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After 7 Years Of The US Meddling In Syria, What Have We Learned?

For most empathetic humans, Syria represents everything that is wrong with humanity. This Thursday, the country’s “civil war” hit its seven-year anniversary, but the violence engulfing the country shows no signs of stopping. However, one glaring problem in the conflict is that Syria means different things to different people. For the U.S. government and its Read More…

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Syrian Rebels Begging For CIA Support To Confront Iran

Citing Syrian opposition figures, Reuters reported Monday that Free Syrian Army (FSA) envoys have been urging U.S. officials in Washington to resume the suspended CIA program to arm and assist them, especially if the U.S. genuinely wants to confront Iran’s expanding influence in the country. According to Mustafa Sejari, a senior official within the FSA, envoys described to members Read More…

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Weapons Went From The CIA To ISIS In Less Than Two Months

Mainstream media in 2013: “Conspiracy Theorists!”  Mainstream media in 2017: “ISIS Got a Powerful Missile the CIA Bought!”  Years late to the party, mainstream media outlets like USA Today, Reuters, and Buzzfeed are just out with “breaking” and “exclusive” stories detailing how a vast arsenal of weapons sent to Syria by the CIA in cooperation with Read More…

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Pentagon Falsifies Paperwork To Keep Syrian Rebels Armed With Quasi-Covert Program

In shades of Iran-Contra, the Pentagon will be stepping in for the CIA as arms supplier for the “moderate rebels” in Syria. The CIA program was covert, and the Pentagon’s follows suit by falsifying paperwork to mask the destination of the weaponry, as revealed by a new report from two watchdogs. On July 19, the Read More…

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Syria War Diary: What Life Is Like Under ‘Moderate’ Rebel Rule

Since the liberation of Aleppo, and the restoring of peace to Madaya and al-Waer, most Western media have gone silent on the areas, even though it is now possible to visit all of them and hear from civilians who lived under the rule of ”moderate rebels,” which is exactly what journalist Eva Bartlett did. In Read More…

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Syrian Rebels Condemn Trump For Ending Covert CIA Arming Program

Despite a solid eight months of stories about President Trump considering ending the CIA program to arm Syrian rebels, yesterday’s announcement that he’s ending that program have the rebels claiming they were totally “blindsided” and never expected such a move. Needless to say, they’re outraged by the decision, saying that the lack of US arms shipments would quickly Read More…