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CDC’s COVID Death Count Sleight Of Hand & How Microsoft’s ID2020 Is Being Fulfilled Because COVID

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (2/5/21).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links:

5 NIH/National Library of Medicine studies from 2004-2020 all finding verifiable health effects from wearing a face mask, including scientifically verified reduction is blood oxygen level:

Cloth Mask Study

SOME of the mask studies on efficacy:

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Ryan Cristián
Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

8 Replies to “CDC’s COVID Death Count Sleight Of Hand & How Microsoft’s ID2020 Is Being Fulfilled Because COVID

  1. As far as the deaths from last January, they literally came out last March and reported that they found positives from before Feb and were going back as far as Oct of 19 to find and report deaths with the numbers they were giving. That’s how they pumped the # s up so fast in March n April. Then after doing that, they stopped talking about it and pushed the original narrative again.

  2. When are we all going to stop paying the Piper and actually do something about the schweinhundts behind the Covidian psyop? I’m tired of all this truth and no action. This entire clusterf+ck sh+tshow was designed by ultra-wealthy, ultra-powerful psychopaths who crave world domination. To achieve their goals, they feel they have “no choice” but to steal everything they can (meaning all the resources of the world) and to cull “sufficient billions to ensure sustainability” for themselves and about 500 million (supposedly; probably far less) slaves for themselves. The people controlling this Covid narrative (and all prior psyops) were outed by Raymond Bernard as the Synagogue of Satan; why are so many sites refusing to discuss this fact? If we do not know exactly who our enemies are (hint: not “Bill Gates” or “the Corporate Mafias” or “the government”); and sites like this one continue to refuse to cover this most essential of discovery topics, the majority of people will remain in the dark and will suffer untold miseries and death.

    1. Armando, action covers a very large list of possibilities. You can easily take action by refusing to participate in the social political system. However, I perceive you are insinuating wanting violence as “action”. Just know every human being is related by blood on this Earth. Also know that families and friends are already devided. Do you want brothers and fathers, mothers and daughters to kill each other for the sake of “action”? Is this not also resulting in the same fate as not taking any action (as you allude to)?

  3. The reason life is so difficult for me is that I tell the truth, the whole truth and those programmed by the lying religions automatically reject and pull back in horror when I explain to them the most fundamental and important truth of all which is of course the name of the creator and our sin sacrifice and messiah. These people then put me on their enemy lists and pretend that I am while I just go about my usual and normal life loving and promoting them (if they offer something useful and beneficial like my decieved friend Ryan who thinks I am his enemy for the above stated reason). Were Ryan to remove my emails from the garbage bin and read them he would automatically remember my words and eventually one day he would realize that I was right and that it just took him a long time to come around to what I said in the beginning. This process has been ongoing for 20 years and even though most of them have by now realized the obvious which seemed so horrible in the beginning, none have ever called or emailed me to apologize and re-kindle, that is the source of my downside, my sadness….because I not only care for these people but I always did and I was only trying to worm-hole them to the inevitable future where all real truth seekers end up. Anyone who follows the truth no matter where it leads them will no doubt end up sitting at the feet of the one man who the creator assigned and gave authority to explain the scriptures because the corrected and truthful inspired Holy scriptures are science because science has to end up showing and proving what the creator has done and said and is doing and predicted, or the alternative is of course that Nothing exploded and became everything including YOU, don’t fall off your chair laughing because that can injure you, or always have something soft placed on the floor next to your chair because nothing is more enjoyable than laughing so hard that you don’t care if you fall off your chair, the chemicals the brain produces will never be matched by anything man made even though the idiocy that man does and makes everyday sometimes causes us to laugh so hard…… Ryan is that carrot in the garden that is watched the most and eaten first, in other words he is growing so fast and that has nothing to do with audience counts, I’m talking about in powers to research and figure out what is bull and what is not and he is my favorite becase he always qualifies it when he allows the four letter words to come out of his mouth (the news scum), this is their fitting reward and therefore he gives the voice in my head no ammo to trouble me with all day long, I know he knows they are scum and so their is nothing to say but he still has my emails programmed to go straight to the trash can, almost like I don’t count when he looks into the camera and says he loves You all, I know he doesn’t mean me because I will never call the creator a worthless evil god and he knows this, let us see if time will tell. One thing is sure, that will never make him my enemy and I will never stop listening to anyone who tells the truth and to date no one out of the tens of thousands I’ve taught has ever even bothered to try to defend the use of an evil worldly title to describe the most loving and honest being that will ever exist, their programming just won’t allow them to do such needed research, I guess other things are just too urgent. My skills in writing may be poor but an honest man should be able to see that I write honestly even if it doesn’t have the proper spacing or punctuation, and one more thing…I will always love you dude so long as you don’t stab me in the back and accept the lie…oh wait I almost got into an important verse that says that through trickery of the lying pen of the scribes did they trick mankind into worshipping the creation (lord, lords, baal, and gods who are created beings) rather than the creator who’s name is Yahweh!
    Peace and Light (the 613 laws of Yahweh)

  4. By the way Ryan in case you don’t remember what the first thing I told you is, well I told you that YES there is ONE MAN who you can trust on this earth always. You were always stating that if you put your trust into any man or blah blah blah….you will no doubt end up screwing yourself or something like that and I agreed with you about everybody on earth except the One Man whom your bible tells you to seek out and learn from and trust absolutely. This show you have no idea how many of the things he has taught us you stated as fact and so I see you growing and I know you don’t know that you are slowly starting to speak his words and so I write this to tell you, not to state that I was right but to inform you that you are on the right path and to say GREAT JOB FRIEND!

  5. Hello: mate from Australia: great show today: hit the mark beautifully:
    The links: are a masterpiece: and I really enjoy doing the research: it is noticeable to me how your
    show: really does focus : on the media bubble: that they try to keep in: In Australia: we have this;
    Media: Government: bubble: that keeps a lid on what is going on elsewhere: as we geographically
    are isolated: : this of course is exploited: As the roll-out of the Vaccine: in line with the WHO : policy;
    ” herd immunity ” regimen: the multi- million dollar advertising: campaign: the Billions; committed:
    to the Vaccine Strategy: I have sent registered mail: to these illuminares; “as to proof of claim”;
    and as to Personal and Commercial Liability: are they aware of the position: as to ” sponsors”
    and in one case vested interest: as the words; ” safe” : ” immunity “: and the implied reference:
    as to benefit: in the au: ” one shot” advertising: to normal:! Please define normal please: ?
    and the Governments: on the fence position; as to the Commercial Corporates: diktats: as to
    Coercive: Contracts: of performance: without informed Consent: no jab : no pay: : UNESCO: Bio- Ethics:
    Charter: comes to mind: : They send me a glossary: of indeterminate legalese: as the white noise of
    discomfort: as they attempt to justify their position: : As a long serving: ” creature of Statute:” ;
    They are misinformed: as to ” legality ” of duly ” enacted” : the process: as opposed: to regulations:
    under the tenor of ” Emergency Provisions ” : and so called law by committee:
    So I have become: very unpopular: but I take it : as you say sow a few seeds: fertilise with the right
    questions: : question everything:! Absolutely;!!!!

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