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US And Saudis “Liberate” Yemen With Airstrikes On Civilians, Kill And Injure 84

Citizens in Hodeidah took to the streets to condemn these blatant attacks on human rights and the U.S.-Saudi invasion of Yemen. Sana’a – The coalition against the tiny Arabian country of Yemen has carried out dozens of airstrikes each day for the past two weeks. (Keep in mind, that’s only slightly more than usual.) Coalition countries Read More…

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Is What’s Happening In Yemen Really Genocide?

Saudi Arabia has spent more than three years bombing Yemen into oblivion and creating a humanitarian crisis. But is what’s happening in Yemen genocide?   What Qualifies as Genocide? There isn’t a concrete definition of the word “genocide” and, unfortunately, the word gets thrown around a lot when it doesn’t actually apply. Google defines the term Read More…

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UN Warns 10 Million More Yemenis Expected To Starve To Death By End Of Year

According to the UN, the number of Yemenis in danger of starving to death would rise from the current figure of 8.4 million to 18.4 million by this December. That’s three times the estimated death toll of Jews killed during the Holocaust. SANA’A, YEMEN – During a briefing last Friday, the UN warned that millions more Yemeni Read More…

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Trump’s Gross Hypocrisy On Yemen War

The Trump administration’s hypocrisy was on clear display when it denounced Iran over an ineffectual Yemeni missile that landed in Saudi Arabia while the U.S. aids the Saudi slaughter of Yemeni civilians. Political charlatans often employ an essential trick from stage magic: misdirecting the audience. By taking the public’s eye off the real issues and Read More…

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Why Aren’t Negotiations Being Considered To Resolve The Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen?

As hopes of crushing Yemen’s aspirations for independence with brute force have failed, a strategic recalculation may very well be taking place behind closed doors in Riyadh and Washington. From the moment that the Saudi-led onslaught against Yemen began, the USA has been solidly behind Riyadh. Yemen now faces a humanitarian crisis, yet the forces Read More…

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US Troops Are Now Officially Fighting On The Ground In Yemen

The Pentagon won’t rule out more troops being sent to Yemen in the coming weeks. A day after the US was reported to have participated in an anti al-Qaeda offensive in southern Shabwa Province of Yemen, the Pentagon is confirming that a “small number” of US ground troops have been deployed into Yemen for an ongoing Read More…