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Israel Is Aiding Saudi Arabia And Others To Spy On Human Rights Activists

The Israeli government often likes to use its normalization deals with some Arab regimes as a means of projecting some sort of moral remedy for past afflictions, yet the gesture of “peace” in fact demonstrates the pure contempt Israel has for human rights in the region. It is no secret that the Arab regimes with Read More…

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Snowden: Israeli Spyware Used By Governments To Pursue Journalists Targeted For Assassination

Snowden also noted that in addition to its role in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the NSO Group’s most notorious software product was regularly used by the government of Mexico to target journalists. TEL AVIV — NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden told an Israeli audience on Tuesday that surveillance software designed by an Israeli company had been used Read More…

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Comet Ping Pong Owner, James Alefantis, Threatens Life of Pizzagate Researcher

Independent researcher, Ryan O’Neal, has recently found himself the center of some seriously un-wanted attention after contacting Comet Ping Pong owner and center of the Pizzagate pedophilia allegations, James Alefantis, over Facebook at the beginning of January 2017. O’Neal has been one researcher in the massive collection of internet-researchers who have continued the Reddit/4Chan-instigated Pizzagate Read More…