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How Gun Control Laws For “Mentally Ill” Could Disarm Those Who Question Authority

To prevent mentally ill people from owning firearms is a severe form of “ableist” discrimination, and also opens the door for nearly anyone to be classified as mentally ill. (TFTP) In the growing debate surrounding the natural right to self-defense, one of the most popular proposed methods of gun control has been restrictions on gun-ownership Read More…

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Google Caught Red-Handed Censoring Search Results Asking Questions About Parkland Shooting

When searching for terms that challenged the official narrative of the Parkland shooting, the results on Google varied drastically, compared to other search engines. (TFTP) Google may be the world’s most popular search engine, but it has also been the subject of a number of accusations in recent years that it is purposefully censoring searches Read More…

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After FBI Let FL Shooting Happen, Media Now Praising Them For Arming Mentally Ill Man In Fake Attack

While the mainstream media fails to hold the FBI accountable for its role in the Parkland shooting, it celebrates the FBI for preventing a terror attack initiated by its informants. (TFTP) In the days after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, it became painfully clear that the suspected shooter had given both the FBI and Read More…