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After Mosul, What Is The Fate Of Iraqi Christians?

Iraq is historically one of the most enlightened countries in the world, where mankind first began to read, to write, to create proper cities; where Sumerians seem to have been the first to harness the wheel, to use irrigation and to weave textile. It is where it was decided that a circle would be made of 360 degrees or that an hour would be made of 60 minutes; the base of our everyday life. This was Mesopotamia. This was Iraq. This is Iraq. But it seems hard to remember.

The country, for the last 36 years, has hardly known peace. Between the Iran-Iraq war, the gulf war, the UN economic sanctions, the establishment of no fly zones, the regular retaliation missiles sent on its soil, the confrontations between the Kurdish forces of the UPK and the PDK, between the invasion of Iraq, the Sunni discrimination of Maliki’s government, the emergence of the Islamic State, the bombings, genocides, displaced and refugees flow.

This leads us to the month of June 2014, when facing a very light resistance, ISIL took control over the town of Mosul. By doing so, they scared the world. Because they pointed out the incapacity of the Iraqi government to protect its citizens from fanaticism. But for the community, the seizing of Mosul meant something different entirely. For them it meant that they had to leave or die. And that their chance to survive in Iraq had decreased alarmingly. Because from this day forward, they had been completely expelled from where they had been living for 1500 years: the Niniveh plains. In November 2016, following the offensive on Mosul, some of their towns have finally been liberated. But are some of them going to come back? What is their future?

Today we are going to talk about the Fate of the Iraqi Christians.


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