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The Future of Online Gambling Under Trump

There have been many questions asked of the President since his election, however most of them have been about social welfare and other life changing policies; ideologies that feel vital to American culture. Although these are important topics for discussion, there’s another band of talks that have come to the fore: the fate of online gambling. This might seem like an odd area to discuss, but hear us out; you see, Trump has long backed casinos, having been a businessman prior to his arrival at the White House. And as online gaming is a high revenue industry, everyone is wanting to know whether that line of success will grow with a new President at the helm.

Back in December 2016, many believed that his introduction to the White House could spell a period of greatness for the online casino scene, or that was the hope. As we all know, things happen very differently once someone takes office. Back then, casinos sent wish lists to the President, highlighting how they wanted less regulations restricting them, as well as a crackdown on faux gambling sites. Seeing as there’s only a handful of states where gambling is allowed, changes for implementation of more online gaming could make all the difference. And yet, when the President was asked about this topic, he gave a neutral answer, commenting on how he could see both sides of the argument.

Now that we’re over 100 days in, the subject is being brought up again, with greater gusto, as more people look to the future and this idea of ‘making America great again.’ On an ideological level, that should mean creating jobs for hard working Americans, which could be a potential win for the gambling sector. However, there’s some that now feel that the President could spell misfortune for the industry rather than be a positive force. Some critics are claiming that regardless of Trump’s past, logic dictates that he won’t legalize gambling. If this is the case, then the future of gambling for casinos could look very different indeed, especially in the US.

At this moment in time, the subject is academic at best, for Trump has not readily given any more comments on the matter, with his focus on Syria and other priority topics. However, what we can say is that the future of online casinos under Trump may not be as black and white as first thought. Even though the business mogul would clearly have a positive impact on the online gambling sector, if he decided to move forward with the idea, with his hands tied now that he’s in office, he can’t freely do as he pleases.

One thing is definitely certain: everything is about to get a lot more interesting now that someone who is not a politician is in charge of the country. Will it be for good or ill? That we just don’t know, all we can do is wait it out and watch as more stories unfold; 2017 could be a long year indeed. But it could just be a year that sees a lot of unexpected changes coming our way, in sectors we may not have considered before now.

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