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Critical Threat To Health, Safety And Security In Northeastern Syria

Most Syrian cities and towns currently lie in ruins due to the ongoing “civil war,” which started in 2011. Urban infrastructure is also destroyed. Thousands of civilians fled from their houses, but those who returned suffered heavily from the indiscriminate airstrikes of the U.S.-led international coalition. Nowadays Raqqa is one of the most ruined cities Read More…

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Jawbar, Zamalka And Irbin’s Radicals Reported The Decision To Flee The Area

According to Inside Syria Media Center military correspondents, another checkpoint was opened for the withdrawal of terrorists and their families from the village of Irbin in Eastern Ghouta on March 24, 2018. In addition, there are dozens of buses ready to transport civilians to refugee camps and ambulances for those affected by the bombing. Despite Read More…

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Why The US Is Responsible For The Humanitarian Catastrophe In Raqqa

Currently, the attention of mainstream media is focused on the situation in the battered enclave of Eastern Ghouta. More than 80,000 civilians have already fled the region via humanitarian corridors despite numerous threats from terrorists, and the humanitarian situation there is being improved day by day. However, the same cannot be said of Raqqa that Read More…

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Civilians Of Liberated East Ghouta Praise Syrian Army, Curse Terrorists, Contradict MSM Reports

The Western media is aflame with reports of “barrel bombs” “last hospitals” and the “brutality” of Assad and Russia. The United States government along with the United Nations continually harp and cry about the loss of life incurred by civilians as a result of the operation to liberate East Ghouta from the grip of the Read More…

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In Syria, Media Hypes Enemy Crimes And Ignores Ally’s Atrocities

While the media decries the Syrian government’s alleged actions in Eastern Ghouta, governments and media institutions across the globe continue to turn a blind eye to the mounting evidence that a NATO ally is committing mass murder on a scale equal to that of the Syrian regime – in Syrian territory. Approximately seven weeks ago, Turkey invaded Read More…

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Syrian Military Uncovers Terrorist “Chemical Weapons Workshop” In East Ghouta

According to reports from Sputnik International, the Syrian Army has claimed that it has uncovered a chemical weapons “workshop” in East Ghouta after having liberated the territory where the workshop was located. After sweeping through the village of Aftris in Eastern Ghouta following the withdrawal of terrorists from the area, Syrian Army Colonel Feruz Ibrahim told reporters Read More…