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Divide and Conquer 101: America Being Destabilized From Within

When a system of power is corrupt, it usually has two main objectives: to keep the current system of power in place as long as possible and to expand this system of power for the sole benefit of those who own and operate it. To bring about this agenda without the public catching on to it, those in power cannot allow the masses to identify where the roots of corruption are stemming from, while also employing deceptive tactics to covertly expand its influence in the shadows. As I have written in the past, one strategy stands alone as the most effective go-to tool for the powers that be when it comes to keeping/expanding power. Some refer to it as the Hegelian Dialectic, others refer to it as Problem-Reaction-Solution, here it will simply be referred to as Divide and Conquer; the oldest trick in the authoritarian manifesto.


Watching the unfolding of the 2016 Presidential Election, it’s becoming quite apparent that the country is growing increasingly divided the closer it gets to Election Day. The latest example was seen at the Donald Trump rally held in Chicago where a large group of anti-Trump protesters showed up to disrupt the event. Fights broke out and several arrests were made, ultimately resulting in Trump canceling the event before even speaking. The obvious questions that need to be asked are: “Why is this all happening” and “who is responsible for it all?” When we take a step back and look at it objectively, it would appear that the organic chaos that is perceived is actually being manipulated from the top in an attempt to divide the country up so that those in power can continue to expand and maintain it.

Chaos From Left Field?

Lets be honest, most Americans have no idea how the system of power really works, so the sudden uproar in disorder had many thinking it all came out of left field. However, as the mainstream media continued to report on political tension, people began looking for someone to blame. The most obvious candidate to receive most of the blame is Donald Trump, a true character in every sense of the word. Now say what you want about Trump, because there is a lot that can be said, but the idea that all this tension between the left and right is due to Donald Trump seems quite ridiculous. The reality of the matter is that the tension we see coming to the surface right now has been building for quite some time. In fact, the entire system was collapsing well before Trump jumped into the political spotlight.

Wealth inequality, racial tensions, government corruption, loss of civil liberties, government expansion, currency destruction, globalization, weak economy, excessive stress, environmental destruction, and power centralization in general are all problems that have developed over the course of several decades if not more. They are not isolated issues either, but all interconnected and systemic in nature. The problem is that most people have been asleep at the wheel, hence the reason all this tension is seemingly coming to the forefront, as people begin to wake up to what’s really been going on. Still, most people will assume that all this chaos is just organically happening because of all the competing viewpoints and interests within the system, along with a plethora of “coincidences.”

While this is true to some degree, the more important hidden truth that most people don’t fully comprehend is that at the top of pyramid sits an interconnected network of people who are playing both sides of the political and economic game with allegiances that transcend political parties. In fact, their network has engulfed both the left and right, ensuring continued dominance of power regardless of who the president might be. To conceal the truth, the puppet masters carefully divide the masses up into groups and purposely pit them against one another, in order to make them think the other side is the enemy. This creates chaos between the two sides, while hiding the fact that the leaders on both sides are working for the same team. While both sides are wasting time fighting each other, team establishment continues to win.


Designed Chaos

It should be pretty clear by now that the entirety of the mainstream media is owned by the very few at the top. In this sense, those who own Fox News are not that different from those who own CNN or MSNBC. They appear different when you watch the content, but ownership interests and agendas are far more connected behind the scenes. Billionaires have a lot more in common with each other than they do with the masses; while infighting might occur, they usually stick together when push comes to shove. It’s in their best interests to do so. Taking this into consideration, it should become obvious that the media is one of the most noticeable places from which this chaos and division is being manufactured in America.

Just look at the Michael Brown shooting and the Ferguson riots for clear examples. On Fox News, the coverage was designed predominantly behind protecting the police, demonizing the protesters and Michael Brown, and giving little to no attention to the clear problem of police brutality that exists in American culture, especially in minority communities. On CNN and MSNBC, the coverage tends to recognize the systemic racism in America and abuse of police power, yet often focuses too much on race while not diving deeper into the subject. What both sides fail to realize is that the information they are getting is mostly half-truths, with a surplus of information and context missing or unreported on. The real problem is that the whole governmental system is corrupt, so while it affects minorities more, it still is not really benefiting the majority of the people. In reality, it is the “Have’s” vs. the “Have Not’s.” Since there are very few actual “Haves,” the people at the top intentionally use the media to divide us on issues so we don’t unite around the real enemy.

This goes even deeper, as many counterculture protests are actually funded by the same players who manipulate the media. What the media failed to report on while covering the Ferguson protests for example, was that the movement was being funded by none other than corrupt billionaire oligarch George Soros, who gave 33 million dollars to the Black Lives Matters movement in Ferguson. This is the same guy who is responsible for funding and dividing the Ukrainians, leading to the destabilization of the country, which is now a collapsing state on the brink of a civil war/proxy war between NATO and Russia.


George Soros is the definition of a globalist oligarch; wherever his hands are, the public needs to be aware. With that in mind, it would seem that many of the violent protests that we saw in Ferguson, were actually paid protesters mixed into the crowd and acting as agent provocateurs to stir up violence and create chaos. These acts of violence and destruction within the city angered the conservative base, while the police brutality and systemic oppression angered the liberal base. Both have every right to be mad; but what they don’t realize is that they need each other to take down the real puppet masters at the top playing them off each other. They stand no chance divided.

A Bag Of Contradictions

Looking at the 2016 Presidential elections, it is starting to become clear, or at the very least suspicious, that America is being intentionally divided by the power players to hide the true parasite-coveting-power that sits at the top.

First, let’s look at Trump; the seemingly main culprit of all the chaos. Donald Trump is a complete mix of contradictions. On one hand, he is loud, obnoxious, insensitive, vague, and offensive with many of the statements he makes. There is no doubt he is angering people, especially in the minority communities for his over the top comments that get played all day in the media. He isn’t exactly very presidential in his appearance and it’s hard to imagine him as president. He also tends to say whatever he feels in the moment, which can lead many to question whether he has any real principles. This is his right to free speech, yet his volunteer supporters are made to sign a non-disclosure agreement saying that they will not criticize Trump.


On the other end, he seems to have the entire establishment against him. The democrats seem to hate him, the GOP seems to hate him, and the majority of the media seems to hate him as well. He is also supposedly independently funded and the opposite of politically correct, which is very appealing to people given the usual robot politicians who pander only special interest. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy seeing Trump tear them apart? Finally, he has made statements on issues that no other politicians would dare touch, like the releasing of 28 classified pages about 9/11, the potential harm of forced vaccinations, attacking politicians across party lines, and giving acknowledgements to certain conspiracy theories.

This makes for a very interesting case when it comes to Donald Trump. On one end, the media seems to be totally against him, yet he fills the airtime on all the major media outlets. This seems to be only helping his campaign and it would be naïve to think that the media doesn’t know this. If they really were against Trump, it would be smarter to keep him out the media all together, similar to what they did with Ron Paul. However, it seems that all the big time players in the establishment of both the left and right are out to get him, as even the republicans have blamed him for the violence going on. This again contradicts the fact that Trump has done business with some of the major oligarchs, including getting massive loans from George Soros and doing business deals with the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. He also has possible ties to known pedophile Jerry Epstein, donated to the Clinton campaign several times, and says he gets advice on foreign policy from Richard Haas, President of the Council on Foreign Relations. The fact is that he is a billionaire, and one doesn’t become a billionaire without being an insider to some degree and understanding that the game works a certain way at the highest levels.


Then there is Bernie Sanders and his supporters who broke up the Trump rally in Chicago and held up Bernie signs while chanting Bernie Sanders after Trump announced the event was canceled. On one end, Bernie Sanders has identified many systemic problems in this country that are based in truth, such as: wealth inequality, systemic corruption, and imperialist’s wars. He seems to be honest when he speaks, and his campaign is not funded by special interests that we know of. His supporters have many reasons to be upset, as the country is not in a particularly good state. On the other end, he is an economic Keynesian and is for bigger government, which throws up some major red flags for anyone who was researched the history of governments and economics. He also has supported many of the wars despite what his supporters might believe, and is largely ignoring the root causes of the broken system such as the Federal Reserve, CIA, and various deep state entities. It is highly questionable whether his type of system would be any better for the American people. This leads us to the Trump rally.

Trump Rally Manipulated?

Little known to many is that George Soros was once again behind the implementation and funding of the Chicago Trump protest through his group MoveOn.org. According to Move On, this is just the beginning, stating,

“Mr. Trump and the Republican leaders who support him and his hate-filled rhetoric should be on notice after tonight’s events. To all of those who took to the streets of Chicago, we say thank you for standing up and saying enough is enough. To Donald Trump, and the GOP, we say, welcome to the general election.”

It seems that while many of the protesters may have been organic, there appears to have been more paid protesters acting as agent provocateurs to stir up chaos. While Trump supporters are no angels, paid provocateurs are incredibly deceptive and dangerous, especially if this continues to escalate. This also comes just days after Tech giants and the GOP establishment met in secret about stopping Trump.


Another interesting fact is that the man who tried to storm the stage at a Trump rally in Dayton, Ohio, Tommy DiMassimo, is not only an actor by profession, but has been featured in the media at several protests, including in Stone Mountain, GA and Wright State. While this might be chopped up as coincidence, it’s quite interesting to note that the same guy, who happens to be an actor, appeared multiple times in the media protesting for causes that were funded by George Soros. Another person seen and interviewed at the protest was Bill Ayers, a known domestic terrorist, as documented by the FBI for being one of the founders of the communist group Weather Underground. His group Weather Underground claimed responsibility for several politically charged bombings in the 1970’s, including an attack at the Pentagon. Bill Ayers is also known to be one of the people who launched Barrack Obama’s career, and according to his memoir, considers Obama a “family friend.”

After the rally, Bernie and Hillary of course blamed Trump, while Trump blamed Sanders for starting the chaos. The media once again split the crowd, which has only increased the division since the incident. However, the reality is that the problem is far from black and white, but instead a big grey area. There are many interesting and overlapping ties to say the least, which makes putting together the bigger picture all the more difficult. All we can do is speculate from the data at this point as to what the big picture agenda is.

The Big Picture Agenda

In the picture there are two so-called “anti-establishment” candidates in Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, who have respectively rallied the political bases of the left and right, which were largely checking out of the established party politics. They are vehemently opposed to each other and couldn’t have built a more polarizing divide. The question is why is this happening when in reality they are both supposed to be against the current established system. The answer once again seems to be planned chaos, which divides the people and hides the real cause.

Some believe the plan is to make Donald Trump look crazy, so that when Bernie loses the primary and Hillary is the democratic nominee, she will look like the easy “sane” choice. This would make a lot of sense given the huge insider connections that Hillary has, including George Soros’ money. Everyone already knows Hillary is a corrupt establishment politician, so the only logical solution to getting her into the White House would be to demonize the other candidates. As a result, many are speculating that it was her camp who planned the chaotic protest in order to make Bernie look bad and blame Trump. At the same time, Trump and the Clintons have many ties, such as the Clintons attending Trump’s wedding and Trump giving many campaign donations to Hillary over the years. This has fed into the similar speculation that Trump is deliberately being used to divide the Republican Party and get Hillary the presidential nod. A Hillary president seems to be what the power players want.

Then there are others that speculate that Trump is the real deal and that the establishment is doing everything in their power to bring him down. It would make some sense given the huge backlash against him by the establishment and that the media seems intent on destroying him. Others speculate that the whole charade is a show and that they actually want Trump to be the next president. This would also make some sense given that he dominates the headlines even though the media knows the attention is helping him. He is a billionaire with massive connections, so it would be kind of hard to believe that he was not in on it all. He could be utilized by the powers that be as the “strongman” who could tighten control for the system and stamp out dissidence. With an awakening mass, a hard-line candidate might be exactly what is necessary to keep power.

In my own humble opinion, I think there is a plot on some level at the very top to destabilize America from within so that a New World Order can be brought about. All the economic policies of the Federal Reserve, all the laws enacted by the big brother security state, and all the militarization of the police would seem to point towards this plan of destroying America. Throw in a false flag attack and the looming economic collapse and you have the grounds for a full-on societal collapse and martial law. It’s important to remember that those at the top are globalists, and so international law and governance is the true long-term objective. In order to bring this about, they must bring down the United States because there cannot be a national global power in a world system. This would seem to go right in hand with the build-up of the Eastern parts of the world.

Obviously, no one knows for sure because there is still so much to play out. More than anything it is important for people to realize that there are many interconnections at the top, and though people might appear to be enemies, many are working together behind the scenes and playing both sides. Those in power have higher allegiances that are more important to them than the good of the people, and will always do whatever is necessary to maintain power. It is highly unlikely that they would let someone who isn’t going to play ball get elected. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “Presidents are selected, not elected.”

It is equally important for people to realize that those at the top are intentionally dividing us and turning us against each other. This is where we must wake up because we cannot tackle the true problems without being united. This includes the minority communities uniting with the police, Sanders supporters uniting with Trump supporters, and all people of righteousness coming together. They are only going to increase the chaos, so the time to act is now. The city of Cleveland is already buying massive amounts of riot gear in anticipation of the GOP convention, Move On is already declaring more protests at Trump events, and Trump supporters are already building a volunteer militia to protect its rallies. This is no joke, and if people don’t get hip to what is really going on behind the scenes, it could turn deadly. No one wants that, especially when it is built on lies and manipulation.

It’s time to wake up and realize that the enemy is not one another, but instead those pulling the strings at the top. The only way to stop the destabilization of this country is to identify the true target and go after it. Only when we do that, real change is possible.


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Tim Bryant
An avid free-thinker, Tim has set out on a mission in search of the truth in whatever form it may come. Ever since his awakening several years ago, his passion for knowledge and justice has led him on a journey into deep research, cultural travel, and complete expansion of the mind. Tim feels as if the information freely flowing into the hands of the public, due to the dawn of the Internet, cannot be stopped at this point, so he has made it his goal to help facilitate and breakdown this complex stream of information, so that others can accelerate their own awakening and be part of the inevitable change happening in society.

6 Replies to “Divide and Conquer 101: America Being Destabilized From Within

  1. Good summary of where we are. It seems like common sense.

    The Ammon Bundy thing in Oregon also looked like a setup, but not too many patriots took the bait.

    They use these tactics on the individual scale too — like try to bait a Muslim into doing something stupid. But it’s much easier to manipulate a crowd.

  2. Divide and conquer – oldest and most effective trick in the book and quite affordable tactic obviously. The Coca Cola + Monsanto mantra is not only quite affordable too, but earns massively huge dividend fortunes which not only serves the goals of population reduction but the dulling down of the minds and physical health on a global basis. What is good for destroying one nation, as seen by now countless models, has become a global endeavor demonstrating successes beyond the most evil imaginations or intents.

    Wish I could say I’ve read something in this article that was new and striking, not so. We saw all this in play and coming into bloom during the human/civil rights struggle era that brought some victories for a season and now a greater regression. Dreams and ideals now buried in the graves of some remarkable persons, including that of children.

    In those days now distant past results much thought was given and driven around CCRR (Color, Class, Race, Religion).

    Color – being of or deemed to belong to the Caucasian race in the global perspective of who has the right to absorb and abuse the world’s riches; seemed to have been an eternal creed proving; “Money is the root of all evil”.

    Class – having the right shade of skin tone among races of people was/is topped by determining ones ‘class’ within any given society when awarding the right of passage into the world of fame and fortunes.

    Race – is understood who is dominant even without declaring this obvious factor or giving needless verbiage here.

    Religion – or the lack thereof, completed the means of determining who serves the ideas of God given rights, or who serves the polar opposite realm of principles, high, low, devoid.

    To be up-to-date ‘Gender would have to be added but remember, it had not become the ultra dividing social marker it is this day with the Rainbow coalition having achieved landmark supreme court decisions protecting gay rights.

    There once was – hope!!

  3. I might take you more seriously if you didn’t reference sistemic racism and police brutality as reasons for our problems. Both of those have been proven blatantly untrue. And simply more of the tools used to divide us.

  4. This is the first article I have read in a long tiime that didn’t leave me angry and frustrated. I’m not any less confused and ignorant but at least the former burden was lifted. I shall use this as the litmus test for deciding if I’m being manipulated. Hey “satan” is a crafty one.

  5. I take exception with the denial of race. There is obviously systemic racism in this country fella. When it was built on slavery and Blacks didn’t achieve integration until the mid sixties what do you expect? The race problem may can never be solved, as it should have been solved 140 years ago during the reconstruction, by a GRADUAL integration of Blacks into FULL CONSTITUTIONAL integration as opposed to sudden emancipation and backlash against it. They never did get the 40 acres or the mule. THERE has to be answer though. How we can come together, black and white, and fight for a common cause: the “American Dream” as it were. We all want financial security and freedom, but THOSE AT THE TOP will not let it happen.

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