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Who Is Really Willing To Prevent Nuclear War?

A petition appealing to the DPRK’s authorities to stop testing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) during the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang has recently emerged at

A huge number of athletes and sports fans eager to live in peace and harmony have initiated this petition. Their emotional distress is quite justified. The fact is that the situation around the Korean peninsula is aggravating with every passing day. Washington and Pyongyang are exchanging threats and rattling nuclear sabers on a regular basis. The Pentagon has stepped up its military presence as well as significant increase in military drills in the region alongside its true allies, South Korea and Japan. For its part, North Korea reflexively responds to the challenges by carrying out nuclear testing.

The White House demands that the DPRK immediately roll back the aggressive national nuclear and missile programs. At the same time, Washington has no intention of establishing a dialogue with Pyongyang, stopping its military provocations or showing even the slightest compromise in the name of peace. It seems the U.S. administration expects uni-lateral capitulation of the North Korean regime.


Perhaps, Trump deliberately provokes Kim Jong Un so as to preserve profitably high levels of tension in Asia and the Pacific. It is proven by the increasing level of military sales contracts between the U.S. and Asian states which has jumped to an all-time high. According to SIPRI, American companies have considerably raised their share in the total volume.

Only the existence of nuclear weapons can prevent the U.S. from military intervention and from subversive activities on the territory of a sovereign state. It means the DPRK will never be able to sincerely implement all the U.S. requirements and to renounce nuclear weapons. The North Korean leadership is well aware that the only viable way to guarantee the sovereignty and integrity of a nation and its territory is undoubtedly a successful missile and nuclear program as recognized by the intelligence communities of some powerful states.


Actually, Kim Jong Un made his country a member of a nuclear power club, while doing his utmost to finish the score of his granddad’s lifetime. He celebrates the victory. Obtaining means of delivery for weapons of mass destruction, North Korea strives to become authoritative so as to allow the country to hold the negotiations from a position of strength. The fact that Kim Jong Un recently agreed to a certain relaxation of tensions during the Olympics, points out another failure of Trump. He is losing popularity against the background of inconsistent home policy, ill-considered laws, Syrian campaign breakdown, and complicated foreign-policy.

For its part, the North Korean leader is willing to surpass his achievements by trying to prove the transparency to the whole world. Kim Jong Un has already initiated a direct dialog with South Korea and is ready for a number of compromises, unlike the current US strong arm policy. As the whole world begins to acknowledge the reckless foreign policy of the US, its reputation has been shattered due to the careless actions of those forgoing all else for a little profit.


Sophie Mangal
Sophia is the special investigative correspondent at Inside Syria Media Center

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