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Israel’s Disturbing Policy Of Assassinating Scientists Has Finally Been Revealed

For the first time, the covert elements of an Israeli plot to undermine Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions — including the assassination of Iranian scientists — has been uncovered, Politico reports. Based on interviews with high-ranking Israeli, American, British, German and French sources, Politico closely details what it termed the “biggest intelligence, political and diplomatic operation Read More…

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Former EPA Senior Scientist Confirms Fluoride Lowers Children’s IQ

Ostensibly, the purpose of adding the fluoride to public drinking water supplies is to improve dental health in the community, yet even the U.S. Government had to modify this claim by lowering the national fluoride levels in 2015, citing increases in dental fluorosis. In 2012, a major Harvard study found that public water fluoridation poses a risk to the Read More…

Quantum Teleportation
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Scientists Conduct Quantum Teleportation with Fiber-Optic Networks

A joint venture between teams of scientists in Calgary and China, producing two separate but conjoined studies not only demonstrating quantum teleportation as possible—but have repeatedly teleported this quanta using their ascertained scientific methodology. The studies, which can be seen here, (, represent the bare bones of physical transportation technology, and authenticate many aspects of esoteric Read More…

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Cops Use Faulty Test Kits to Incite Fear about THC in Water Supply–Scientists Say It’s Impossible

On Thursday, the residents of Hugo, population 750, started getting calls from local officials about the drinking water. They were told it was contaminated and to avoid drinking the water or letting their pets drink it, and even to avoid bathing in it. The purported danger came not from lead or arsenic or E. coli or any Read More…

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Scientists Demonstrate What Meditation Does To Your Gut & Your Brain

Numerous studies have indicated the many physiological benefits of meditation, and the latest one comes from Harvard University. An eight week study conducted by Harvard researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) determined that meditation literally rebuilds the brains grey matter in just eight weeks. It’s the very first study to document that meditation produces changes Read More…

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Clandestine Gene Corruption – Scientists Hold Secret Meeting To Discuss Synthetic DNA Generation

There were nearly 150 bright minded scientists who attended the closed-door meeting at Harvard Medical School in Boston. They were all told explicitly to not contact the media and not to tweet during the meeting on March 10th. The surreptitious nature of this conference is strange enough, but the subject matter is downright alarming: artificial Read More…