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Smallest Countries To Visit With Your Significant Other

On our planet, there is a huge number of countries and cities which you want to visit and thoroughly study all places and attractions. If you don’t have much time to study a country, then visit these tiny states of the planet. One day will be enough to completely explore them. But first, check out the beautiful girls’ gallery.


The Maldives Republic is located on the archipelago, which consists of more than 1100 islets in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives is one of the best resorts in the world, therefore, along with fishing, the main share of the economy is tourism. Here, there are all the conditions for a wonderful holiday: magnificent nature with a mild climate and clean beaches. The abundance of different kinds of animals, among which there are almost no dangerous species. The presence of beautiful underwater caves, stretching along the whole archipelago, is a real gift for tourists, who are fond of diving.


Surely, many have heard about this state thanks to the city of Monte Carlo and its famous casino. Monaco is located next to France. Also, sports fans, in particular, racing fans, know this country due to the championship held here – Formula-1 – “Grand Prix of Monaco.” Tourism is one of the main sources of income for this tiny state, along with the construction and sale of immovable property. Also, due to the fact that Monaco has very low taxes and there is a strict guarantee of bank secrecy, wealthy people from all over the world have their savings deposited here.


The Vatican is a closed city-state. It is located in one of the districts of Rome and covers an area of 44 hectares. It was founded in 1929 by the Roman Catholic Church, ruled by the Pope and the conclave of cardinals, and has the status of an independent state and even its own army. However, despite such a small territory, it is unlikely to be able to see it in one day. There are so many architectural, sculptural, and pictorial masterpieces collected in it – the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Pope’s residence, the Apostolic Palace, etc. This is not a complete list of masterpieces. Half of the country’s territory is occupied by the Vatican Gardens.


This country is a dwarfish state on the coral island in the western part of the Pacific with an area of 21.3 km². 12 thousand people live there. The country is definitely the smallest independent country in the world. This is also the only country that doesn’t have a capital. In the Anibara district, there is the best beach in Nauru with excellent conditions for relaxing by the sea. And although the ocean currents near the shores of the bay are strong enough, this is one of the best resort areas in Nauru. Reefs and two canals create good conditions for diving and snorkeling.


This is a small Pacific state in Polynesia. The population of the country is 14 thousand people. The trip to Tuvalu, of course, should begin with a visit to the capital city of Funafuti. After getting acquainted with the capital’s sights, make your further route. If you are history fans, then go to Nanumea Island, which has preserved numerous traces of the Second World War. If you want peace and tranquility, then go to the island of Nui, the coastal waters of which are ideal for diving.


The main branch of the economy of Malta is tourism. Most of the cultural and historical sights are associated with the Knights of the Order of the Ioannides (the Order of Malta). Due to the wide variety of urban and natural landscapes, Malta is a popular place for shooting historical films. Malta is the only country in Europe that lacks rivers, lakes, and its own sources of freshwater.

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