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Comet Ping Pong Owner, James Alefantis, Threatens Life of Pizzagate Researcher

Independent researcher, Ryan O’Neal, has recently found himself the center of some seriously un-wanted attention after contacting Comet Ping Pong owner and center of the Pizzagate pedophilia allegations, James Alefantis, over Facebook at the beginning of January 2017. O’Neal has been one researcher in the massive collection of internet-researchers who have continued the Reddit/4Chan-instigated Pizzagate investigation on Despite mainstream media reports that Pizzagate is a groundless “right-wing conspiracy theory,” it is fact an ongoing collaborative investigation conducted by countless amounts of independent researchers; information continues to develop, and storylines unfurl. Unfortunately, the risk an individual is put at by exposing the underbelly of modern society often paints a target on their back, however microscopic or gigantic it may be—and what’s more: too many people feel “untouchable” behind their internet screens, which tends to result in painting a bigger and brighter target.

After attempting to schedule a research-community-user-submitted-question interview with James Alefantis over his official Facebook page, O’Neal also gave his YouTube page information, as well as information about his Voat research account to the pizza restaurant owner as a sign of professionalism. Alefantis told him there was no chance of an interview. However, after O’Neal had posted a video regarding updates in the Pizzagate research involving the “Kill-Room location” and the “Pegasus Museum,” Alefantis reached out to O’Neal with threats toward O’Neal’s mother and girlfriend over the research that had been released. Firstly, becoming aggressive over Facebook, Alefantis coaxed/intimidated O’Neal into a phone-call, which led to a trip down a rabbit hole of threats, in a fit of screaming by Alefantis that was said to last three minutes. These threats, as reported by O’Neal, were very direct, and unmistakable.

Quickly, O’Neal relayed to Alefantis that research is a hobby for him and that he was not trying to attack or hurt anyone, and that he would take down the video. This could have been the end of it, but the video had been good enough to go viral instantly, which led to Alefantis contacting O’Neal many more times in attempts to intimidate O’Neal into wiping the videos off the internet—as if this were possible. The only direct threats were reported on the initial night, and anything after this seems that it can only be regarded as harassment and/or intimidation.

Consequently (and much to the dismay of Alefantis, it would seem), O’Neal made a video about the entire event, showing all of the documented communication with Alefantis, which can be viewed here. Many people were incredibly skeptical when wind of the story first came (people were especially wary simply because the researcher was peddling Pizzagate t-shirts online that he was making himself), but since the initial reports, Ryan O’Neal has contacted his local police department and filed a report, hired a lawyer, and even made an official report with the FBI. Furthermore, O’Neal was invited onto The Opperman Report interview-research radio show to give his testimonial on record, which is hosted by private investigator and researching veteran, Ed Opperman. The interview can be heard here, and Opperman has personally gone on record vouching for the authenticity of this case, having corresponded with O’Neal numerous times prior to the interview about the information.

This article cannot confirm every single detail in allegations made about research threads like the “Kill Room,” “Pegasus Museum,” and is certainly not peddling some nonsensical thread about Hillary Clinton and James Alefantis chaining children in a basement below a pizza place, however possible that might be, but rather calling attention to the very clear prevalence of pedophilia at the highest levels of power. More to the point, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Comet Ping Pong is a massive avenue for black-market laundering—whether it be drugs, money, children, or any combination of those or some other commodity entirely. Whatever be the case, there is a very definitive narrative that has been unfolding and continues to uphold and maintain a core of consistency and authenticity as it continues to develop. This can hardly be denied at this point, with such a strange and seemingly rash decision made by such a power person like James Alefantis

Of course, the only thing this proves is that Alefantis has a temper, is very prideful, and is also very angry at everything that is being said about him, however much of it is true or not. It does not even prove that Alefantis has the ability have someone killed; although threatening someone is a definite crime, and the fact that he was so willing to use the threat may be something noteworthy. Some interesting notes in consummation: Alefantis confirmed to O’Neal(through messages that can be seen on YouTube of the event) that the information regarding the “Kill Room” was correct, and that everything that was being reported about him was true except that he does not “like kids.” 

O’Neal never sat face-to-face with Alefantis, but confirmations across the board have been made that this is indeed the real Alefantis. The Facebook has been confirmed, the phone number has been confirmed, and on the second day of Alefantis’ outrage, O’Neal reports that he was FaceTimed by the restaurant owner while he was driving—the phone presumably being connected to a console on the dashboard, and the FaceTime presumably being a mistake. As well, the FaceTime event was instantly followed by a phone-call, which would further suggest that this was an accident. The call lasted for approximately one and a half seconds, though with a clear shot of Alefantis’ face, which confirmed it further beyond any shadow of a doubt, reportedly.

Even if this gives rise to more questions than answers, it certainly seems beyond doubt that Ryan O’Neal did have a rough encounter with James Alfenatis because of personal information that O’Neal had posted about the restaurant owner for investigation. It would appear that Alefantis did not want this specific information to be known to be people, and O’Neal reported that Alefantis claimed a family member lived near the house that the “Kill Room” is located in and that the research specifically offended him for this reason—however, this has not been confirmed yet. Whatever be the case, it is becoming increasingly harder to believe that so much attention could come from a life-less, lackluster pizzeria that just so happens to be a favorite restaurant of some of the nation’s wealthiest and most powerful politicians and financiers.

Apparently, this story’s popularity has begun to rise, because the FBI was reportedly prompted to release a confirmation statement on January 14th stating that Ryan O’Neal was still alive and well.


Anthony Tyler
A journalist and author from Anchorage, Alaska, Anthony Tyler aims to twist the knife in both phony new-age ideals and scientific materialism by drawing attention to the rich heritage of esoteric science throughout history. Far from being “satanist,” the esoteric (i.e. occultism or comparative religion) marks the beginning of mathematics, astronomy, psychology, medicine, and even politics. Esoteric science represents a cache of little-known knowledge detailing how to decipher the human's unconscious mind--and the unconscious mind is essentially everything that the human mind is not considering at any given moment.

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  1. “Apparently, this story’s popularity has begun to rise, because the FBI was reportedly prompted to release a confirmation statement on January 14th stating that Ryan O’Neal was still alive and well.”

    When has the FBI done such thing and where? I was not aware of this…

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