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Scientists Empirically Examine Whether “Cleanliness” is Next to “Godliness”

Scientists at the University of Essex released a study in the journal of Social Psychological & Personality Science that studied the sociocultural habits of 135 college students–in conjunction with neuroimaging studies in the laboratory–in order to examine the relationship between biological cleanliness, health, analogical thought-process, neurosis, and religion.  As the old adage goes, “Cleanliness is next Read More…

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Cops Accused of Forcing Scientists to Falsify DNA Tests To Get More Prosecutions

New York, NY – A group of scientists who worked at a crime lab for the New York State police are now suing the department, claiming that the agency encouraged them to overlook false test results so they could get more prosecutions. The three scientists who filed the lawsuit said that they attempted to correct Read More…