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Israel Admits Targeting Jabalia Refugee Camp Killing Hundreds Of Civilians & More IDF Propaganda

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (11/1/23).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order):

(Unfortunately due to the anomalies in during the show, I did for some reason lose the first few segments of links. My apologies) 

(23) Steven Donziger on X: “A startling admission is buried in the @nytimes today: Israeli officials admit they are fine with “mass civilian casualties” in Gaza. The Israeli officials also cite the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan to justify the scale of expected civilian death in Gaza. Unconscionable.⬇️” / X
Israel-Gaza live updates: 5 American aid workers cross from Gaza into Egypt – ABC News
Israel-Hamas war updates for Oct 31, 2023
Israel strikes crowded Gaza camp; says Hamas commander killed | Reuters
Israel says new strike on Gaza refugee camp kills second Hamas leader, first evacuees reach Egypt | Reuters
Israel-Hamas war live: UN says Israel’s Jabalia attacks may be ‘war crimes’ | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera
(24) Captain Silverstache on X: “@TLAVagabond @Israel Could you imagine if Russia did what Israel is doing to Palestinians, with Ukraine…🤡🌎🤦 We have the most hypocritical so-called leadership in this country. Shocking, but not surprising.” / X
(24) X
Top UN official in New York steps down citing ‘genocide’ of Palestinian civilians | United Nations | The Guardian
(24) X
(24) X
(48) UNRWA on X: “🔺In the last 24 hours, 3 @UNRWA staff were killed in ongoing strikes while in their homes with their families – bringing total to 67 @UNRWA colleagues killed in📍#Gaza since 7 October 🔺@UNOCHA: 121 Palestinians killed in the📍#WestBank since 7 October” / X
(20) UNRWA on X: “🔺 It’s estimated that 1.4 million people are currently displaced in the📍#GazaStrip 🔺 Since 7 October, 70 @UNRWA colleagues have been killed and at least 22 injured. This is the highest number of @UN aid workers killed in a conflict in such a short time” / X
(20) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “The moment Wolf Blitzer inadvertently reports on the fact that Israel continues to target UN facilities in Gaza. 67 UN staff now killed. Even MSM is having a hard time toeing this line. But they’re sure trying. #CeaseFireInGazaNOW” / X
(20) UNRWA on X: “📍#Gaza has over 2 million people, half of them children. Gazans are vibrant, educated people who aspire to have normal lives, families, children, education, and dreams of a better future. An entire population is being de-humanized. 📸 @amra_ashraf” / X
(21) United Nations Geneva on X: “”Gaza has become a graveyard for children. It’s a living hell for everyone else.” – @UNICEF “Fuel is vital for the water supply; for the ambulances; for the hospitals to operate.” – @WHO “Some of these buildings where people are sheltering are coming under attack.” – @UNOCHA″ / X
(21) Rania Khalek on X: “Western media (with help from the UN) have reached the stage of the genocide where they accuse the desperate brown people being bombed and starved of “looting” Omg” / X
Thousands loot UN aid warehouses in Gaza as death toll tops 8,000 and Israel widens ground offensive |
(20) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “@itamarwe @UNRWA @UN @UNOCHA @ochaopt @UNICEFpalestine @UN_News_Centre @amra_ashraf This is the UN you absolute fool (or more likely an IDF bot farm). Are you suggesting that the UN is holding hostages or that they are working with Hamas? Either is not even what Israel is claiming. Not like I expect logic or facts to deter you, I just want others to know.” / X
(27) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “But they’ll sure as hell use the idea of those they’ve twice refused to rescue, to progress the agenda. All by making you think the agenda is about rescuing the prisoner. When in reality, the agenda is what’s killing the prisoners as they indiscriminately bomb where they’re held.” / X
(37) Fratercula Arctica #Freedom&Truth🇬🇧✝️ on X: “@TLAVagabond @Israel Exchange innocents for terrorists, yeah that’ll work.” / X
Israel conducts largest Gaza raid yet amid growing calls for ceasefire – The Washington Post
(20) sarah on X: ““self-defense”” / X
(25) Fratercula Arctica #Freedom&Truth🇬🇧✝️ on X: “@TLAVagabond @Israel Exchange innocents for terrorists, yeah that’ll work.” / X
(21) Dan Cohen on X: “Media talking heads still pretend it’s a “war against Hamas” while Israel bombs hospitals and exterminates doctors and nurses along with their families.” / X
(24) Osaid Alser, MD, MSc(Oxon) 🗝 🇵🇸 on X: “Our message is the same: stop the military attacks now, protect civilians (including HCW), lift the 16-year blockade on Gaza immediately, and allow international aid to enter #Gaza to support the health-care system, that has already collapsed, both on the short and long terms .2” / X
Urgent call for protecting health-care workers in Palestine – The Lancet
(23) Committee to Protect Journalists on X: “🚨 More members of the press have died in the first weeks of the Israel-Gaza war than any other conflict since at least 1992. As of November 1: -33 journalists dead -8 journalists injured -9 journalists missing or detained More details: #Israel #Gaza” / X
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(20) Christian Malazarte on X: “😲😲😲 @RecTheRegime said something controversial on @Timcast. He said the IDF was in such disarray that they shot their own people. I happened to watch @RealScottRitter earlier on @Judgenap and recalled that he said the same thing. @scotthortonshow is this accurate?” / X
Evidence Shows Israel Killed Own Citizens On The 7th & 53 UN Staff, Journalists Deliberately Killed
What really happened on 7th October?
A growing number of reports indicate Israeli forces responsible for Israeli civilian and military deaths following October 7 attack – Mondoweiss
In the Otaf kibbutzim, they try to look ahead: “The goal in front of my eyes is to return home” – Defense Policy – Haaretz
Kibbutz Be’eri survivor to Israeli radio: “Israeli soldiers undoubtedly shot their own civilians, they eliminated everyone including the hostages. There was very heavy crossfire, even tank shelling. The Palestinian fighters treated us well, nothing happened to me like what I heard in the media.” : r/AskMiddleEast
A conversation with Yasmin Porat, a survivor of the Bari massacre – YouTube
Israeli forces shot their own civilians, kibbutz survivor says | The Electronic Intifada
Gaza Prisoners Ask Netanyahu “Do You Want To Kill Us All?” & Amnesty Int. Proves Israel’s War Crimes
(23) Dan Cohen on X: ““I don’t want to be another number in a massacre.” U.S. citizen Suzan Beseiso is TRAPPED in Gaza with her family and the @StateDept is IGNORING her pleas for help! Listen to my latest in @UncapturedNews” / X
(23) Efrat Fenigson on X: “10 month ago I gave my prediction for a war in the middle east, as a diversion from big, global problems the world is facing, in the first 35 seconds of this interview for Rebel News. I wish I was wrong. Now, I’m not saying this war we’re in is ONLY…” / X
(24) أبو عمّار on X: “@PhoneixReloaded” / X
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(22) Kevork Almassian🇸🇾🇦🇲 on X: “Government documents pointing to construction at a classified U.S. base offer rare hints about a little-noted U.S. military presence near Gaza.” / X
U.S. Quietly Pushes Ahead Secret Military Base in Israel, Near Gaza
(23) Dan Cohen on X: “US special forces are in Israel on the Gaza border. Photos sent to me by a source. This raises an important question: Is the US a direct participant in the genocide of Gaza?” / X
(19) vanessa beeley on X: “Waiting for confirmation that #Zionist ground invasion has begun in #Gaza. It is being reported by select X accounts & media. The attack order of the commander of the Southern Command, division general Yaron Finkelman, to the land forces operating in the Gaza Strip:” / X
US Sends 300 More Troops To Middle East, Raising Total To 1,200 | ZeroHedge
Marine Corps 3-star general advising Israeli military on Gaza ground operation
Gaza Genocide Was Always The Plan & FDA Admits Dangers Of Getting Flu/COVID Jabs Together
(21) Lowkey on X: “It is being reported that these leaked documents show the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence’s plan to push over 2 million people out of Gaza into the Sinai Desert, through this bombing campaign. The plan is to depopulate Gaza.” / X
(21) Dan Cohen on X: “Antony Blinken will propose the Palestinian Authority, the occupation sub-contractor that is reviled in the West Bank and has zero legitimacy, to lord over the smoldering rubble mass grave known as Gaza after Israel finishes its genocidal war. There is zero percent chance that…” / X
Egyptian Prime Minister Says Country Ready to Sacrifice Millions of Lives to Defend Territory
(21) Middle East Eye on X: “Israel is proposing writing off a significant chunk of Egypt’s international debts through the World Bank to entice the cash-strapped Abdel Fattah el-Sisi government to open its doors for displaced Palestinians, Ynet reported” / X
Israel-Gaza live updates: 5 American aid workers cross from Gaza into Egypt – ABC News
(20) Dr. Eli David on X: “🚨 Breaking – Prime Minister of Egypt 🇪🇬 just said that Egypt is “ready to sacrifice millions of lives” to prevent even a single Palestinian refugee to enter. Why so much hatred for Palestinians? Maybe because Egypt knows them too well…” / X
(20) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “@RubinReport You’re embarrassing yourself. Enjoy the rabid followers who support such ignorance, they’ll eat you alive the moment you stop waking that Zionist line, or just because they feel like. Just read the comments below your shockingly ignorant broad stroke generalization. #Journalism” / X
(20) RayRayIsHappy on X: “@pirate_stream @TLAVagabond @RubinReport How does the creator of locals block anyone!? In what world does that make any sense!!???” / X
(28) Hillel Fuld on X: “No idea who wrote it but it basically sums up the whole thing perfectly.” / X
(26) Mark R. Levin on X: “The enemy within” / X
(23) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “Ben Shapiro attacks and denigrates the Jews protesting below who dare to simply call for a ceasefire (since they apparently care about the over 1000 children who have been killed in Gaza) for disagreeing with his belligerent stance. #Hypocrite” / X
(22) Immune to mind shaping on X: “אנחנו נתנו לזה לקרות! הפכנו את הדת למכונת כסף בארץ ישראל! הציונות הפכה אותה לנשק ומנדטים בקואליציה. הילדים שלנו היו חיילים של הכיבוש. הגענו לאן שהגענו בגלל ששכחנו את החוק היסוד של התורה שנתן לנו הקדוש ברוך הוא. וְאָהַבְתָּ לְרֵעֲךָ כָּמוֹךָ רק ככה נחיה בשלום!” / X
(21) vanessa beeley on X: “” Only democracy in Middle East ” ‘Zionist police on Wednesday raided the anti-Zionist Jewish neighborhood in occupied #Jerusalem to take down Palestinian flags & brutally attacked Jews hitting, and punching them in the face.’ QNN″ / X
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(22) UN Watch on X: “No joke: this Thursday, the Islamic Regime in Iran will become Chair of the U.N. Human Rights Council Social Forum. Say NO to the U.N. legitimizing a regime that beats, blinds, tortures and rapes women for demanding their rights. Sign the petition now:” / X
(22) does not consent on X: “@jvplive @TLAVagabond relax you nazi antisemites~” / X
(21) Alan MacLeod on X: “I wonder how many of the figures screaming about Hamas torturing civilians will have anything to say about this.” / X
Attention Required! | Cloudflare
IDF, settlers allegedly bind, strip, beat, burn, urinate on 3 Palestinians in W. Bank | The Times of Israel
Israeli Forces Kills 4 In Jenin, Mutilate A Palestinian Dead Body In Hebrew
Israeli Forces Execute Palestinians In The West Bank, Prompting Shootings Against Settlers – The Last American Vagabond
(35) Nour Odeh 🇵🇸 #NojusticeNopeace on X: “Palestinian media monitors videos posted by Israeli soldiers who continue to publish videos documenting their humiliation of Palestinians they detain in the West Bank. These are just two recent samples.” / X
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(22) Sprinter on X: “Turkish President Erdogan today sent a clear message regarding the Palestinian situation: If the countries of the region are ready to cooperate together, then we as Turkey are also ready to participate! We believe that Israel, which seems to have completely lost its mind and is…” / X
(22) Megatron on X: “BREAKING: ‼️🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia has given the green light for the deployment of US air defense systems in the country to protect Israel from external attacks, – Saudi Arabia’s defense minister The sides discussed the situation in the Middle East, and additional air defense systems…” / X
MBS Wants Yemenis To “Shiver” For Generations When They Hear Saudi Arabia, Vows To Continue Targeting Children
Use of cluster bombs in Yemen may be war crime: U.N. chief | Reuters
(23) LastAmericanVagabond on X: “As many predicted, should Israel continue this genocide, this is drawing in other countries. Israel seems determined to carry out its agenda at all costs.” / X
(43) sarah on X: “BREAKING: Bolivia has now officially cut ties with Israel. The decision comes after former Bolivian President Evo Morales called on his country’s government to cut ties with Israel and declare it a terrorist state in light of the massacres it is committing in Gaza.” / X

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Ryan Cristián
Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

7 Replies to “Israel Admits Targeting Jabalia Refugee Camp Killing Hundreds Of Civilians & More IDF Propaganda

  1. According to the words in the Bible I read, the RSV, 1951, the LORD destroyed the inhabitants of the ancient world because it had become so wicked there was no choice. One person and his family did survive the flood of waters, but no one else. There were men, women, and children, i.e., civilians who were the inhabitants among other beings on this earth at that time of this event. Would this be considered “genocide”? Am not implying that what is going on in the Middle East and elsewhere are right, just asking a question.

  2. How was lances comment posted at 6:35 when i was here after 9pm and no vid? This is 2 vids in a row i came here n checked at like 9pm eastern and nothing current was here but i wake up 8hrs pater to the vid being shared to bitchute and posted while i was looking but saw nothing.

  3. People, innocent people, not govts and their cabal , EVER benefit from war: the govts of the world all of them…psychopathic democide agendas for world depopulation. ONCE you see this pattern what they do to their own people is no surprise. The BIG deception and problem is people who believe their govts, itrs why i left the usa years ago, but O this is so hardto watch history repeating itself~ horifying suffering and no end in sight until JESUS returns!

  4. Am not a supporter of the “Evangelical” movement, but I do believe in the Word of God as written in the correct versions of the Old and New Testaments. I do not belong to or attend any “house of worship” either. Jesus said, “God does not dwell in houses made with hands.” Regarding what goes on in these buildings Jesus said something regarding praying, that this was to be done in secret, in a private place, not in public like the hypocrit’s do! Says a lot about all the religions who do so doesn’t it!

  5. Hi Ryan,

    I had some trouble with the website’s contact form (the character prompt isn’t showing up for me), so I’m leaving a comment here just in case my email didn’t go through.

    I want to share a song that I believe you’d find as poignant as I do. It’s called ‘Ceasefire Now’ by Joseph Arthur, which captures the heartache of the situation in Gaza. I find it both touching and powerful and think it might resonate with you and your audience.

    You can listen to the song here:

    Take care brother and keep up the good fight,

  6. Bombing “after warning all the civilians to get out”…

    If they had really properly warned them, wouldn’t they had gotten out? The fact that so many civilians died shows they did not properly warn them or give them time to get out.

  7. Have seen many horrific images and videos of people injured and killed in fighting and war, or “warfighting” as the military rulers at the Pentagon call it. They are memories I don’t like recalling. Have talked with men who were forced to fight in WW2 and other lesser wars the military rulers called “conflicts”. The accounts of what they went through are horrific. Most of them were heavy users of alcohol or drugs during and after their service. Most of them suffered psychological damage and horrific physical injuries. Some of them could not live with what they had done, so they ended their lives, which is still going on. I had male relatives who fought in WW2 and the lesser “conflicts”. None of them, including my dad, are alive now. They all died of cancer. Cancer was not prevalent before WW2 and the development and testing of atomic weapons. Cancer of all types has dramatically increased since then. This is hard for most to comprehend, but “…all who take the sword, will perish by the sword.” (Matthew 26:52, RSV, 1952) Swords were weapons that were used in fighting and war back then! Since then new weapons of war have been created and used. They are swords none the less!

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