone else.

      1. One way my comment made have been misleading; I in no way meant to imply that Ryan is emotionally triggered, not thinking rationally or promoting war, quite the contrary! His coverage is the most fair well balanced I’ve seen. I was only pointing at the possibility of a larger agenda where the appearance of ‘lossing control of the narrative’ could actually benifit some larger goal. Obviously speculation on my behalf.

        Just wanted to point that out 😉
        BtW thanks for your awesome work on this Ryan!

  2. Listen close at 44:33 44 minutes 33 seconds in. He said they found the book “on one of the terrorist’s bodies, on one of the murderers of Hamas.” Now I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounded like a slip of the tongue. Slips of the tongue can often happen when you’re either lying, or you’re consciously thinking about something while attempting to say something different or opposite and end up saying the thing you didn’t mean to say.

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