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Youtube Channel Opportunities For Your Blog

YouTube presence has apparent benefits to bloggers. A YouTube channel would be beneficial to them in terms of driving traffic and increasing their exposure, not forgetting a few backlinks with a reputation to boot. However, even if most bloggers tried searching for their favorite bloggers on YouTube, it won’t be easy to find them. This shows that bloggers are reluctant to join the YouTube arena, and mostly because they think that it would be challenging to attract traffic to their YouTube sites. The truth is that if bloggers make their blogs more popular, then they shave the ability to make their YouTube channel stand out.

Bloggers should think it out, and if they are ready to have a YouTube channel for their blog, then they should step into the arena to experience numerous opportunities.

1. Generating more inbound links and increased viewership

  • Bloggers who have YouTube channels for their blogs have the opportunity to embed videos in their blog posts. The advantage of doing so is to enable them to integrate their content marketing with YouTube videos.
  • Placing videos in their blog posts would add more dynamism and engagement to their posts. Writing content and creating a video to complement it would help in recycling their content ideas in a new and exciting fashion.
  • The secret guide to video explains how blog posts with YouTube channels lead to the increased generation of inbound links and viewership.

2. Helps bloggers start with a YouTube follower base

  • Some users began with 80000 followers, and in a short time, they gained about 1400 followers. They explained how their YouTube videos for the blog gained them those followers without trying at all. This helped them to start with some followers as opposed to starting with none.
  • However, if they would have started with none, they would still get the opportunity to get some subscribers who they would add up with time even if it means to buy Youtube subscribers with a credit card.

3. Bloggers have the chance to choose a specific niche

Blogging covers a variety of niches and topics. From the start off base of subscribers, it’s easy for them to grow their YouTube subscribing. It’s so hard to build a broad audience when you are blogging about a range of topics. Having a YouTube Channel for a blog would help to spearhead an increased following since there is an opportunity to be niche-specific.

Why YouTube for bloggers?

  • YouTube, being the second largest search engine platform on the web should be home for bloggers. They should take advantage of the audience YouTube has, how many, and how fast they tune in whenever content has been uploaded.
  • Even though YouTube receives an equal number of women and men, YouTube is still somewhat dominated by the male. Men have so much love for gaming and sports while women are into makeup and skincare, but the moment men omit gaming the gender audience divide becomes 50-50.
  • Data YouTube’s reaches 81.2% of internet users in the U.S., But it’s no surprise that much of the time is spent on the site by younger visitors.  During March 2015 YouTube drew a record of 31.8 users aged 18-24 spending an average of 10 hours, 15 minutes streaming. They also attracted the traffic of 19.4 million 65 and older visitors to the site. The visitors spent an average of 3 hours, 54 minutes streaming content on YouTube.
  • The beauty and style channels is a sure way of reaching women. Bloggers starting YouTube channels should seize this opportunity because beauty and style is such a popular category for YouTube channels. For bloggers with beauty blogs, having a YouTube channel would guarantee a faithful following because beauty and style category receives 582 million reviews monthly.

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