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Study Finds Disturbing Spike In Birth Defects In US Women Living Near Industrial Agriculture

Chemical agriculture companies have long been able to keep the toxicity of their products “secret” thanks to the EPA, but their devastating effects on human health are being exposed. (TFTP) An exhaustive new study is sounding the alarm over industrial pesticide use and its effect on human health. Pregnant women in California’s San Joaquin Valley have Read More…

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Study Suggests Unvaccinated Could Be Healthier

With the measles outbreak in America being traced back to unvaccinated children, there has been an uproar of ridicule over parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. But a piece of the puzzle is going overlooked in this argument, and that is how and why we vaccinate altogether. Are we over-vaccinating? Are we using Read More…

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Study Shows that Magnetic Brain Therapy Can Improve Memory And Effect Consciousness

Last week, scientists at Montreal Neurological Institute of McGill University released the promising results of a study, entitled, Selective Entrainment of Theta Oscillations in the Dorsal Stream Causally Enhances Auditory Working Memory Performance. Building off the commonly accepted neurological “Two-stream” hypothesis for the mechanism of visual and auditory mental processing, the scientists used forms of Read More…

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Study Finds More Than 24,000 Chemicals In Bottled Water: Which Ones Are Harming You?

German researchers have discovered endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which could adversely affect development and reproduction, to be contained in 18 different bottled water products. Of the 24,520 suspect chemicals found to be present in bottled water, the one that showed consistent results and illustrated anti-androgenic and anti-estrogenic activity is di(2-ethylhexyl) fumarate (DEHF). Endocrine disruptors are chemicals Read More…

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The Magic of Mushrooms – Psilocybin Effectively Reduces Depression/Anxiety in Cancer Patients

Fun fact: human beings have been enjoying psychedelic mushrooms for tens of thousands of years. Rock paintings in North Africa dating back to 9000 BC portray indigenous people using psychedelic mushrooms. They are depicted (along with peyote and other magic cacti) in many Aztec and Mayan sculptures, and were referred to by Aztecs as teonanácatl, Read More…

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Ten Myths About Marijuana That No One Should Believe – Part 8: Marijuana Has Yet to be Subjected to Adequate Scientific Study

Of all the misinformation continuing to circulate around the issue of marijuana legalization, this myth is by far the most absurdly incorrect. The most unsettling aspect of these myths is not that they exist, rather that those still proclaiming them as truth are acutely aware of their falsity. This is also called blatantly lying. How Read More…