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Tucker Carlson Calls Out The Washington Post And Their “Media Reporter”

Ever since the election, the mainstream media has been dead set on dismantling the Trump administration. Their most popular tactic? Repeatedly slinging the accusation that Trump and anyone who supports him, are in fact Russian agents, or are at least aligned with the Kremlin. It’s so bad at this point that mainstream news columnists are starting to sound an awful lot like McCarthy era fear mongers.

That’s why it was so satisfying to watch Tucker Carlson eviscerate Washington Post columnist Erik Wemple last night. WaPo has repeatedly accused Trump and the alternative news media outlets who helped elect him, of working for the Russian government. And in typical Tucker fashion, he wastes no time revealing the reason why Wemple and WaPo are massive hypocrites for doing that. You definitely don’t want to miss this:

Contributed by Daniel Lang of The Daily Sheeple

Editor’s Note: It should be pointed out, that as much we love to see fraudulent groups such as the Washington Post get exposed as the manipulators they are, the manner in which Carlson is conducting that interview, is inappropriate, no matter whose side you’re on. Those who are on Carlson’s side will no doubt laugh and only choose to see how he is calling out their lies, while ignoring the belittling talk-show-type demeanor(which is unprofessional regardless of who the interviewee may be), while those still caught up in the mainstream media new-cycle will be appalled at the lack of professionalism and decorum. Now even though Fox News is doing its best to continually frame itself as outside the mainstream, this is still the same old game, only adapted to embrace the shifting perceptions of the average American. We can hold out hope that Fox News truly is turning a new leaf, however unlikely, but what this country needs more than ever, is simple honest, and truthful journalism. Leave the theatrics and games at the door Carlson, but you’re headed in the right direction. 

4 Replies to “Tucker Carlson Calls Out The Washington Post And Their “Media Reporter”

  1. I’m not on Tucker’s “side” here at all, but this needs to be done more often in egregious cases like biased reporting.

    The bottom line is ALL media has to stop acting like high-school drama, going after eyeballs and if this style of interviewing is what it takes to stop it … then so be it.

    1. True enough Joseph, extreme times do indeed call for extreme measures. Yet, it would go a long way with those of us who doubt the legitimacy of Fox News’ “new identify” for them to take the high road, and leave the games at home. But it was nice to see a liar called out for once.

      1. I am absolutely “for” taking the high road, I suppose I’m also for an “accelerationist” approach to getting this high-school fake news drama over with … and getting back to bettering the human condition 🙂

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