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US Soldier Left Behind In Niger Was Shot In the Back Of His Head, Villagers Say

Pentagon claims that no US troops were left behind, let alone survivors, in the October 4 Niger ambush, are falling apart with growing comments from both Nigerian officials and villagers from the area, who reported finding the body of Sgt. La David Johnson.

After coming under ambush, the US lost contact with four soldiers, and evacuated without them when France sent helicopters. Three of the four were found dead not long thereafter when they returned. Sgt. Johnson was found days later.

And locals say Sgt. Johnson was almost certainly alive when the US left, as the body they found had his arms tied up and was shot in the back of the head, suggesting he was caught by militants and ultimately executed.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis had previously insisted that this was not possible because the US military never leaves people behind. Questions continue to grow about the Pentagon’s story, but the Pentagon says their own investigation is still ongoing, and is urging patience until they finalize it, suggesting that for now everything they’ve said so far is little more than a bunch of trial balloons to see what the public will buy.



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