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Two US Navy Ships Seized Upon Entering Iranian Waters

Earlier today, January 12th, it was announced by the White House that two US Navy ships had been seized for “illegally trespassing” in Iranian waters. 10 sailors total, US officials maintain the story that the Navy ships were having “mechanical difficulties,” which brings little explanation as to why there were reportedly around 2 kilometers deep into Iranian water.

US political officials are already beginning to take their usual, divisive stances on the subject, many Republicans claiming that this is just another reason that the West cannot trust Iran, and Democrats insisting that this is simply a technical bureaucratic difficulty and that the sailors will be on their way maybe even by Obama’s State of the Union Address. Secretary of State John Kerry has been used as Washington’s flagboy in this event, with reports displaying his “tireless efforts” to negotiate with Iranian officials about the miscommunication of the situation and release of the US sailors, who were said to be moving between Kuwait and Bahrain when beginning to trespass into these Iranian waters.

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However, outlets like Zero Hedge are reporting statements by the Iran Revolutionary Guard that clearly express that these sailors will not be getting an immediate release, and will certainly not get one before the State of the Union Address. In addition, this act of trespass will ultimately prove to be another straw on the camel’s back in geopolitical relations, especially with the recent information showing that Iran was intending to satisfy the requirements of last summer’s United Nations nuclear deal, which has led thus far to massive financial sanctions against Iran from the West.

UPDATE: On Wednesday The Soldiers Were Released:

“Ten US navy sailors safely returned to US custody today, after departing Iran. There are no indications that the sailors were harmed during their brief detention.” Via The Guardian 


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