Al Qaeda
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Relax, Everyone! Al Qaeda Are the Good Guys Again

CNN aired a 3 minute segment earlier this week that can only be described as jaw-dropping. Watch it for yourself. Go on, watch it. It’s almost too unbelievable to take in what you’re watching. CNN is giving air time to an Al Qaeda spokesman to talk about how they’ve changed their name so it’s now Read More…

TOW missiles
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Terrorists Shoot Down Russian Planes With U.S. TOW Missiles After McCain Calls For It

In three and a half decades, the United States has come full circle in terms of its publicly stated strategy overseas. From the late 1970s when the U.S. armed the Mujihadeen “rebels” to draw in and fight the Soviets in Afghanistan to 2016 when the U.S. has given Syrian “rebels” (aka moderate terrorists) TOW missiles Read More…