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Baltic Sea Anomaly – Forgotten?

With President Obama recently making his way to Alaska to discuss things like climate change, dine at some local cafes in downtown Anchorage, and dance with some little native children among other debatably tedious topics, any person with a brain tuned to the Counter Culture has already been asking themselves what the President might actually have been there for. With the heavy military and PD presence, the HAARP and HIPAS facilities with megawatt microwave beams aimed at the Earth’s ionosphere near the Arctic Circle, the murmurs of the Alaskan Pyramid Cover-Up, the occasional but steady reports of UFOs in the night sky near the military base, and of course the somewhat unnerving climate change that is taking place in the state practically overnight, it isn’t really surprising that the President has made a stop here at the end of his office term, as there are still so many loose ends holed up within this behemoth state. Alaska resides within the vast mystery that is the Arctic Circle. It is here that researchers found what they have called the “Baltic Sea Anomaly”, a seemingly forgotten topic within the realm of Media, yet just another peek behind the curtain of our ancient civilizations. Unknown to many, is that a large variety of these can be found within the state of Alaska.

Baltic seaAside from the UFO discussion, these topics are more or less being covered within the Alternative News Stream, at least to the collective’s ability, but a radical and controversial discovery that was completely eviscerated by the Mainstream Media upon reporting still continues to sit at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Despite the blackballing the story received in the Mainstream, conclusive studies of this 60 meter circular object at the bottom of the sea have shown that it’s scientific impossible for this anomaly to be a natural structure, which means it was intelligently designed, and not in the religious sense. This tends to lead researchers of the topic down two avenues: it was either some sort of ancient manmade worshipping monument (which in itself is mind-boggling due to its depth below sea level) or that it was some sort of ancient technology (as some would call a UFO) that crashed here.

Baltic SeaTo quickly break it down, this Baltic Sea Anomaly (as shown in the diagram) is a circular structure that is 60 meter (200 feet) in diameter that hangs on the edge of a tall 8 meter (26 feet) ocean floor drop-off, and sits 90 meters below sea level, at the end of what strangely resembles a 300 meter (980 feet) skid-mark runway. The anomaly was discovered by Ocean X Team, a group of professionals who dive in search of old shipwrecks, and were doing so in the Baltic Sea, traveling between Sweden and Finland, on January 19th, 2011.

This subsequently led to a much more detailed and orchestrated follow-up dive, where two divers made their way down to the structure. It took the team over 2 hours to reach the object, of which they took measurements, pictures, videos, and their own unique personal accounts of experiencing the Anomaly. Perhaps the most chilling aspect of the encounter is that there is nothing incredibly vague or outlandish about this story. No one saw any ET corpses, or glowing lights, or claimed to sense an “all pervasive energy” or something of the like. Instead, there is a team of scientists and some of the most well-trained divers in the world, inspecting something incredibly fascinating and unexplainable because they have a passion for it. What they came back with was cold hard data, not some hocus-pocus. Furthermore, no member of Ocean X Team specifically promotes any of the theories on what the structure could be (while still having some personal beliefs) but instead have been dedicated to remaining unbiased and empirical in their studies. However this did not help their case in the Mainstream Media, which cycles this discussion full circle. With outlets like FOX News reporting the Anomaly being nothing more than an ancient rock and a laughable find, the American public have been Pavlov’ed yet again by their Stranglehold Media Moguls. Through the use of frequencies—televisions, computers, and radios—Americans are tuned to the sound of “No-Nonsense Rationalism” that can’t bear to understand or conceptualize concepts like Ancient Pyramid Cover-Ups or manmade ancient technology, et cetera. Ocean X Team’s Baltic Sea Anomaly is just another victim of the Mainstream Media’s transmitter tuning.

Baltic SeaAs far as the dive itself was concerned, there is a very informative documentary recording the dive as it happens, interviews with the team, and even documents that follow-up studies and research on their findings as well as the media blackballing. As far as YouTube is concerned, it is titled, “The Mystery Beneath – Baltic Sea UFO – Documentary”, but again, the documentary itself is quite unbiased. To quote one of the divers in the film, after his dive: “When you descend in the Baltic Sea, the first couple meters there is daylight, and the deeper you go, the darker it gets. So at 30 meters of depth, there is almost no light at all. At 50 meters, its pitch black. And at 90 meters, it’s like a black hole—it’s just nothing.” This is important to note, because although there are pictures and video recordings of the craft, it is incredibly hard to discern anything from them without some sort of context of the crash site. Initially the pictures look very ambiguous and confusing, but after viewing the documentary and some follow-up research for context, the raw data makes a bit more sense. That being said, it was still media that was recorded 90 meters below sea level.

Regardless, all the findings and measurements are scientifically empirical and verifiable, and yet it sits there, untouched, unnoticed with implications that could radically change some of society’s fundamental cultural ideologies; perhaps this is the reason that it continues to remain where it is. This might not be on President Obama’s radar, yet it’s important to note, through the inter-related stories of the Arctic, the context and ambiguity of Alaska’s history in relation to the current resistance of US government to allow the Baltic Sea Anomaly to provide further context amidst all aforementioned topics and more. With Ocean X Team’s careers largely in recovery, it is doubtful that this structure will receive any attention for some time, but it has always been the purpose of the Counter Culture to keep these things alive, and to whatever extent it is important that the people keep popping the stitches in these seams.


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A journalist and author from Anchorage, Alaska, Anthony Tyler aims to twist the knife in both phony new-age ideals and scientific materialism by drawing attention to the rich heritage of esoteric science throughout history. Far from being “satanist,” the esoteric (i.e. occultism or comparative religion) marks the beginning of mathematics, astronomy, psychology, medicine, and even politics. Esoteric science represents a cache of little-known knowledge detailing how to decipher the human's unconscious mind--and the unconscious mind is essentially everything that the human mind is not considering at any given moment.

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