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An Alleged American-Israeli-PA Agreement To Put Down Palestinian Revolution In The West Bank

A agreement is said to have been signed, this July, between the Palestinian Authority (PA), Israel and the United States government, aimed at propping up the unelected Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas and his regime. The controversial leaking of this information may be yet more proof of how the American and Israeli governments are propping up an undemocratic puppet regime in West Bank.

According to sources quoted by ‘Arabi 21 news’, that spoke on the condition of anonymity, on July 14, 2021, a document was signed by representatives for the PA, Israel and the US. The report quotes their source as saying:

“The document reveals that the US administration imposes strict control over the Palestinian media and educational curricula, with the reactivation of the tripartite American-Israeli-Palestinian incitement committee”.

If true, this would essentially mean that what is being broadcasted on Palestinian television networks, under the control of the PA, and what is being taught in classrooms to Palestinian children in the West Bank, would be subject to the influence of Israel and the US. The agreement was supposedly signed in the wake of growing fears from the Israeli and US governments, that the Palestinian Authority is nearing its collapse.

This would mean that in order to save their political standing and power, the PA would have essentially traded the small amount of decision-making they had over to the negative influence of their supposed enemies. Furthermore, as part of the alleged deal between the three parties, the US government is said to have set up a three month deadline during which the PA must conduct a full and transparent investigation into the assassination of prominent Palestinian dissident, Nizar Banat. This was set up with the intention of gaining greater legitimacy amongst a disgruntled public, who continue to take to the streets in the thousands calling over the PA’s actions.

Why this deal will not work

What is clear so far, from the discourse between the three allies (PA, Israel and the US), is that they have no real grasp of the reality facing them on the ground in the occupied territories. The revolutionary spirit of the people has in the past been quashed in the West Bank as a trade-in for the stability of some. This is no longer the case. The PA is so transparently corrupt, it is so obviously a subcontractor for Israel’s occupation, and is a dictatorship, which opposes democratic election in practice [paying lip service only to democracy] and even kills, imprisons, and acts as a spy force against its own people.

The list of crimes committed by the PA forces of the puppet dictator Mahmoud Abbas is simply too long to list and ultimately makes them look like traitors to their own people. The sentiment of the Palestinians in the West Bank, is that the regime installed there is only in place to make Israel’s job easier in being the occupier and to make it a cost free occupation. All of the dirty work that is done, in terms of intelligence, the most hardcore forms of physical torture and spying, is done by the PA forces.

The “security cooperation” ongoing between the PA and Israel is for the security of Israel and its illegal settlers and is part and parcel of the now invalid Oslo Accords. For the US and Israel, along with their money/power hungry lapdog [the PA], they fail to see the obvious.

Hamas, the group which currently rules over the illegally besieged Gaza Strip, is not popular amongst Palestinians for its socially conservative ideology, or its leaders, instead, it draws its legitimacy from its resistance to Israeli crimes. The reason why Palestinians support Hamas, is because it fights Israel, not because it delivers meaningless speeches at the UN, to then have its diplomats party it up with their supposed enemies, stay in luxurious hotels and go on shopping sprees in Western capitals.

The Palestinian people see through the PA, and revolution will not be stopped by a short term boost to the seeming reliability of the Abbas administration, nor will an injection of short-term wealth for some of those living in the major West Bank city centres. Revolution will come irrespective of whether new mechanisms are put in place, and the only way the PA can hold on to power is to fight Israel in a meaningful way, which it will not do, for that defeats its purpose. The PA won’t even go as far as holding democratic elections, because they know that Hamas would win not only the parliamentary election, but most likely the presidential election too, by a landslide at this point.

The US and Israel now getting involved further in the everyday lives of Palestinians, as is suggested by the sources quoted at ‘Arabi 21 news’, would have the reverse effect of giving the PA more legitimacy. It is a strategy headed to failure and the only way the PA can boost its legitimacy to stay afloat for longer, is to resist Israel and become a real force for national liberation, otherwise, its days are numbered.

Robert Inlakesh
Robert Inlakesh
Robert Inlakesh is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer, Middle-East analyst & news correspondent for The Last American Vagabond.

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