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“Clashes” Is How MSM Describes Israel’s Deadly Attacks On Worshippers At Holy Site

From the not so ‘Independent’ to Fox News & CNN, mainstream media Has characterized Israel’s violent attack on Palestinian worshippers at a Holy Site in the most ridiculous fashion, proving the utter contempt these agencies hold for Palestinian life.

This Friday hundreds of heavily armed Israeli occupation forces stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque Compound, attacking Palestinian worshippers whilst they prayed. This ended up turning into a confrontation in which unarmed worshippers threw whatever was available at armed occupation police, which were opening fire on Palestinians. Throughout the night, Israeli forces injured between 205-250 Palestinians and desecrated the third holiest site to Muslims, smashing through the windows of Mosques, attacking medical facilities and shooting women and children.

The events that transpired were all caught on film and were as clear as daylight. Yet, despite the world having full access to the evidence of what had occurred, with social media exploding with viral content, the mainstream press had apparently received the story in morse code, whilst living in a box on a deserted island. The so-called ‘Independent’ which prides itself on its anti-racist line, described what happened in a headline as “More than 200 Palestinians injured after clashes with Israeli police at mosque”, which is the equivalent to describing the Rodney King tape as “Black man injured after clashing with US police in city”.

Again this Monday, when Israeli forces injured at least 550 Palestinians in the Al-Aqsa site, 333 of which were hospitalized, according to the ‘Red Crescent’, “clashes” was how it was insultingly described yet again. Now the media would jump to its own defense of course, claiming that Palestinians threw stones, but they know full well that this 50-50 language works to cover up what truly happened. In reality, these were not two-sided clashes, one side had stones and whatever they could get their hands on to throw, the other side was a fully trained and militarized force. You can’t square this circle, if on one side you have 20 injured occupation forces who started the escalation by attacking worshippers in prayer, and on the other side you have 550 injuries to unarmed men, women and children, this is not simply a clash.

Then we’ve seen the attempt to justify Israel’s overwhelming force with the excuse that rockets have been fired at Israel. Whilst it is true that rockets have now been fired, Israel has been warned by the much less well equipped Palestinian groups in Gaza for weeks. The Palestinian groups even gave Israel specific deadlines to end their assault of al-Aqsa Mosque – but they ignored it.

Israel also had two weeks to de-escalate and cancel the illegal settler extremist march, but refused to do so irrespective of the threats leveled at them by the armed groups in Gaza – which is an illegally occupied territory, and this affords those occupied the legal right to armed rebellion (according to the United Nations). The reality is that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, failed to form a coalition government, wishes to see Israel go to a fifth round of elections in two years, and won’t let go of his settler racist supporters. Netanyahu sees fit to escalate tensions in Jerusalem, so long as he will maintain support from his gang of fascists who vote for him, and racists in the Religious Zionism Party.

Israeli occupation forces were attacking Palestinians, both Muslims and Christians, from the beginning of Ramadan. On Orthodox Christian Easter Israeli forces also brutally assaulted Christians who were seeking to enter the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The Islamophobic attack on al-Aqsa Mosque – the attack on worshippers praying during Ramadan in one of the holiest sites for Muslims – was the trigger to all of the violence we have seen since. No deceptive talk about “clashes” can undo what was done and eschew the reality, it’s all well documented and has gone viral on social media.

After the rocket fire, which came at 6PM (Palestine Time), was delivered on the exact deadline given to Israel to withdraw its forces from al-Aqsa and stop its attacks in Jerusalem. Over 100 rockets were fired, hitting settlements around Jerusalem for the first time and forcing the Israeli Knesset to evacuate, an Israeli jeep was also struck with a Coronet guided missile. 

Israel then claimed it “responded” in “self-defense”, which is what the mainstream Western Press reported, but in reality it was the Palestinians who had responded, not Israel, and Israel didn’t target armed militants but instead killed 21 civilians, including 9 children and injured around 100

The argument was then repeated by the Western Press that Israeli civilians were targeted by the illegal indiscriminate weapons of Hamas. But if the weapons were indiscriminate, how could they target anything? However, if they were not indiscriminate, then that must have meant that the weapons would not be illegal to use then right? This is what the Human Rights Groups always argue, that the weapons are illegal because they aren’t up to date and able to properly find their targets. But in fact, the reality was that few Israelis were injured and no Israelis were killed.

The Western Press is ultimately not fit for purpose and does more to suppress information than it does to deliver it to you. If you don’t trust what I’ve written here and believe that maybe the BBC, Fox or other mainstream outlets are telling you the truth, I implore you to read the Palestinian media in Arabic and Israeli media in Hebrew using a translator. The picture you will see from looking at different sides will not even slightly resemble what the mainstream Western media is reporting.

Robert Inlakesh
Robert Inlakesh is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer, Middle-East analyst & news correspondent for The Last American Vagabond.

10 Replies to ““Clashes” Is How MSM Describes Israel’s Deadly Attacks On Worshippers At Holy Site

  1. Thank you Robert. I couldn’t watch their videos after reading their headlines. And each one made it seem just like you say, “clashes” or “Israel responds. ‘ I see one that said “Israeli police clashes with protesters ” And quite a few were RT reports. This is way beyond despicable. Beyond insidious. I just don’t get it.

  2. Yes, thank you Robert for your much needed insight into Middle Eastern affairs. Unlike any other Media, you can be relied on for truth, backed up with facts on the ground! Thanks to TLAV for giving you the voice!

  3. It’s events like these that prove the lie to fools who still won’t understand; comedy is not tragedy + time. This is a tragedy and a travesty.

  4. God bless you & protect my Palestinians brothers and sisters, only God can help them at times when arab rulers are corrupt scums, and their citizens are basically DEAD.

  5. The same media that covered up for Jeffrey Epstein and Clinton all those years, and still covers up for Epstein’s benefactor, Les Wexner, the real head of Epstein’s pedo blackmail operation and also the head of the Zionist lobby which gets American tax-payers to subsidize Israel’s ongoing mass murder of Palestine.

  6. I am not questioning your RIGHT to accept or reject comments, Robert, because this is, after all, your site however I am curious as to why you rejected mine

    I believe I am entitled to at least that so I have a better understanding of your true politics, thus giving me the ability to know our compatibility and whether or not I should bother to comment, subscribe or even donate, here.

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