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How Technology Allows Online Gaming to Ensure a Fair Game

With recent research showing that online gambling was worth $35.97 billion in 2014 and is expected to almost double that by 2020, it is safe to say that the industry is in rude health.

According to that report, technology is central to this growth and the way it has changed the habits of a huge number of gamers. Put simply, enthusiasts no longer need to head out to physical casinos with cash, as they can enjoy all the thrills and spills of that experience in their own home.

Furthermore, the development of apps and mobile-friendly sites means many people are taking advantage of their ability to play on the go when it suits them, which again gives online casinos the edge over land-based counterparts.

However, it must be remembered that being online does not come without its challenges. One of the most long-held concerns related to the internet continues to be the issue of online security and fraud. With these issues in mind, how do we know that players always get a safe, fair and ultimately enjoyable experience?

A closer look at a provider like mFortune, an online casino which offers free spins no deposit options, helps to provide an understanding of some of the issues that such sites have to consider in this day and age. As well as being licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, the site, operated by InTouch Games, also works with organizations including GamCare to ensure players get a fair experience and always come first.

So sites are properly regulated, but what are they doing to ensure the games themselves run correctly? While many now offer live dealer games where real-life action is there for all to see, a number of games are of course operated via computer programs.

These types of games tend to run on random number generator technology, which is responsible for producing random results and outcomes from a series of set instructions. Not only are these systems able to generate a range of results, they can also come up with them quickly – which is of course key when players are looking to keep games moving promptly.

Unsurprisingly, it is vital that such systems are subjected to regular checks and tests to ensure they are always working in their intended manner. Organizations such as eCOGRA, which specializes in the certification of online gaming systems, are responsible for this. They will run a range of diagnostic checks to ensure the software is fit for purpose and ultimately doing what is expected. Only then will sites get the accreditation they need to operate.

All in all, it is safe to say that technology has transformed online gambling, but in turn its evolution has created a new set of challenges for the industry. However, much has been put in place to ensure that players always have the opportunity to enjoy a secure and fair experience regardless of the game they are involved in.

by Håkan Dahlström

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