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“Very Rapid” Antibody Decline After Pfizer Jabs & COMIRNATY Revealed To Have Changes From Original

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (10/17/21).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)

Breakthrough Cases
Immunity Passports 
Supply Chain
Joe Rogan
Carbon Nanotubes/Graphene
The Great Reset

Important TLAV Mask Coverage

Recent Mask Studies

5 NIH/National Library of Medicine studies from 2004-2020 all finding verifiable health effects from wearing a face mask, including scientifically verified reduction in blood oxygen level:

Cloth Mask Study

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Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

41 Replies to ““Very Rapid” Antibody Decline After Pfizer Jabs & COMIRNATY Revealed To Have Changes From Original

  1. Hi Ryan,
    You’re doubtless aware of this tool but in case you aren’t, I have made a habit of filtering all articles through – – as it achieves 3 desirable outcomes. It will prevent page refreshes. It preserves the article in the form it appears when it is archived. It robs the host site of traffic. In addition, one can sometimes find the full text of pay-walled articles that have been previously saved by others. In combination with the Wayback Machine/Internet Archive one can avoid relying on corporate sites better than 70% of the time. Forgive me if I’m teaching my Grandmother how to suck eggs.

    1. Government will no longer be updating information on hospitalisations and mortality from the end of September onwards because they’ve already decided the narrative according to the last paragraph.

      First the Australian military said everyone will be vaccinated by the end of this year then all this other information came out from English-speaking countries pressuring people to get injected by mid October or November. My guess is that so that they can blame the deaths on the flu to increase uptake of the flu vaccination which school children as young as four are going to have sprayed up their noses. And if parents/guardians refuse, they have to give a reason. I hope most of them don’t fill out that part as they don’t need to justify their decisions regarding their child’s healthcare to public servants of the crown. It’s supposed to stay the other way around.

    2. It proves no such thing. It only proves that people who were injected with toxic crap get sick at rates exceeding the rates of those who did not. Shocker. Occum’s Razor. You don’t need ADE or “pathogenic priming” or “immune escape” to explain any of what we are seeing. These people were straight up poisoned.

      But this cannot be discussed openly without scaring away would-be interviewees whose medical licenses would be stripped for entertaining such questions (I’m looking at you Drs. Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, Joseph Mercola).

  2. Based on the WA Breakthrough case monitoring revised Oct 13; WA state alone claims over 51,000 breakthrough cases:

    SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Breakthrough Surveillance and Case Information Resource
    Washington State Department of Health October 13, 2021

    At a Glance (data from January 17, 2021 – October 02, 2021)
    • 51,304 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine breakthrough cases have been identified in Washington State.
    • Of the cases that have data available (approximately 50%):
    – 89% reported symptoms
    – 9% were hospitalized
    • 493 people died of COVID-related illness

  3. Judy Mikovitz explained that they modified the prolines to stiffen them causing them to stay on the receptor. I saw this in an interview with Dr. Mercola that is no longer available, but Judy Mikovitz would be a great resource.

  4. Calcification of the pineal gland results in sleep disturbances. Won’t those who haven’t ended their lives volunteer or beg for technology to be implanted into their brains to experience the relief of sleep again? Problem, reaction, solution.

    Also, in 2018, an English MP called Jeremy Corbyn criticised bankers for their role for their role during the 2008 financial crisis (and was consequently criticised for being “antisemitic”). And so bankers were bought to my attention. Particularly the CEO (?) of JP Morgan who the banking industry is looking to invest in the healthcare industry as it’s going to pay out big time in the near future. Particularly in relation to cancer. I was reminded of this after reading an article by a holistic doctor that the now (genetically altered?) test subjects seem to be more radioactive than non-participants. Geiger meters are expensive so if any of you have access to one at home, in your place of work or education, please compare as many experimented vs unexperimented bodies. And among the unexperimented, take note of whether or not they regularly have close contact with experimented bodies, if they’re willing to disclose such information. And which brand the experimented were injected with. I don’t think scientists can carry out such data collection like they may have during normal times as it might discourage uptake of the novel pharmaceuticals. It would be difficult any ways because the experimented population is so large.

  5. @ c. 58:00

    “Grand [1] Conspiracies [2] are impossible [3]…”

    [1] Large (as in scope or scale),

    [2] privately discussed/coordinated plans or actions by two or more people or groups

    [3] can not happen.

    Yeah right.

    @ c. 2:18:00

    “…either Willfully Stupid or actually Stupid…”

    I’ve often spoken (or thought) the phrase: “You’re either lying to me or you’re an idiot; either way, I’m not going to listen to you anymore.”

    @ c. 2:20:00

    I think the Booster Program (after the original 2-dose program) was devised to “sell” (i.e., make profits instead of take a loss on) surplus doses of the 2-dose program that remain/ed, and would eventually “expire” (legally?), as a result of so many people not taking them — not what they expected — since they expected most/all would get vaccinated.

    The “boosters” are excess inventory (overproduction) being re-packaged/marketed as something “new & different” so as to “sell” it.
    Furthermore, the “variants” (i.e., “new threat”) are just fiction to create “consumer demand”, otherwise and anew.

    Sociologically, it’s all Sales & Marketing 101.
    Legally, it’s another example of Fascism (i.e., when Government serves/enforces the interest of Buisness instead of the People).


    Glad to see Whitney Webb going deep on ONE OF the Economic/Financial objectives of the perpetrators of the World War (“reset”) they’ve launched (with a pandemic

    as a misdirection … perhaps):

    That’s a TLAV interview I look forward to.

    1. Re:

      [Commenting here because I get a “invalid captcha” error message (and there is no captcha on the form) when submitting comment at UH]

      One of the underlying (sinister) functions/affects of Stock, Bond and Commodities Markets on Society is, by garnering investments from individuals, pensions and institutions, they foment practical and emotional desire for success/gains of stocks/bonds(war)/corporations/etc… Thereby, Self-interest, competition (winners vs losers, us vs them), need (desperation) and greed rule Society’s consciousness.
      Markets generate Social and Political support for (or at least tolerance of) policies, laws, (de)regulations, sanctions, tariffs, trade treaties, wars, etc. that are harmful, inequitable, destructive, etc.

      This is because as long as people, in each class, don’t question or challenge the Machine called Neoliberalism:
      1. Corporations get Capital and growth
      2a. Investors get gains
      2b. Brokers get fees
      3. Workers get jobs/pay
      4. Pensioners get payouts
      Etc… One way or another, everybody needs the Empire/Neoliberalism/War Status Quo.

      Put simply: People will ignore or abide or support or even commit destruction (of others, and elsewhere) if it means they get to be more rich or less poor, as the case may be.

      I think this will happen with NACs too.
      Gaia help us all.

      1. fyi:
        Now this:
        I’m not going to change or update my browser for access to a website.
        I guess I’ll have to hear from TLAV what Whitney is writing from now on.

        Tech. can be so insidious (if/when you just do whatever it asks you to); I prefer tech. to do what I want, not the other way around.
        It’s analogous to gov. serving the people or the people obeying gov.

  6. “What this regulatory statement seems to be saying is that Comirnaty, while using an mRNA sequence that produces exactly the same amino acid sequence for the Sars-CoV-2 spike protein using optimized codons.”
    Ryan, have you ever considered an interview with an english language professor or a philosophy professor to discuss the the twisted use and misuse of language to falsify science? There is a sort of tunnel vision that happens when only listening to one or even only a few types of experts and pundits; Take the biased slant towards the math and science fields in modern educational systems for example. Have you ever heard of Daniel Schmachtenberger? I’m still undecided if he’s a trustworthy intellectual or part of the rise of the intelligentsia which seek to dominate discourse as a kind of job enssurance, or maybe just an old fashion power trip. Maybe an interview with Tony Myers from the grandtheftword podcast?

  7. German State Allows Food Stores To Ban Unvaccinated [Juxtapose with:]

    You Know Who Else Opposed Vaccine Mandates? Hitler.
    Branko Marcetic
    Contrary to claims about “fascist” vaccine mandates currently circulating on the Right, the Nazis actually relaxed German vaccine mandates — and hoped doing the same for people they conquered would kill them faster. –

  8. Did Ryan abandon the story regarding lack of isolation / purification of a virus so the doctors, who cannot question SARS-CoV-2’s existence without loss of their medical licenses, would agree to interviews? There have been major developments on that front which I have not heard given the time of day here. What gives?

    1. Nope. Literally just had Kaufman on. So no, you are obviously incorrect. I also just recently, again, discussed it’s lack of isolation. If you have new insights feel free to share them. That’s a better place to start, don’t you think? Leaving assumptions to the side?

      1. Kaufman was on over a month ago. And I’m not even saying he needs to be on regularly, his school of thought should be better represented in the discussion unless you think it’s wrong. I have appreciated your argumentation “within their narrative,” but when the points that Andrew Kaufman/Thomas Cowan/Stefan Lanka have raised have gone unanswered for over a year, that perspective should be regularly before us — just as much as the mainstream alternative perspectives of Robert Malone, Perter McCullough, Joseph Mercola, Pierre Kory, Judy Mikovits, et al.

        Stefan Lanka’s control experiment is very important here. He replicated one the most important “isolation” studies from early 2020 with one change. Namely, he didn’t add a tissue sample from a purported virus source but still got the same images under an electron microscope as obtained in that early 2020 study, the same cellular debris (which is supposed to be the proof of SARS-CoV-2).

        Notions like antibody dependent enhancement, pathogenic priming, and immune escape all depend on the existence of a virus. The medical establishment will throw their vaccine under the bus if they have to in order to save their virus because if this most public of all viruses falls, all their viruses are at risk, and with them, Rockefeller medicine itself. Big Pharma must love Robert Malone (formerly of the Saulk Institute) and Geert Vanden Bossche (formerly of GAVI).

        Dr. Cowan’s reported interactions with virus advocates is also instructive. The virus apologists told Dr. Cowan that it’s impossible to get a pure virus isolate because virus cannot survive outside a cell. Cowan’s response was something like “Okay, then how do viruses get passed between people?”

        The virus non-purification story is much harder to find because it is suppressed far more than the other alternative narratives. And that is basically because while the other alternative narratives pose a threat to covid vax uptake, they don’t fundamentally threaten the paradigm which makes such vaccines warranted in the first place.

        The burden of proof is squarely on those who advocate the existence of a virus. They need to (1) explain away Lanka’s experiments, (2) cite to authority for why their cell culture mixture procedure is a valid approach to getting a purified isolate of a virus or explain why that is not necessary.

  9. Dear Ryan,

    IT IS NOT PRONOUNCED: “Co-MIR-na-ty”, IT’S PRONOUNCED “Co-MOR-bidi-ty” 🙂

    PS: Keep up the amazing work. I’m slowly digging into nanowire studies. Some odd stuff going on there.

  10. I tried to share insights — although they are not new insights. Apparently the insights I tried to share got “moderated” or something.

    1. Hey man, settle down. You didn’t get moderated, your comment went through.

      I think it is very important as we entertain and discuss the work Cowan and Lanka are doing to not take a “you’re just ignoring all this” approach and be frustrated.

      This is going to take time. Give it time. And dont act like you’re 100% correct. These are radical ideas. Its very intriguing, im fascinated by these concepts. I would def love to hear Cowan interviewed by Ryan, but when you take the approach you’re taking, its really not helping.

      This is radical stuff. You’re in on it early. Please be patient and understanding and get the word out in an intellectual honest and emotional-free way.

      And be ready to be proven wrong. We have to approach this in the most delicate and intelligent way because if this is true, the size of the fraud is beyond anything we have ever seen.

  11. Is it possible that “they” use efficacy as a measure of the “vaccine’s” ability to create the spike proteins?

  12. There’s so much in this show I need to comment on the first half:
    First of all, 15% of all men over 65, who’ve received both shots, HAVE NO ANTIBODIES after six months?!!!!!! WTF?!!! How many millions of people is that?
    Second, regarding the Comirnaty same/not same issue: For what it’s worth, Ryan I have a lot of respect for you that you didn’t jump on that bandwagon right away. I think Alex Jones got everybody fired up about it with no evidence. Defender thought it was fishy, but didn’t really commit to calling it a different vaccine.

  13. Want to study body language and know if someone is lying, just look at the montage TLAV did at the beginning of the video (awesome by the way). Fauci keeps blinking when talking (bullshitting) about the effectiveness of the so called vaccines. He’s lying and he doesn’t even hide it with body language cover up techniques. The elite has so much contempt for us that they shove their lies and their intentions right in front of our eyes for us to know how much we are stupid for believing their crap.

  14. Don’t forget the new excuse made by the Covidcutioners saying that doctors have to make a “calculated risk”, and since organs are in short supply(not for the elites certainly), they will provide the organs to those who are “most likely to survive”. Hmmmm, sounds a lot like eugenics. I’ll be honest, I don’t want the organ of someone who’s had the spike shot, I’m truly grateful for their sacrifice, but I think it can pose unintended side effects when the procedure is complete.

  15. Few points:

    1. You (Ryan) have already reported on one case at least where it was the lipids used in the injection (people love to use the magic ‘nano’ word without understanding it at all) has lead to problems. You also mentioned a number of times the studies showing, how higher concentration of those lipids (matrix m, whatever you want to call it) caused huge problems in animal trials. It’s rather simple: they are lipids, not that different than lipids forming cell membranes. Vaccination relies on, amongst others, causing inflammation in the site of injection (hence the use of adjuvants). That attracts immune system and leads to production of antibodies. If you’re unlucky, you can get antibodies that form against said lipids – and whoopsies! – you’ve got an autoimmune disease that will start slowly but surely causing some form of cell death and demyelination (damaging sheaths of your neuroma, which are made of lipids). Which we see plenty of – neurodegenrative disease and neurological injuries.
    It is not a difficult mechanism to discern, yet nobody talks about it or releases studies about it, manufacturers included. I wonder why…?

  16. @ c. 3:20:00

    CNN (Cardinales Natio Nequitia)*


    1718, “committee of cardinals in charge of foreign missions of the Catholic Church,” short for Congregatio de Propaganda Fide “congregation for propagating the faith,” a committee of cardinals established 1622 by Gregory XV to supervise foreign missions. The word is properly the ablative fem. gerundive of Latin propagare “set forward, extend, spread, increase” (see propagation).

    Hence, “any movement or organization to propagate some practice or ideology” (1790). The modern political sense (“dissemination of information intended to promote a political point of view”) dates from World War I, not originally pejorative and implying bias or deliberate misleading. Meaning “material or information propagated to advance a cause, etc.” is from 1929. Related: Propagandic.


  17. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for covering the German panel on the autopsies on the last show!
    Regarding graphene I agree that there is no absolute proof as of now for its presence on the shots.

    However, in knowing that there are metallic particles and magnetic phenomena we are forced to check the state of the art on existing nanotechnology. This you did with the evidence you have presented. I would like to add a few more links I have found. All of them demonstrate that this technology is FAR from recent (one dates as far as 2006). Check them out:

    Given this evidence, I find it shocking or at least CURIOUS that no reputable scientist has analyzed these issues, not even the evidently seen magnetic phenomena! Sometimes I ask myself whether the health issues (which undeniably exist) are a potential front to distract from the true objective of nanotechnological implants.

    If you do read this, I hope I can arouse some thoughts!
    Thanks again for all your work – you are doing a favor to Humanity :).

  18. I believe the “nanoparticles” mentioned around 3:51:00 were a reference not to lipids (obviously organic fats) but to a video from a lady supposedly working in a US team that looked at their Moderna poison after that Japanese team found what they thought was stainless steel particles in batches of theirs. Apparently the US team came to the conclusion that the particles were actually graphene because of the way they fluoresced after extended exposure to intense white light from the microscope. They even found indications of potential self-assembly. I’ll try to find the video in my history and update with the link if I can.

  19. @ c. 13:00
    YouTube, et al. suspending accounts…


    “Temporarily Suspended” is a legal tactic/maneuver to “Eliminate/Terminate/Suppress/Prevent” your Free Speech Right (i.e., to subvert the 1st Amendment) without technically, per the law, doing so. It’s “Silencing-by-Proxy”: The proxy is “Temporary Suspension” (a Private/Agreement rule enforcement, not a Public/Right Legal Action).


    “Vaccine Mandate” is “Forcing” vaccinations-by-proxy: The proxy is “Mandating” (the verb) governors, mayors, employers to “mandate” (the noun) vaccinations (as a temporary workplace/public “Saftey” rule, not a Public/Right Law).
    These are both examples of attacks on People’s Rights and Freedoms that would be illegal & unconstitutional, but for the LANGUAGE used to DEFINE the actions.

    If you think about it, we’re starting to function, as regards Rights & Freedoms, a lot more by “Rules” than by our “Laws”; OUR LEADERS ARE BECOMING RULERS instead of Representatives, Supporters & Defenders.

  20. @ c. 2:07:00

    Indemnity (“Legally/officially exempt”)
    Immunity (“Personally/biologically protected”)

    Got me thinking:
    I wonder if another reason for calling non-covid deaths “Covid Death” — besides the main reasons of fear/propaganda — is so Insurance Companies are off-the-hook for malpractice, etc. claims… That would constitute A LOT of gains (avoidance of payouts) for the past two years, and counting.

    There’s a story there.

  21. Just wanna thank Ryan for being so considerate of those who keep in touch via podcast, by making commentary on video clips that are mainly visual!

    Ryan, you’re the man! Keep up the great work!!

  22. I’ve tried numerous times to download this video (SuperU soyrce) from this website and it freezes te download once completed; giving a “waiting for network response.”. I left it idle overnight and didn’t change. If you pause the download and resume it restarts. Very odd. Suggestions? I have begun downloading these videos for my own collection as well as an additional copy for when the evil and corrupt decide to destroy and block REAL alternative and informative news sources. I also plan, eventually, to do time stamp references for the videos i have but i’m currently too busy to be committed at this moment.

  23. Great show Ryan, lot of great stuff covered. It really is amazing how it is all so much propaganda from the official, mainstream and high profile places. I’ve been thinking as well about how the mass lay offs from the mandates at places of employment is going to exactly realize the shortages and “over-crowding” of services and a that like they’ve been trying to blame on covid the whole time. Anything to keep convincing the lost that the old systems need to be ditched. Broad and obvious I know but it’s amazing how ‘we’ getting herded around sooo easily for the most part. I like what you said bout rogan, how folks watch and feel like they have done their own research and are actually just versed in a selected opinion from guests. I have a bad response to that show nowadays and have to say it’s fan base in my experience are deeply asleep, even with the minor truths that are exposed at times…
    Thanks alot friends

    1. It says, “inventor of mRNA vaccines” in general. As he invented the very technology used to make them. However, he has never claimed to the the inventor of Pfizer’s injection specifically, or any of the current COVID injections. Big difference, and the MSM plays on the ignorance of that nuance. Just another example of how willfully dishonest the MSM is.

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