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World Renowned Scientists Have Their Lab Shut Down After Troublesome Vaccine Discovery

In the 90’s, Dr. Antonietta Gatti discovered the relationship between micro- and nano-particles as well as a great number of pathologies: cardiovascular diseases, many forms of cancer, multiple neurological diseases, and autoimmune diseases. She’s taken part in many international research projects, including the pathologies induced by depleted uranium, waste incineration, food polluted with inorganic particles, Read More…

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New Documents Prove Mainstream Pro-Monsanto Article Was Actually Written by Monsanto

According to documents recently released amid a lawsuit against Monsanto regarding the safety of glyphosate, a widely used herbicide, a prominent academic from Stanford University allowed the agrochemical giant to pen an op-ed in his name. It was subsequently published in Forbes magazine. Henry I. Miller, a Robert Wesson Fellow in Scientific Philosophy and Public Policy at the Read More…

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13 Most Essential Data-Points In #PizzaGate Pedophilia Allegations

*Editor’s Note: Images and certain reference material which would typically be included within were omitted and replaced with a link where available for the reader to view. This was done intentionally to avoid the site being hit with an unjustified copyright claim as The Daily Sheeple was in regards to this story. Clearly this story is Read More…

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Obama’s Drug Czar Admits Govt Suppressed Research Showing the Benifits of Cannabis

The Obama Administration’s Drug Czar Michael Botticelli chatted it up on Politico’s Pulse Check podcast recently where he discussed the federal government’s approach to drug addiction and rehabilitation, among other topics. But Botticelli did take a moment to discuss marijuana, and specifically the government’s historical role in making it difficult for researchers to study the therapeutic benefits Read More…

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P-hacking: How “Institutionalized Science” Can Be Fabricated

While The Last American Vagabond is keen on releasing reports done on scientific studies and analyses, it is important to remember that these scientific studies are almost exclusively funded and selected by the elitist corporate funnel-system that has bastardized the most useful forms of modern culture and society.  Science, just like religion, has become a Read More…

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World’s Highest Paid CEO Makes His Killing from Cancer Patients

Natural and affordable cancer remedies seem to be continually ignored by the mainstream cancer industry as alternatives to chemo, radiation and designer drugs, because of one simple fact: cancer and cancer research is a huge industry. According to Bloomberg’s rankings, the highest paid chief corporate officer is Patrick Soon-Shiong, CEO of NantKwest Inc., a cancer research Read More…