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9/11/01 as a Data-Set

“There’s a special logic that grows with commercial perversion
Just to be safe. It’s like being blindfolded all the time.
But your mouth never closed, Your excuses are filled with holes
Suppose you’re being lied to–Would you ever even know?

We’ve been terrorized with air-conditioned issues
And spare crimes. What do you believe in more?
We’ve been terrorized–the oldest magician returns
To steal your soul. What do you believe in more?”
The Most Dangerous Commercials
Circa Survive

Let’s talk about September 11th. It’s time to have an honest discussion. First, let’s talk about disclaimers; for instance, the fact that there is always an inherent difference between the cause of an accident and any given individual’s emotional perspective involved in the situation. The two are simply different sets of objective data, and while cross-analyzing these sets for metadata could draw certain conclusions, the two data-sets still remain mutually exclusive.

Following up on this, let’s talk back-doors in the brain—where does a thought come from before someone actively thinks it? It sounds like a broad-ended philosophical discussion, and perhaps it is, but it’s conceptually clear the realm it’s coming from: mathematic potential, latent potentials propagated by pathways that have been created within a person’s brain; “neural pathways” as it were. One stimulates and strengthens neural pathways by repetition, as in making the potential an actual, and continuing to do so. The strange thing is that science was originally introduced to many of these brain mechanisms through quantum physics and the observation of subatomic activity—since in reality, the wave-particle duality inherently represents the quantum states of potentiality and

Let’s bring this full circle and talk about Media, specifically Mainstream Media, and the consumerist repetition that most global citizens are now forced to deal with on a daily basis, at least on some level, especially if you live in the West. Applying the basic principles of potentiality to actuality through repetition, it is important to point out the scientific validity behind one’s environment being able to make up their mind for them through the avenue of Media—if they are not careful.

Now that the Disclaimers are out of the way, let’s talk fact. Set aside all the speculation and continuous loose ends, to list a few: the reporters reporting the third tower’s collapse before it happened, the shrill and generalized official 9/11 report, and the cleaning of the crash site before all the proper forensic data was acquired. Let’s set aside the fact that jet fuel, as was stated in the official report to melt the frames of the buildings, cannot in any known chemical structure reach temperatures that could melt metal—let alone melt it at a free-fall. Let’s instead continue to talk about data-sets, and how the concept of the 9/11 Crash Site does indeed fall under specified sets that specific data-miners would be more inclined to be interested in and understand more than others. These “data-miners” are architects, engineers, and the like. In fact, there’s quite a large organization of them who call themselves “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” and their website’s mission statement reads as such:

“Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization of architects, engineers, and affiliates dedicated to researching and disseminating scientific information about the complete destruction of all three World Trade Center skyscrapers on September 11, 2001, with the ultimate goal of obtaining a truly independent investigation and supporting the victims in their pursuit of justice.”

It might be necessary to reiterate that the repetitious, one-way dialogue between Man and his Media is not always the same as “researching and disseminating scientific information.” Again, that which may be a painful experience for an individual may not be a personally painful experience for another, and that expecting someone to hold inherent tradition for “the victims of 9/11″ by not “slandering them” by saying data-set9/11 was probably a covert American operation is essentially a different form of bigotry towards an ideology. If one explores all avenues that this philosophy leads down, they find the allowance of double-standards, and the foundation of the isolationist mentality that has helped develop all forms of bigotry throughout the history of human thought. This is essentially what is happening when one slanders those emotionally connected to the concept of a terrorist attack, as well as what is happening when people slander the individuals who try to search for the deeper truth behind the events. Ultimately, this article is not about a government cover-up, a terrorist attack, or a plane crash—it is about a division of the people through a lack of information.

The current number of architects and engineers who have signed AE911Truth’s petition now totals 2,350, and these are not the stereotypical “conspiracy theorists” that the government would have you believe are behind these theories, rather educated and well-informed professionals. The amount of total citizens who have signed the additional petition for all persons has now reached 20,303. The organization also has an un-ignorable, multifaceted documentary of the same name, which is over two hours of these people sitting down in front of a camera and pointing out all the plot-holes in the official report, over and over and over again until it ends. Speaking of which, nothing is a better antidote to the junk-mail repetition that Americans have all received through their Mainstream Media. The Board of directors for AE911Truth includes Kelly David, Dan Barnum, Richard Gage, Robert McCoy, and Tom Spellman, all with very impressive resume’s. Furthermore, none of these people are speaking active bias, which would be the case if they were discussing government cover-up, however likely. Instead, they are promoting the total reassessment of the report, as it is clear when reading the official 9/11 Report, that many standard procedural, documentary steps were either glazed over non-specifically or dismissed entirely.

data-setAs it stands, the Architects and Engineers of AE911Truth are the strongest hope for one day achieving a global full-disclosure of the 9/11 Event, but it’s not going to be easy. Another organization that has made a tremendous amount of head-way in 9/11 Truth is TZM or Peter Joseph’s Zeitgeist Movement. The fact that these two organizations have managed to collect themselves as much as they already have is quite astounding, and is a promising start. In the long run, the real disinformation is the disconnection that everyone is being sold through their media—because they are being sold something: the lie that Media is apart from Man, as if they are different, when in reality these data-sets are not mutually exclusive, and in fact one is inherently a delineation of the other. Each and every person who actively participates in the absorption of Media Stimulation is automatically buying a share in the collective Media itself, and that it’s a relationship that is continuously in motion. If one is not a Producer, they are a Consumer, and the beauty of Media is that its data-set encloses both of these—Media is the exchange of ideas. Media is a verb (but not literally) and each person who participates is a medium (so to speak).

There are currently very few people using this two-way street. The interesting thing is that both ends of this Media Street often end up in opposite social classes, where the laymen consume the Media that the elite produce. This has been the inevitable course that the 9/11 Event has taken in American culture, even as countries like Russia have begun to disclose quite damning information about the event, Russia Today being at the helm of many of these reports. Organizations like AE911Truth and TZM are what could be the beginning of a paradigm shift in the social stipulations that Man and his Media have been pinned into. The irreducible complexity of the matter is simply this: until more American citizens begin walking down this two-way street of media and start using their voice, they are going to continue to be fed the voice of the American elite at the opposite end. Whether this is inherently good or bad is not the point of this discussion. Rather, it is important to note that not utilizing tools as they have been given to someone is a tactical disadvantage for that person, and it’s time that more people start utilizing their Media like the architects and engineers of AE911Truth.


Anthony Tyler
A journalist and author from Anchorage, Alaska, Anthony Tyler aims to twist the knife in both phony new-age ideals and scientific materialism by drawing attention to the rich heritage of esoteric science throughout history. Far from being “satanist,” the esoteric (i.e. occultism or comparative religion) marks the beginning of mathematics, astronomy, psychology, medicine, and even politics. Esoteric science represents a cache of little-known knowledge detailing how to decipher the human's unconscious mind--and the unconscious mind is essentially everything that the human mind is not considering at any given moment.

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