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Russia Claims It Has Evidence White Helmets, Nusra Planning Fake Chemical Attack

As tensions heat up in Syria between a growing number of heavily involved participants, the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria has stated it has been warned by sources that Jobhat al-Nusra is planning to coordinate a staged chemical weapons attack with the White Helmets for the purpose of blaming the attack on the Syrian government.

The center stated that, on Monday, it received a phone call from a resident in Serakab in Idlib province describing the incident allegedly being planned.


According to the source as reported by the RCFRIS, terrorists from Jobhat al-Nusra brought three cars packed with over 20 cylinders of chlorine as well as “personal protective equipment” to Serakab on the afternoon of February 12.

The source also revealed that the local branch of the White Helmets, “wearing individual means of protection” rehearsed “giving first aid” to “local residents” who were supposed to have been suffering from poisoning.

While the reports have apparently only come from one source, it appears to have been credible enough for the RCFRIS to announce the possibility that a staged chemical attack was in the works.


Chemical attacks in Syria have long been suspected of having been staged by terrorists in concert with the White Helmets for some time. Notably, abundant evidence suggests that the alleged chemical attacks at Khan Sheikhoun was one of those instances.

But while many are aware that chemical weapons attacks have been staged, the issue nevertheless remains dangerous because, as in the case of Khan Sheikhoun, the United States has repeatedly used the alleged attacks as an excuse to launch military operations against the Syrian government.

In 2013, the propaganda was not successful. In 2017, however, the United States launched a several missiles at the al-Sha’aryat Military base, killing Syrian soldiers and a number of civilians in the surrounding areas, including children.


Source: www.activistpost.com

Brandon Turbeville
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  1. You Americans just amaze me that you believe this crap that Russia is behind this its all you Americans and the deep state, and the only way you are getting these idiots out is bomb them out this will cause a war and the deep state and the jews have there false flag, wake up America.

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